Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Haiku Monday - Winner .. or .. I yield onto you our next host ..

First of all, thank you all so much for participating and entering your wonderful haiku. Some of you entered with visuals and I really enjoyed going to visit those of you who were 'up'.        But ...

 ..tsk .. lol ..  must you all make this is so hard?  Big inhale and exhale here as I reread and settle down to choose our next host ..

I do think I have everybody listed below.  Hmmmmm ...


Faced with conflict
Rather than break as the Oak
Bend as the Willow

Karl's haiku is very clever with the proverbial wisdom of the ages contained within.  Nicely done!!


Mind's eye doesn't see
Deaf ears fell your cries to yield
(wh)Y's...? Shan't slow me down

Intersecting course
Merges two, so they are one
Input, output; YIELD!

Yesterday is gone
Morrow yet to come again
Bearing future's past

Rafael's haiku often  make me think and that's a good thing!  My wee brain needs the challenge .. :)  His last one here is my favorite due to ' bearing future's past'.  I do love that.  


But It Does Work!

When she yields fully
she owns me flat out, only way-
I hate trickery?

Wisdom or Pain

I wish to push on.
Something says no. Hushutup?
This or that way, truth.

This Time

Three baskets only hold
half of half of half? Anyone
want a few peppers?


Ten plants, three tomatoes?
My planting math is way off!
I wonder... Neighbors?

She suggests we dare.
Then says, "oh but yield to me"-
No fun there, might have to anyway?

Doom's haiku were fun reading.  I really liked his 'ten plants, three tomatoes?'  lol ..
That is usually the yield of my tomato growing efforts .. :)  His first one is my favorite though with ' when she yields fully she owns me flat out'... Yup, it was swoonish like Michael's even though that particular concept makes me want to run miles away .. :)

Pinetop Swamp 

He wanted to be

A wiener so badly and
Boost OM's GP ..

The Pinetop's 'ku is nut.. oops.. not for judging since he's the beloved foam spouse, but (rolling eyes here) what can I say..  I married a nut.. :-)

Michael W.,

I will never yield.
No room here for surrender.
Just me and my pride.

Yield to me, honey.
I promise to be there and
Pick up the pieces.

Water does not yield.
Rather, the ground around it
Yields to its freedom.

Michael W!  You crack me up with your first one.  Like aunty said, Michael is a stitch.
I'm not sure that I have a favorite.  I love them all.  


Spring's perfect moisture
yields abundant wildflowers.
Winter so distant!

Ankle yields to rock.
Gonna be a long trip down.
Such a gorgeous day!

I'm completely fascinated by serendipity's forays into nature.   The photographs that usually accompany her haiku are stunning!  The second one is my favorite .. I've been there with the ankle yielding to rock!  


heartbeat stops inhale
life flashes quick before eyes
sign says yield dummy

no weakness allowed
tall strong weathering the storm
I will not give in

Who cannot relate to becca's first haiku!  It made me chuckle .. :-).  Her second haiku is my favorite .. talk about perseverance!


Diagnosis in
Cancer strikes a second time
She will never yield!

This one made me catch my breath.  So many people around me have been diagnosed with cancer.  I'm wishing your aunt the best of luck, Blazng!


Today? Potatoes!
Tomorrow? Green tomatoes!
Our first Pond veggies :-)

Detour sign warnings
Orange cone dotted asphalt
Time yields for "progress"

In the last second
the hare accepted her fate
yielding to talons

Way to go on fishy's veggies!  I do wish "progress" would slow down in some instances though.  Her last one is my favorite although it saddened me too.  However, taloned beautiful critters needs to dine too!

Aunty Belle,

Dewfall's silent jewels
Yield to barefoot contessa
Dancing on the dawn.

Snowy owl glides home,
The whispery night yields --
sparrows chirping dawn

Cursed insomnia--
Monkey mind, achy bones yield
To sleep -- at sunrise.

My goodness!  Aunty just comes waltzing in here with her three haiku, all stunning,  at late-ish pm.  I chuckled at monkey mind .. :-) .. That's me at dawn after no sleep.


I had hoped that the theme "yield" would .. umm .. yield a variety of different haiku and I was right!  Good showing all!

