Monday, April 15, 2013

Haiku Monday - Persistence

Serendipity over at is our host for this Haiku Monday. The following are my entries inspired by the fox family that lives in a den under our backyard neighbor's dog pen. This fox family seems quite persistent in raising their kits amongst homes and neighborhood pets. My dog also is quite persistent in warning the foxes away from her turf.  

My dog's warning barks --
Scampering baby fox hides
Under dog lot den..

A mother fox suns..
Scampering fox kits tumble
As I crouch and watch

Diligent dog barks
Protecting her turf, her home..
Mother fox watches

Here is a sample of some of the video pinetop swamp took of the fox family.  You can even
here a brief bark from the dog and see the brief reaction of the fox. 


fishy said...

I like your last haiku the best because there is nothing more persistent than a family dog protecting the home turf.

Love, love, love! you took the time to film the family of foxes to the sounds of happy birdsong... and that you shared with all of us :-)

foam said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by fishy! My husband, who likes to be known as pinetop swamp online, shot this video. Yeah, my dog is kind of funny. She's not much taller then the fox although probably heavier.

Jean said...

Kudos to your hubby for the vid. Loved it. How cool to have fox family entertainment in your backyard!

(hope you're feeling better)

foam said...

Yup, feeling much better! I know, we feel blessed to have these neighbors!

Rafael said...


I'm with Fish, the last was fantastic and the video was super cute.

I have a couple fox for neighbors, myself, but if I tried to film 'em, I'd be tried as a peeping Raf. Easier to just have 'em over for some cocktails...:D


foam said...

In your case it sounds like cocktails would be the way to go.... followed by filming. .. :D

X. Dell said...

Really cute, from a zoom-lensed distance. I try to stay away from feral canines, myself.

Saw a coyote walking across the backyard a couple of nights ago. But no light to film.

foam said...

We are mutually keeping our distance by about 20 to 30 yards or so. They are keeping to the woods. We've heard coyotes at times but I have not seen any. I wouldn't be all that fond of them in our neighborhood.

Aunty Belle said...

great video!

foam said...

Thanks! Mr pinetop swamp will enjoy hearing that :)

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