Friday, May 31, 2013

Haiku/Senryu Monday..or..what tickles your funny bone?

Lordy, but am I having a time recuperating from this almost week long camping trip in the deep woods.
Playing with good friends in the woods was fun, but re-entry into the real world has been tougher then usual. I refuse to think it has anything to do with age.... sigh ...

Anyhoo... onto Haiku-Monday..

Fishy over yonder southern pond has very graciously forwarded the hosting duties of our weekly haiku competition to me. So, let's cut right to the chase. The theme for this Haiku Monday is humor.. as found in nature or in human situations (Senryƫ).

My Haiku Monday rules: You may enter as many as you wish, but pick which two to judge. Follow the 5, 7, 5 syllable count rule. I do count .. most of the time .. :) Seasonal references are not required. For those who are haiku or senryu clueless, there are several web sites out there that are decent how-to-haiku/senryu sites.

Please let me know if you are 'up' at your site, especially if you have posted a visual. Deadline is this upcoming Monday, midnight PST or whenever I wake up on Tuesday morning EST. I do tend to be an early riser. I will judge your haiku sometime Tuesday evening. Perhaps I can even get some family members to help in the judging. I promise they are all literate and know how to count syllables...perhaps. Hopefully, I will be able to post the winner by Tuesday evening.

So, on that note .....

Here are a few foam humor 'ku/yu offerings...

Nestlings chirp and tweet
Mother bird flits back and forth..
Her poop lands on me.

(Now, the below just happened yesterday)

Startled, I: "ahhWOE!!!!"
Snake pauses.. then slithers on..
I lower my foot.
Youngest son checking out snake after it climbed into the azalea bush.
He might have an affinity for snakes because the following happened ca. 14 years ago.

Toddler's bum lowers..
Grass snake rises to greet bum..
Bum gets yanked away... me... :-). Pretty snake, isn't it?
(Wiki photo)

And here's a haiku for our annual 'making coffee on top of coffee' incident, also dubbed Coffee Chernoby, when we have a house full of company.

Sudden wide-eyed morn!
overflowing brew ........ Again?
Who cleans up this time?

Near future beckons
With a delectable meal ..
I'm in good humor.

(This happened tonight. Pinetop Swamp was cooking .. :)

Oh, and just because I never created a post for my most recent haiku which were entered at fishy's, I'm plopping them here.

dewey morning walk
sun kissed mist rises off pond
but coffee beckons

(camping in the deep woods close to a pond..
This happened this morning)

May 27, 2013 at 9:38 AM

They called him The Kid..
A gunner in The Big Red..
At heart a fisher

(my dad at 17)

Hope to see everybody around by Monday!
x x x


Doom said...

Oh, splendid! I will try to get to work soon. I was just here to tease you about it being Friday and you not being 'up' with a theme, me being on vampire hours/days. But you took the sail out of my wind! No, I didn't get that backwards.

As for slowing and age and... yeah... well... I chalk it up to the weather. Still cool here, been mostly cool all spring, too cool. Urhm, or that's my story. You can copy and paste at will, not Will. He's my cousin and is sensitive about things being done at him. Though he probably deserves it.

foam said...

Yurp, it's the punctual german in me perhaps..

Wish I had a sail to give you, Doom, but I'm currently lacking one myself. :-)

x x x

LX said...

This morning 22 Foam posts popped up in my reader! I will read them all. Apologies for being late to the party.

foam said...

Lol! Here too! How annoying was that, eh? I looked into my settings yesterday, which I rarely do and noticed that a setting was on 'no'. So, I clicked it to 'yes'.

Anonymous said...

Cat going to spring;
Can't, at all, for it is fall ...
Cats don't DO that thing!

foam said...

They don't? I think mine just might :-) well, maybe he might.
It's a haiku riddle .. I like!

Rafael said...

I don't know why the following 'Yu gives me such a tickle (wrong on so many levels, even some of mine), it just does!D

First he kissed my lips
Flipped; he lapped my toothless grin
Bomb burst in his hair

If you've never seen the Japanese Fart Scrolls, you gotta check out the link. If you're not a fan of fart humor, though, may wanna pass on the gas.

Not UP, but may be later with or without another; 'pends on my mood.


foam said...

Incorrigible Rafa. .. :-)
Ewwwwwwww .. lol .. leave it to you to submit an x-rated version of potty humor senryu. Too funny!
I am very familiar with the Japanese Fart Scrolls. They are hilarious.

Michael W said...

The mirror's still there.
If I am patient, then peek,
A new joke appears.

fishy said...

I predict much diversity.

foam said...

Glad to see you here.
Aha ha..very clever, very understated, very funny .. :-)
My mirror just lies to me. The old broad in the mirror is surely not me!

foam said...

I hope so, fishy!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

lol- the bird pooping on you was my favorite, and next- Michael's.
I laughed out loud when I read the last line on both!

Thank you for your visit today :)

foam said...

Sure, and thanks for your visit. Nothing like blogging even though we see each other at the other site.

Doom said...

It was time, his Doom.
He tried to sweep it aside.
Instead, he ate broom.

Well, I think it's funny... Uhrm, in some instances. Certainly cosmically... with a side of dissociation and a nod to the 'little guy' but an understanding of finality? It's my mother's recipe, in more ways than one?

Clitter, clatter, clash,
and sing. Love is in the midnight-
Did not see that coming.

He pulled his hair, right!
She said yes, She said no, right!
Yes, no, same question?

Not up, but I'll let you know. Oh, and I'll think about which to judge, as the time draws nigh. Might add more... Sorry about some sing song, limericks... or trickling through, perhaps, as I strain on their notion.

Doom said...

Oops, too many... try this...

