Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And the Haiku winner is .. drumroll ..



Hello fellow haikuists, senryuists .. kuyuists for short? (And is that you I hear groaning in the grave, Basho?)

To paraphrase fishy: I do NOT love judging. In my words: I looooath judging. We all know why judging is hard. All the submissions are always so darned good. Frankly, I was surprised at the diversity of submissions which were entered. I started to write commentary for each haiku or senryu but then realized I was repeating my comments to your submissions from my previous post.

Below are all the kuyus in pretty much the order they were submitted. (I'm sure Basho and various other haiku masters are turning in their graves at the kuyu term.) If you had more then two submissions, I put a little * by the ones you picked to judge.


Cat going to spring;

Can't, at all, for it is fall ...
Cats don't DO that thing!


First he kissed my lips
Flipped; he lapped my toothless grin
Bomb burst in his hair

Naked before God

Pearly Gates were closed to me

Entered from arrears

Michael W:

The mirror's still there.
If I am patient, then peek,
A new joke appears.


It was time, his Doom.
He tried to sweep it aside.
Instead, he ate broom.

*Clitter, clatter, clash,
sing. Love is in the midnight-
Did not see that coming.

*He pulled his hair, right!
She said yes, She said no, right!
Yes, no, same question?

Frail, aging, tired, sore.
Mom arrives to her new name.
Momma de Doom, EEK!

I laugh, she meowed.
I grinned, she stewed. Gone.
She'll be back, claws out.


'puter startup crash |:-{

Incommunicado now.

No haiku photo.

Hard HEADED...who, Me?

That windshield had a flaw, sure.

We were going sloooow.


The best medicine
isn't always a pill, but
a banana peel


surround in darkness
noises float eerily on the wind
dark humor ~ I giggle

Laughter bubbles forth
air rushes quick push me over
talent perfected


Peabody Hotels
Have their ducks all in a row
Happy Hour squar'd


Winters icy blast
Cars doors? Frozen sheets of ice
Must crawl through the hatch


Feeding the facade

the bloated ego topples

smiling in relief.


A day gone to crap

Respite is found by enjoying

Your sense of humor


Aunty Belle:

Haiku is much too

important to be taken

so seriously.

So, here are my winners:

In 3rd place:

It's a tie! And it's everybody who is not in 2nd place. :-)

In 2nd place:

It's a tie again! 2nd place winners are:

Boxer and Aunty Belle!

And ...

in 1st PLACE ... DRUM ROLL ...

Michael W.!

His sly, witty, understated humor is sublime in my opinion.

Congratulations Michael W.! Uhmmm, do you have a place to host next week's Haiku Monday?

Btw, if you have a blog hidden somewhere, you can grab yourself the Haiku badge and post it somewhere on your blog.

Once again, thank you everybody for your wonderful submissions.

I hope everybody has a wonderful crap free week! See what you started, Karl?

x x x




foam said...

Hey guys,
Sorry for the weird formatting. It's due to the copy and pasting from blogger to the blogsy app on my ipad. My laptop is too old and slow to want to play. I'm a wee bit rushed today and also didn't spend much time editing. I hope a didn't miss a submission. If I did, I apologize.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I'm not really a Haiku sort of person but these were fun.

LX said...

Congrats to all the winners ... and Foam for her Solomon-like awarding of 2nd and 3rd!

fishy said...

Congrats to Michael...
who I think does not have a blog.
But he needs one. So I can visit.

What a SMART funny guy ... like a male Fleurdeleo!

You throw a great haiku party Foam :-)

foam said...

I thought so too. Thanks for visiting!

Solomon-like.. I like that. I almost made everybody 2nd place winners.. Except for Michael W.

I agree on all counts.

Aunty Belle said...

Charming' Foamy.

I'se honored to share a spot wif' Boxer...CONGRATS to MichaelW.

Rafael said...

Michael's been awesome for weeks on end... he's due for a blog. Nothing like the trials of judging to get his feet wet.

Dude said he liked deep water... HaHa!

Congrats, Michael...well played!


Doom said...

I warned him to get a blog going. I knude it would happen. I even threatened a time or two. All I can say, from one adult to another, Michael, is... neener neener neener. Told you so! Oh, and congratulations.

There were a lot of interesting haiku though. I love playing just to see what others can cough up. I still don't actually get haiku, at all. I think some of you do or stumble on it better. I think I am beginning to see it, but I can't quite touch it. Or... is that part of the schtick?

Thanks for hosting foam! Don't worry about oddities in format or such. Sheesh, with all the world against us at times, just... don't worry. You did a fine job of hosting, and did the hard work of judging. *pats on back*

Michael W said...

Ummmm . . . I don't have a blog. Perhaps the closest thing I have to a blog is the film column I do for examiner.com.

And I apologize if this complicates things. To be honest, I just write the haiku for the enjoyment. I don't think of myself as so much competing as I'm here for the beer.

BlazngScarlet said...

Beer? Is that what I need to send you for the upcoming competition?! ;)
Seriously, kudos to you on the win!
Like Doom and Rafa said, it was merely a matter of time before you won .... your entries have been fantastic!
Welcome to the club Michael! :D lol

Foamy, you did an ahMazing job of hosting/judging.

Have a great week y'all!

Michael W said...

@BlazingScarlet --- oh, I wouldn't want you to go to all the trouble of shipping lager through the mail. Kind thoughts will suffice.

foam said...

Heya folks!
Rafael, yes, Michael is the awesome with his haiku.
Doom, you crack me up with your neener, neener, neener..
And thank you, aunty..
And Michael, you're hear for the beer? Just hang on a second or a day or two.
BlazngScarlet, he is good, ain't he. Between you and me well keep him supplied in beer.
And, yes, Michael, we will go,through the trouble.

Now onto the no blog issue. If you don't want to host that is fine. Perhaps aunty or boxer will volunteer or one of the other equally wonderful haiku bloggers.

However, here is an idea. You can host haiku Monday on my blog. You pick the theme. You can post it here.
I can do a quick write up. You pick the winner which you can do in the comment section. How about it? Or you can just open a blog for haiku purposes.

Michael W said...

@Foam --- Pick the theme, hm.

Well, as Mr. Ginsberg once said: "First thought, best thought."

The theme will be what you see when you close your eyes at night.

And yes, I'll select a winner.

foam said...

Great theme! I'm about to go shut eye here. Now I'll be perusing my inner eyelids.

Michael W said...

Fair dinkum! I'll be at Con Kasterborous over the weekend (outrunning tropical storm Andrea at the same time). On Monday I'll check back here and see what's been written and, when everything's in, I'll make a decision.

foam said...

Cool! Have fun With Dr Who! You might want to wait until Tuesday morning to check. Since we are are a big country, most folks set the deadline for midnight on Monday PST.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Congratulations Michael W!

Ata-boys to Aunty Belle and Boxer!

Thank you for hosting this week. I'd be happy to sit down and blow the foam off a few with you anytime.

foam said...

You are welcome, Karl..
In the meantime help yourself to the virtual beers .. :-)

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