I'm going to take 5 here as I try to choose our next host ..

so?  i know it's technically 7.25 minutes..

Okay!  And here we are ..

First Place:

Aunty Belle..

She had me with her first two haiku especially these parts .. Dewfalls silent jewels' and
'the whispery night yields' 

Second Place..

... widening the podium just a bit ..  

And it's a tie between becca and Karl.  Congratulations to you both!  

Third Place ..

..widening the podium a lot ..

Well, now .. :) :)  You know who you are .. ;)  But, truly, how could I really judge even the 1st place?  It was hard ..

I'm just thankful that you all showed up to play. I loved all the entries.



Rafael said...

HaHa!!! Great call, Foam! Auntie's rung ma' bell last night soon as I saw 'em come down the ol' piper!

Congrats to Karl and Becca, too...very formidable company!


P.S. Couldn't quite wrap myself around my visual this week, but was able to come up with THIS, if you'd like to take a gander...

foam said...

Hee.. Rafa .. What an image! The colors and layered images are terrific. I like the up and down motion, the rubbing, the yield ..

Doom said...

Splendid, foam. I am extra glad it was your task. I just got to pick my favorites and run with the goodies. There were three excellent ways regarding haiku seen too. So much to learn.

Congratulations Aunty! The circle is complete. Back to your place this week, where it started for me, with a dance as I recall.

foam said...

Oh, that's right, Doom! I do believe it was Uncle who awarded you that price at Aunty's.

BlazngScarlet said...

Congrats Aunty!:D
I too was taken with Aunty's ...
especially the 3rd about Insomnia and having a monkey mind!
Excellent job to Karl & Becca for sharing 2nd place!
Karl, my heart was drawn towards yours right from the get go!
Foamy, another fine job of choosing/hosting/judging!

I hope to be able to play this coming week, but i'll be on the road, so i'm not sure if i'll be able to get anything in.

Have a fantastic week everybody! :D

Aunty Belle said...

Awwww, mah gracious, this is funny, cause it be Granny Cracker who called us young' uns that went out at dawn thirty, "dew dancers".

Hooray fer Karl and Becca! And what a wonderful Job ya' done Foamy!!

Well, mercy, reckon I' ll put up our theme late Friday or by dewy all on Saturday. Hope to see all y'all then!!!!

foam said...

Yup, I was trying to figure out who to put into first place .. Karl or becca when Aunty waltzed on in .. :)

Thank you ..
and looking forward to your haiku theme. They are always unique.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Thank you for hosting, your willingness to let us all come in muddy up your floor and take up your time is greatly appreciated. Seems as if you've done it a lot lately. Pine Top's participation and patience is welcome as well.

Congratulations Aunty Belle! I look forward to next week's topic.

Nice job Becca, it's an honor to share the silver with you.

fishy said...

FoamMan is a stitch. Nice of you to give him the nod from the podium.

Yeah ... Aunt B dew danced my vote on the first read. Wonderful subject, hosting, judging and torch passing Foam :-)

foam said...

I know! It had been a while actually. I had gotten used to not winning or to just placing in 2nd or 3rd place. It was rather comfy in those spots. Then 2 wins and hosting for Michael. Thanks for the shutout to the pinetop.

Yes, indeed, my man is a stitch. That haiku actually made me laugh... How terrible is that of me now? :-)

Anonymous said...

I could not help but think, when I saw that Aunty had dropped in late that she had drawn up the strings of the winner's purse. Aunty certainly does have her way with words, doesn't she? And I do mean that both ways.

Congrats Aunty, at least when you host, you are not in the competition with the rest of us! Ha!

Monkey mind....I know too well what that meant! And the aches just keep it more active.

Very nice job of hosting again Foam. Well done.

Nice job all.


Michael W said...

FINALLY occurred to me that MAYBE Foam might've placed the contest results on a later post.

(Eventually the ol' neurons fire.)

Congratulations to Aunty Belle, and also to becca and Karl.

foam said...


Michael W.
oops, sorry. i believe the last time i actually pointed folks to the previous post. i didn't think to do it this time. i'm sure you are aware that aunty is up with a topic.

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