Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Haiku Heights has the prompt 'enigma'. 
 (And, no, this is NOT the prompt for our Haiku Monday, 
but feel free to play at their site, of course.)

Late last night I woke.. 
I was startled by a voice. 
Who called me by name?

This sculpture is located in the bottom floor of the Hirshhorn..


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

There are mysterious biblical overtones to this question...

Orange Enigma

foam said...

Possibly, I had not really thought about that at all. This did happen though just last night. I am not aware of having dreamt, although I'm sure I did.

Rafael said...

Hey, Foam!

Nicely DONE!! Not to worry though, I hear voices all the time... it's the damn toaster and it's crap talk that makes me CRaAAZY!

I gave it a go myself, btw...thanks for the link!


foam said...

Thanks, Rafa! Your toaster talks? No wonder I like you. I have an affinity for folks who's toasters talk and are otherwise just a wee bit different .. :-)

Glad to provide the link. I got this link from J Cosmo Newbery.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this--and it does remind me of Samuel's midnight summoning. :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Definitely an enigma. From any angle you choose.

Rolf E Källström said...

Summer blogging

foam said...

samuel's summoning? yikes!

yes, it would appear so/

haha! yup, back on the blog for a bit.. :)

Anonymous said...

It's usually bells ringing with me:)

Nanka said...

A loving loyal companion may be!! Never worry, these voices just guide you forward!!

foam said...

If its bells with me, I usually just whack them or put them on snooze .. :-)

It wasn't anybody in the house... even the pets were snoozing. :-)

Doom said...

I've got to ask... When you play that contest do you host if you win? I don't mind one, but two would be a bit much.

By the way, interesting poem. That night-time name calling is a weird thing. But, then, I can hear it while awake... Just an echo in the background when no one is around. Unnerving it is. Sometimes I can tell who is calling, sometimes it is too distorted... Once or twice a week or a month, here. Echoes.

foam said...


There is no hosting duties. I don't know if Haiku Heights post winners, but they seem to post a favorite haiku. They also seem to change the theme out every 3 days.

You know .. my father passed away when I was 7. But quite a long time ago I came across a piece of writing that he did about a similar experience. He wrote how he was walking in the middle of the field. Nobody was around or close by. (Mississippi country boy) He clearly heard his name being said as if somebody was standing beside him.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

I have experienced waking to my name being called when no one was there. Seems to me that it's a mix between a dream and being awake, that makes it seem so real. However, I can say it has happened right before the SHTF and definitely helped in my response to the situation. So who knows.

A Happy Solstice to you.

foam said...

Yes, I actually think you are right. I think it's called a hypnagogic state. I've had stranger things happen in that state though. It's kind of weird. At least it doesn't happen often.
Perhaps your being awakened right before the SHTF was your body and mind slowly realizing that not all was as it should be.

cynthia vincent said...

Yes indeed enigmatic ..... nice take

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