Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Now this is a very cool prompt by the folks at Haiku Heights.
To play at Haiku Heights go to and link to their linky widget.

subtle sustained bass,
brass dynamics .. drums increase
crescendoed goosebumps


Nanka said...

You really do enjoy your music!! Lovely build up to a crescendo!!

foam said...

I do enjoy my music .. :)

Maggie Grace said...

I get goosebumps at well done musical crescendos too!

LX said...

Excellent realization of the theme. Well done.

foam said...

Yes, and at times other music can do it too.

Hey, thanks, LX.

Doom said...

Hehe I do remember this. Yep. Especially in a theater. Nice font spectacle while you were at it.

Boom... BOom... BOOM...

Hmm, something about hungry for popcorn.

foam said...

The only movie I think of when it comes to Wagner's tune here is Kubrick's 2001-a space odyssey. I was just a child when it came out in 68. I've never seen it in a movie theatre.

Anonymous said...


Rafael said...

I loved the cadence, Foam...both visually and as read.

You, ma' dear, are on a roll of late!


foam said...

thank you, readinpleasure!

and thank you too, rafa .. as far as being on a roll ..
it's what i do instead of really doing what i ought to do .. :)

Doom said...


" far as being on a roll ..
it's what i do instead of really doing what i ought to do"


That ought to be framed, then put in every compartment of my cave. As Riddick would say, moved from the visceral to the psychological? "Beautiful."

foam said...

I know what you mean. I ought to get it framed for this house too .. but it would take me years to get around to it.

I'm glad it elicited a chuckle though...

Rafael said...

Uhm... Foam, you are doing what you ought to do...not that you should:(


X. Dell said...

Memories of undergraduate work come flooding to mind.

foam said...

well, yes, rafa .. i'm doing it right now.,

I'm sure :) we have a few elemental music concepts going on here.

Rafael said...

You're doing it? right now? WOW!

Good times:D

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yep, nothing like a good musical crescendo!

foam said...



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