Friday, May 17, 2013

This is a repost (with a few revisions)

But it's about that time of the year to get ready to go camping ..

tent camping ..
in the deep, deep woods ..

sans minors .. with good friends ..

 i need to pack .. some vodka ..
a little bit more vodka ..

and a little bit of anejo ..
ingredients for some bloody marys ..
foaming beverages

dancing shoes, the 'outfit' ..

 you know ..

the usual camping stuff.. 

 ps: i promise when i come back not to post any pervy pictures of nature and stuff like that..

pps:  and my word!  what with all the rain we've had, the railings certainly have become
rather mottled looking .. sigh..
ppps: last year I didn't drink a drop of alcohol on the trip. I spent most of my time being flotsam in the river while sipping on sparkling water .. :-). It's nice to know its there though in case the mood strikes.


X. Dell said...

The vodka, I can understand. Dancing shoes? What kind of camping is this?

foam said...

well, they are camping kind of dancing shoes ..
it's kinda, sorta a partay .. :-) but, at the end we leave no trace behind.

Carol said...

Oh, man. "Being flotsam" sounds really good (as long as you don't have scary water snakes around there). Your camping trip sounds like a great way to dive into the summer after 9 months of school.

Jean said...

I just caught up on your posts since my last visit, oh ye of many talents.

May your camping trip be the bestest ever.


foam said...

Thank you, Jean! It's always a great camping trip whether rain or shine, but we've had so much rain lately. It would be nice if it would dry out some.

Aunty Belle said...

Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight?
Come out tonight, Come out tonight?
Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight,
And dance by the light of the moon.

I gits the dancin' shoes, but the rabbit?

Glad youse goin' fer R&R, Foamy dear, an' hope ya sleep like a log under the stars.

SO HAPPY to see ya' back on the blog.

foam said...

I like this folk tune! But, aunty .. I have a rabbit hopping here abouts? I looked all over but can't find one .. :~}

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