Sunday, March 31, 2013

Amidst the mind fog
Dusty memories grapple..

Senescence triumphs.

Hans Baldung (1543) Northern Renaissance
Three Stages of Man and Death

Doom over yonder at 
is hosting this weeks Haiku Monday.
The theme is


go play, why don'tcha ..

Spem in Alium - Thomas Tallis


Doom said...

I must admit, your poem... stuck in my craw. Not because it is bad, or wrong, but for the reason all can have difficulty with truth. It hurt!

I've been as close to death, and then some, as one can get, for 25 years. They finally figured out it was the heart a few years ago, and we are working on it. Foggy memories to being laid up, to physical decay, it all fits. Among those who could be on the heart transplant list, I am an Olympian or something... for what it is worth, it being extremely relative.

Oh, don't feel bad, either! I do not dodge truth, or even lament suffering (mostly). It is just that sometimes it sneaks right up next to me and I startle. I had to look up senescence, which is how that worked. The meaning slowly burned down to my deepest recesses, like a fine whiskey hits the midriff. Or moonshine. Both of which are something I enjoy, at moments.

I really like the painting, but the music? Well, over time, and actually despite my illness, that is the conclusion I too derived. It doesn't nullify, change, or fix. It just puts things in perspective. At least for me.


foam said...

Well Doom,

It actually stuck in my craw too. You did say to go deep and find the beast within. This is what happens when I dig around in the murky depths of this foam brain. I depressed myself. :/
This haiku was inspired mostly by my mother although I did also think of other family members.

I watched my mother slowly succumb to Alzheimer's over the course of 7 years or so. It was hard watching a vibrant, intelligent woman loose all. She died about 3 years ago. I actually had to look up senescence myself. I was looking for another word for decay. Senescence just fit better with the flow of the haiku.

Now, I am real sorry to hear about your heart troubles. I hope whatever you are doing and the meds you are taking keep you from having heart transplant surgery. I did get a sense based on some of your comments on other blogs that you were not always well. I had no idea it was your heart. I think it always sounds trite when I say I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers/positive vibes, but I actually mean it.

Although this haiku was inspired mostly by my mother, I did also think of my father, brother and aunt. All three have passed from heart related issues. My father and aunt at 40 and my brother at 34. Ticker matters are a close concern with me. As a matter of fact, I've landed in the ER a few times myself due to blood pressure issues. Meds keep it mostly regulated though.

Jean said...

More than a bit of genius here, Foam.
Gives me the chills, it does.

foam said...

Thanks! And I'm sorry? .. :)

Jean said...

No, no. Chills are appropriate.


Aunty Belle said...

Ah, Foamy.....I know ya' miss yore Mama. KNOW it. Very fine Haiku--an' perfect visuals.

Be of good cheer--yore heart is in right place, however many years it may beat.

Rafael said...


You always move me. Chills, yes, but cathartic (and, in a way, helpful).

Beautiful, just beautiful


foam said...

Belle, I know ya know. .. x x x

Thanks, Rafael. :-)

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