Wednesday, May 22, 2013

unraveled limerick...

A woman with too much red ink...
Tattooed on her .............
Hmmm... stop cat! I need to think..
I know,, it's a futile effort, but nevertheless..

A woman who wanted to think
In limerick rhymes about ink
Had some help from her cat
Who sat down with a splat
He really is such a brat..
Wait! .. I'm taking what I wrote back!
He's sitting here purring and cuddly and all..
Although should I go into the kitchen
He'd follow me in a blink...

Mad Kane over at Mad Kane's Humor Blog provides the first line.
You provide the rest. Check it out if interested. I just entered two and posted them at her site.

A woman who wanted to think
About limerick rhymes in ink
Had help from her cat
Who sat down with a splat
And occupied ipad in a blink...

Writing these silly limericks has been a type of stress relieve lately.
I have been quite worried about a friend's daughter and then a cousin who works in Oklahoma.. He's ok. He posted on fb. This young lass will need a lot of love and support .. teen pregnancy .. sigh .. But we will love this baby when it comes.


Rafael said...

Hey, Foam, your kitty is SUPER CUTE! Uhm...not your kitty, per say, I'll leave that to the Pine Monster, but your cat; ya' know, as in feline.

Love your limericks and wish I woulda thought of the jiggling bum antidote...BRILLIANT! And you're right, these limerick are great for stress relievers (and good for a grin).

Blessings to you and all whom you worry for--


P.S. When it's time to feed the kitty, do you meow or just jump on his lap(top)? HaHa...sorry:(

foam said...

I just came from mad kane's and saw your limericks.
what a hoot! especially the Bloody Mary one. .. sigh .. Bloody Maries are, perhaps were (thanks to you :) one of my favorite drinks, especially if they are hot and spicy. Anyhoo, I giggled with a jiggle while I read them.

re ps: i just grab him by the hair and drag him to my woman cave .. ;) (umm, no innuendos implied)

pps: i know you are not sorry. and i don't mind the question. heck, i almost answered it truthfully .. lol

Rafael said...

HaHa... (innuendo imagined even if not if, my ass;) I call mine the bat cave, 'cause man's gotta have blind love to cram his damn'd self into my tight, dark space. But once inside, Holy Mackerel, Batman... a boy can spank the dank right outta ME!!! HaHa...sorry. (no really, this time I am...sorta:() Oh, and I prefer grabbing by the curlies, so as there are no misconceptions to what's UP and who's down.

Oh, and I do have a knack for ruining a pretty's a gift of mine, huh?

Thanks back for the laughs, you definitely gave me some grin--


Carol said...

Shake shake shake...

Purrfuls and limericks... I bet both are great stress relievers. I send good wishes to your friend's daughter. And to you, too - school is almost out?

Aunty Belle said...

Great limmericks!! Aunty luvs limmericks.

Happy Memorial Day.

foam said...

Yes, you do love limericks. Why, I do believe its you who got me started, aunty..

Doom said...

I'm sure enjoying watching you two play this new game. I'm watching, trying to learn. Just no time right now. Keep it up. If nothing else, I am grandly entertained.

I see you love brats too! My cats pwn me, usually. Sneak up and still any square footage they can get, then crowd even more out somehow. I wouldn't have it any other way.

foam said...

I'm certainly glad you are entertained by our bit of bawdy silliness here. It's all just for fluff and fun anyway besides being a bit of a mental exercise.
When you are not so busy with home repairs, company and prepping or BMan, it would be great fun to see what you come up with.

LX said...

There was a young lady fom Exeter.
And all the young men threw their sex at her.
Just to rude,
She lay in the nude.
While her parrot, a pervert, took pecks at her.

Sir Guy Grand
The Magic Christian

foam said...

Oh my word, lx! Too funny. .. :-)

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