Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ya just gotta love windows that distort .. :)

Hausarbeit bringt keine Freude...

but when company comes one is motivated.....

I will have the house full of company starting tomorrow and through Sunday.
It's a yearly thing.  Beloved folks descend upon us because
of a largish music festival we have going on in our area.

The house is never quite how I would like it to be ....


c'est la Wutz ... 


Carol said...

"The house is never quite how I would like it to be ...."

Well, you must do a nice enough job of cleaning to make your home someplace that people keep wanting to come back to!

Have fun!

foam said...

nah .. it's the music ... well, i suppose they might love us just a bit too .. :)

Doom said...

Getting the home in order for visitors is quite a thing. I have no idea how some people do it, unless they have maids or something? I would lay money that you keep your house better without company coming than I mine when I do have company on the way. Just not my area.

Have fun! It's not just music, or visitors, but somewhere in there I hope you can forget the worries.

foam said...

We don't have a house cleaner .. Except for ourselves. So, it gets done for better or worse. Hanks for the fun wishes. Mt he first guest have arrived and it will be hoping from now on.

Chris Benjamin said...

Nearby large music festivals are wonderful like that. Got to get to one this summer. In Canso Nova Scotia. Stan Rogers Fest.

Have a fun weekend!

dianne said...

That is such a lovely photo dear Foamy, I really like windows with panes and that is a great reflection.
My house is often not how I would like it to be, of course the house is spotless when I am expecting family and friends but it's amazing how many people just pop in when they are not expected.
Have fun!
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean said...

Good music and good company. Perfect combo for good times.

I love wrinkled glass in old houses(log cabin?). Great photo.

foam said...

We did have a fun weekend, Chris .. despite the rain. If you make it out to your music festival, I hope you have better weather .. :)

foam said...

Dianne, I love this old cabin and it's windows. The company is all gone now. Everything turned out just fine, of course, and we all had fun.

foam said...

yes, we certainly did have fun. now it's on to the week with it's chores. but that is all good too. I do love old windows myself. I wish we could still get glass like that.

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