Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Limerick - A fellow would frequently hum ..

Through J Cosmo Newbery I followed a link to a limerick challenge which is hosted by Mad Kane.  Check it out if interested.  When inspired, I do have fun with the occasional limerick.

A fellow would frequently hum
Odd tunes to the beat of a drum
He thought he could make it
While drumming quite naked
And humming to girls quite buxom..

foam photo taken in Memphis, TN, summer 2010


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Thanks so much for your fun contribution to this week's Limerick-Off. I hope you'll be a frequent participant! (I post a new Limerick-Off every Sunday, which runs all week.)

foam said...

Cool! I look forward to participating some more .. :)

Carol said...

I wonder just who in the world would design a bra like that!!!

Which came first - the limerick or the photo?

foam said...

I know! Probably a guy.
The photo came first. I wrote the limerick yesterday.

Doom said...

That's naughty. Then again, I think that is part of the rules of limericks? If memory serves, it must be.

Oh? I would love to see a woman design a bra. :p Besides? Urhm, what's the difference? We don't complain, you should see our jock straps!

I'm going to be giggling all day, about several things, now.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Nice one! No guy with my mindset would ever design that Bra.

foam said...

Hello Doom!
Yep, limericks can be ribald but they don't have to be. I just can't help myself when it comes to these silly little poems... My mind ends up in the gutter. A little bit of naughtiness never hurt anybody. It adds a bit of spice to life. Anywho,
If I had my druthers I'd only wear a bra when working out. But since I'm a sorta kinda respectable type person here, I wear them all the time. Oh, and ja, I know what jock straps look like. Odd contraptions, but I know they serve a purpose.

And a good evening to you too Karl,
Of course you wouldn't design a bra like that. :-)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yay to the limerick writers of the world!

foam said...


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