Clitter, clatter, clash,
sing. Love is in the midnight-
Did not see that coming.

foam said...

Very nice showing, hellboy. I knew you had it in you. Submit as many as you want.
I enjoy reading them.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh, this wil be ripe, I predict.

Luved yore kuyu(s)

foam said...

Thanks, aunty belle! Looking forward to yours now .. :-)

Doom said...

I am up.

There are some really fine pieces floating around. Playing this game is almost more about learning haiku than producing it!

foam said...

Yes, I saw way,way earl this morning. I was too tired to comment but will soon rectify that.

Anonymous said...

Computer startup crash |:-{
Incommunicado now.
No haiku photo.


(Maybe I'll find a way to get a visual up.)

foam said...

Oh no, serendipity! And excuse me for suppressing a little giggle .. but it's the little face you added .. :~>

Doom said...


But... that's not funny. Now, that it isn't funny? That's funny.

Boxer said...

Here's one. I may have more.

The best medicine
isn't always a pill, but
a banana peel

foam said...

Absolutely true!
I'd love to see more. I'm glad you are here, btw.

Anonymous said...


That should be:

'puter startup crash |:-{
Incommunicado now.
No haiku photo.

I have broken into my oooold laptop - stupid thing would not recognize the correct password WTH?

Knowing me, you know not being able to do anything with photos is a pain in the derriere!

Maybe I can think of something other people would think is funny. I can have a weird sense of humor when the chips are down, and they are down.

Gah! I used to know this keyboard, but too many others in use now. Have to look for all function keys!

becca said...

i'm totally in for my two visuals will be up tomorrow

surround in darkness
noises float eerily on the wind
dark humor ~ I giggle

Laughter bubbles forth
air rushes quick push me over
talent perfected

foam said...

Hey serendipity..
Bring on your weird sense of humor ..
It's what this is all about too.
Besides, with your first haiku you didn't need a photo. Your little emoticon said it all. .. {:~)

Cool! Looking forward to your visuals ..

Doom said...

Momma Doom?

Frail, aging, tired, sore.
Mom arrives to her new name.
Momma de Doom, EEK!

Something I created when thinking of telling my mom 'the truth(tm)'.

As for judging? Clitter, clatter... and He pulled his hair... are the two for consideration.

Doom said...

She doesn't think so.

I laugh, she meowed.
I grinned, she stewed. Gone.
She'll be back, claws out.

foam said...

Hehe..sounds likevthey will they make you eat broom

Doom said...

They do try... that they do... Broom? Where's my steak, woman... and pie! Sulfurous smelling quiet, bologna sandwiches, and scratches for my efforts. I try too!

foam said...

Steak? I don't eat a lot of steak, but while you're at it, I'll have mine rare to medium rare and my pie with whipped cream.. real whipped cream, mind you..none of that plastic milk product pretend stuff.... Oh, and, thank you, that was kind of you to offer .. :o)

fishy said...

Peabody Hotels
Have their ducks all in a row
Happy Hour squar'd

BlazngScarlet said...

Winters icy blast
Cars doors? Frozen sheets of ice
Must crawl through the hatch

This actually happened to me a few years ago at work.
Needless to say, my coworkers had a wonderful laugh at the sight! lol

foam said...

Oh cool! The kuyus are coming in!
Fishy, I've seen the Peabody ducks. They sure do have their ducks in a row .. lol ..
BlazngScarlet, your coworkers didn't by chance take a photo of your misadventure? :-)

Leslie said...

Why is it that when I read Rafa's work I wonder if I am the one with the dirty mind?? Oh, Rafa! Hey all!

Here is mine:

Feeding the facade
the bloated ego topples
smiling in relief.

Fleurdeleo said...

And that Leslie is me, Fleur.

foam said...

Hey lesliefleur!
I like it when bloated egos topple. Well, as long as it is not my bloated ego. :-)

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

What a spectacular turnout, you my dear have quite the job ahead of you. Don't be afraid to punt. I have only one to submit for your approval. However, I hope it shows my appreciation for all that's posted above.

A day gone to crap
Respite is found by enjoying
Your sense of humor

Rafael said...

Hey, Foam!

I've got a #2 for you. This one tickled me to tithe...

Naked before God
Pearly Gates were closed to me
Entered from arrears

I'm UP, by the way (with a limerick in your honor and .gif, pilfered of sorts, that comes thanks to some of your own creative flare).

@Fleur: Dirty/clean, nut'n but opposite sides of the same darn(?) mind.

Be blessed with smile crack'n at the bit---


foam said...

awwwww Karl, I hate those gone-to-crap-days.. :-/
I'm glad you still dropped by to visit and enjoyed what our fellow bloggers have submitted. If you were here I would offer you a beer or two or three and not so scintillating conversation.

Rafa .. LOL.. That just seems wrong on so many levels..but funny as all get out. I'll be right over.

Anonymous said...

Hard HEADED...who, Me?
That windshield had a flaw, sure.
We were going sloooow.

Karl is not the only one...

Things come in threes, so with the computer crash Saturday, am I done?

For the story, see

Aunty Belle said...

Haiku is much too
important to be taken
so seriously.

foam said...

Okay, I'm awake, sort of, and am closing the show down. Thanks everybody for playing. It was a joy reading your kuyu. Thank you auntybelle and serendipity .. I'll be over to read about your other mishap! It takes a special person to find the humor in when-crap-happens days.

foam said...

And judging, not my favorite part, hopefully sometimes today.

BlazngScarlet said...

Rafa, your second 'ku made me snort coffee up my nose!
Wicked man! lol

Aunty, truer words!

Good luck to all ... especially YOU Foam! :D

foam said...

He's a hoot, for sure..

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