Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 16, 2013 

 A woman who swam in the buff 
 Dove under when waters got rough 
 Deep did she venture 
Then, what a misadventure 
 When jelly fish stung her bare muff.. 

 Eh, not real good but a way to relief some stress which is causing sleepless nights.
 Sigh .. It's the end of the school year, don'tcha know .. 

 And really and truly, this was going to be a g rated limerick,
 but that limerick ended up on the dark foam side with the woman drowning. 
 What fun is that? 

 Through J Cosmo Newbery I followed a link to a limerick challenge which is hosted by Mad Kane. She provides the first line, you take it from there. Check it out if interested.


X. Dell said...

I wish I could write a good limmerick.
But what I come up with just makes me sick.
Whether G or X rated,
My rhymes are so hated,
They make all regurgitate really quick.

I do know some decent limmericks:

A sorority girl named Val Hammer
Had a terrible, terrible stammer.
"There is no s-sister
I hate like Jane W-Wister,"
She said. "G-G-G-G-God damn her!"


There once was a lady named Drew,
Whose limmericks stopped at line two.

Rafael said...

Hey, Foam, not only enjoyed but inspired me to have a GO!

Just posted mine, but is awaiting moderation.

There were some really, really good ones already



foam said...

That 2 line limerick has always been a favorite of mine.

Cool! I'll check it out. She moderated me the first time I entered too. She has not since then.

Doom said...

Limericks I can't do. I've wanted to so badly. If I did one it would be about vodka and upsidedown women, somehow. I just know these things, if I can't quite put it together.

You did quite well! The, uhrm, visuals are devastatingly interesting. At least to me.

foam said...

Limericks I really can't do
But, perhaps if I drink some more dew
They'd be about vodka
Upside down women, lotsa..
And rolaids the next morning too..

sorry, doom! The limerick just wrote itself. I know I'm a bad, bad woman .. says foam as she ducks and then runs far far away. ps.. I've been there with the vodka and rolaids in younger years. Never been much of a mtn dew drinker though.. ;)

Rafael said...

COME ON Doom, give it a GO. It truly is great fun!

I once knew a girl who could drink
Of vodka, I think, she did stink
But flip her aroun'
My UP to her down
Her temple was Shirley and pink

Oh, and I won't touch the Dew...myth or no, not worth the risk.

Your funny, Foam! Thanks for the grins--


foam said...

ah hahaha .. :-)

you are quite funny yourself, rafa .... :)

Doom said...

Wow! I'm going to have to try. Then again... If you think about it... as leaders or more provocateurs can... I DID write a limerick on the topic. Two! And fine ones! My Lord but those are good. I ought to buy another bottle of dew just to celebrate. Then again, there is that bottle of vodka just looking at me funny which matches the spirit of the thing.

Oh, it isn't Mounain Dew... It is Tullamore Dew

And fine... I'll... give it a try. Just give me a couple of days to... wake up. When the sun comes out. I'm in the drink, if innocently this time. Rainy here, and cold. I'm lizard like that way recently. Being a Leo and all.

foam said...

Oh, I knew it wasn't really mtn dew .. :). Like I said I'm not much of a drinker of Irish whiskey or any whiskey for that matter. I prefer a good sipping tequila.

Carol said...

You and your commenters are quite entertaining! Not sure I've ever written a limerick, but maybe I'll play (without sharing it. EVER!) sometime.

foam said...

Yes, Carol. :-). They can be a loonily entertaining bunch at times. Oh, and please do share when you do write one.

Doom said...

Oh? Tequila you say? Sipping? I have a little problem you might help with. You see, I stay away from tequila, personally. It's... well... it's the only thing I have tried to drink that makes me mean, save in an occasional margarita or three from time to time. However, I will be entertaining. And I wanted to have tequila. Sipping tequila would be, usually, the better sort. So, what do you like as for tequila brands?

By the way, I stole Raf and your limericks and game them a showing. In case you didn't notice.

foam said...

El Agave anejo

Riazul anejo

Note to self.. Don't ever ever ever ever share any of your tequila with the doomster... Mean people are, well, just a wee bit scary. He can drink all of pinetop swamp's whiskey instead.


Doom said...


And, aye, keep Doom away from the tequila! Especially the lime, salt lick, shooters! Love em' though! My problem might be that I can drink a fifth or two? No, can do that with whiskey, even Yukon Jack, without a problem. Must be the agave?

foam said...

Haha! A fifth or two of agave, plus salt and lime? There's your problem. Man, I'm a short woman.. I'd be dead if I drank like that.

Doom said...

My limit was a case of beer, a fifth of vodka in mix, then a fifth of Yukon Jack on the rocks. And I was a pretty mellow drinker. So two fifths shouldn't be the problem. I am a bit of a giant though, too.

I still have a beer mug that holds a twelve pack, but I only ever drink a six pack out of it at a time. But that's because it gets warm otherwise. Usually don't even drink a twelve pack these days, but if I need to, I can still follow the doctor's orders... a couple glasses a night. :)

foam said...

I have a beer mug that holds a 12 pack too, plus a boot that might hold 2 pr 3 beers. All brought back from Germany. I grew up there. That's a lot of booze, Doom. Indeed, you must be a giant to hold all of that. I can't hold more then a couple of drinks .. :-)

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