Friday, May 10, 2013

Haiku Monday .. Revisited Haiku and New Haiku

Corey Jo over at is the host for this week's Haiku Monday.
Her topic is an open 'non-theme' theme.  We even get to recycle old haiku!  
Check it out if interested and, by all means, feel free to participate!

recycled/revisited haiku:

foam photo from a few years ago

rising sea of clouds
foaming waves in hottest days
peaceful barefoot walk

new haiku:

Eternal hunger
Gnawing pain .. I rise, I seek ...
Your morsel of brain ..

my alice cooper look .. 

another new haiku .. gone just a wee bit awry ..

Rotting teeth, foul breath
Decomposing, undead flesh -
    I'm zombie personified .. needing to dine ......
Whilst Thou be my Valentine?

What! May is Zombie Awareness Month after all ... I think ...
I kind of forget.  I haven't dined on my daily quotient of brains yet
and I'm feeling a bit pekish.

can't you

now where's my ice pick ...
and my brain scooping ladle ..
oh, and where are you?

x x x


Carol said...

You just keep that brain hungry belly on yer side of the country, okay? I need what little brainery I have, thank you very much. :-)

Ahhhhhh... for a warm day with cool waves to dip bare toes in. I like to imagine it.

foam said...

Aww shucks.. You woulda made a nice appetizer ._.

Doom said...

Your first one was so... professional. Like what they put on cards, only actually good. Your next ones just floored me. After I quit laughing at the juxtaposed twist my emotions took, I enjoyed them greatly. If, uhrm, you don't mind me doing it from a distance?

foam said...

Aww, man! Doom, you're killing me here .. Oh wait, I'm the undead. Well, never mind. But I was counting on that great big brain of yours... Grump .. now I'm going to have to go shuffling off to find other brains ..

Doom said...

Oh, you can have the brain. It doesn't do me much good. As for size, I am big in some ways. In this way you might be underwhelmed. I'm just a bit twitchy about your removal methods. For an ugly critter I am rather vain. If nothing else, I need to keep what little I have that way. Will UPS be good?

foam said...

I can have the brain? Really and truly? lol.. You called me on my bluff.... :-). You can keep em .. well, unless you pack them in dry ice before you send them.
Anywho, don't under estimate what's under that noggin of yours, young man ..

And now I'm going to have to try to get back to sleep or i'll be snoozing through church in the morning. Massive amounts of sirens woke me up here. Kind of scary really.

Rafael said...

LOVE! First one blew me 'WAY!

As far as ma brain.... What's mine is yours, but dead or "un", you are what you eat. Dine at your own risk:D



foam said...

Oh dear me .. You are what you eat ... That is so true. Thanks for the warning, Rafa.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What wonderful haiku! And the images are great too.

Madeleine Begun Kane

foam said...

Thanks, madkane. :-)

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