Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Haiku Monday - Love, of the innocent kind..

A few Christmases ago ..


Soldiers, alpha men*

Humored, they donned THE gift..

Just because she's mom.


*pinetop swamp - past soldier

*brother in law - still current soldier


THE gift was a leopard print blanketwitharms. With much glee my MIL insisted her two sons drape themselves in those blankets so we could take silly photos of them. And nooooo, hell no, I'm not posting those photos here. I did try to find some other silly ad photos of blanketswitharms adorned folks to post when I came across this book:



Who knew, eh?





Btw, before I forget, Doom, haikuer extraordinaire, over at wherewhisperslinger.blogspot.com is

The Host for this week's Haiku Monday. I just KNOW you all want to play with us, so check it out.


And before I leave, here is another haiku ode to my precious oldest son aged 21 .. :-)


Precious son, aged four
Wants to marry his mom. ... Now?
He wears girl hickies......... ._.







Doom said...

I still think mothers can be so cruel. Mine can't get me to do those things anymore, but you know, that isn't always true. Womencraft, being what it is... and sometimes you become a boy all over again. Be kind to your lad?

Oh, my. Was the book part of the gift? Or... something you bought to... cheer your lad after the trauma?

foam said...

We get along great. As a matter of fact he is going camping with us since he's of age. I teased him about the hickey, his dad did too, and reminded him to use protection...

And it wasn't such a trauma for the 'lads' .. Their sense of humor is irrepressible at times. I came across the book yesterday. It had not occurred to me to order it, but now that you put that thought into my mind ...

X. Dell said...

I'd say four year-old son is precocious. I'm wondering what he'll tell his therapist.

foam said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall should those therapy sessions occurr ..
But they'd probably be all about the fact that he's going camping with his momma and papa this weekend.
Maybe I should see a therapist too come to think about it.

LX said...

Snuggie Sutra! Finally, a justification for those things!

foam said...

Apparently so .. :-). Are you really reading all 22 posts? At least they are all short and silly fluff.

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