Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pet companions on an Haiku Monday ..

Years ago, 
in another locale,
when my young 'uns were really
young, a writing spider came to live 
with us.  Our large dining room window 
became it's chosen hunting lodge.  On the 
outside of the window, a perfectly centered orb 
web was destroyed and meticulously recreated every 
evening.  I became quite protective of my spider and the
beautiful window decor it provided on a daily basis.
Friends were amazed that I didn't destroy it, but
I enjoyed the view it provided.

 Writing spider weaves
Dining room window decor ..
Nightly it's devoured


Several years ago, I took my sons shopping for an item that could only be purchased
 at this one particular store in town. To the disappointment of my sons the store was
 closed. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to take my sons to the animal shelter for an
 educational field trip. Thirty minutes later, a cat person mama along with her sons
 walks out of the animal shelter with a runty, wormy, pint sized pup ..

sigh ..

Son scared of dogs, yet ...
Eyes alight, "I want that one!"
Shelter runt pup love ..

my runty pup .. my shelter mutt ..  she's 12 years old now ..


Thirteen years ago a feral cat kept having kittens on a friend's property. 
I told the friend that if shemanaged to catch the cat and have it spayed,
I would take a kitten off her hands.  Well, I ended up with two kittens,
a little alert male kitty and the runt kitty .. of course ..  
Are you surprised?  We seem to be suckers for runts.  

My lovely handsome male cat is still with us.  He's friendly, social and
 a lovely companian.  Unfortunately, I lost my dear little female kitty
 last year due to cancer.  It broke my heart.  She was the one
that would sit on my hip while I was sleeping,
kneading and purring away until I woke up.

Slumbered, unaware ...
Startled! "What?".. Sideway glare finds
Clawed cat perched on hip ...

Below is a short video of my little cancer kitty
a few weeks before we put her to sleep.


Doom said...

I'm a runt man myself. Lord only knows, perhaps it's a secret pulling for the underdog? In your case, literally. One kitten I took or she would have died, I knew it, felt it. Her siblings where bigger than their mom and she was barely the size of a big mouse yet.

I still find it amazingly horrifying how much a 'pet' can be missed. Actually, an ex-fiancee who promised to take care of the grown runt I spoke of above until I could find a place that would allow a cat became spiteful and put her down. I didn't know, but felt my cat die, lost and confused, while driving, and almost wrecked my car. I... get rather attached.

Raindrop? She was a pretty girl.

foam said...

Yes, pulling for the underdog, plus feeling the need to protect those that need it..
We named her raindrop. She was born without a tail and when she sat her little body shape reminded us of a water drop.
I hate hearing how your kitty died!

Carol said...

I love that your son who was afraid of dogs fell in love with a wormy runt. And look how beautiful that wormy runt ended up being! Kids are very wise.

Did you ever see the photo of Mr. Smiley Face Spider who lived outside our screened-in porch door a few years ago?

Anyone who enjoys having spiders for neighbors is more than okay in my books.

foam said...

This particular son is now 21. He's still a wise guy. .. ;)
Couldn't resist, but really .. He's cool.
Yeah, I popped on over to that post. Amazing smiley face on that spider!
Yep, I like my spiders .. outside for the most part.

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