Wednesday, February 6, 2013

in the spirit of uncle meat..

foam says

..killer show last night!

and yes,  the blog is still asleep for the most part ..


boneman said...

well, at least you had access to it...I had forgotten a new pasword installed a week ago, and the only questions I had to answer was "what is the latest password you remember?" and the one I had no answer to...(When did you start your gmail account?

Let me see if I get this straight...
They can help me reset a pasword I forgot a week ago...
As soon as I remember when (month and year) I started my google account YEARS AGO!?

Something tells me that being around computers too long affects the mind.
I offer as proof, Google employees, who probably are world class freecell players.

foam said...

that certainly is weird. luckily i've not forgotten google passwords .. yet. but then, i only have a couple of accounts.

laughingwolf said...


bully gates now owns skype, google owns youtube... soon megacorps will own the internet world

foam said...

I think my bank owns me ..

X. Dell said...

Ah, like father like son. Well, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

I knew someone named Uncle Meat, but he was a Hell's Angel. Can't be the same guy, right?

foam said...

I just know uncle meat as a Mother's of Invention album.

LX said...

Foam, be my Valentine! [mmmmwhaaa!]

foam said...

And a mwhaa back at you, lx!

missHLiza said...

Haha I might follow you soon.. blogging few months apart!

Carol said...

Dweezil looks a lot like his dad - only better.

foam said...

Hliza, nah. You won't do that. Your material is too good.

Carol, I saw Zappa in the late 70s and the early 80s. Both were great shows. But Dweezil is much nicer then his dad.

Aunty Belle said...

Well, now, ya realize Uncle wuz wondering' about the title of this post when he ask AB "what 'cha reading' ?"

Infinity post on Ether Capacious.

foam said...

Now that is kind of funny, aunty .. uncle wondering what you are reading on the foaming blog .. :). Not much to read here though. Uncle Meat is Zappa at his finest .. if you like that kind of music. It's kind of jazzy, bluesy in parts and contains a good bit of humor .. ex: Suzie Creamcheese..

His son does very well by him.

LX said...

Etwas andere fur heute.

foam said...

WOW! The man in black, or straw hat, in German. Who knew? Thanks, lx.

Shrinky said...

What, whaaaat.. I wake mine up just as you're about to put yours to sleep?? Naaaaaah, we need to coordinate some, don't you think? Hmph (full pout and sulk mode coming on). Ah well, guess I'm the last one to throw any stones, considering, but hell girl - I've missed you enough!

I'll still be peeking back in here with high hopes of catching you again, count on it! xx

foam said...

Shrinky, mine has been asleep here for 6 months actually. What compelled me to post this I have no idea. I do periodically but still rarely post on another blog So, I might visit you in that form at times. You'll probably figure out its me. Glad you are back.

dianne said...

Foamy dear, I am sorry I did not see this post, it did not show up in Dashboard, well I don't remember seeing it but I have been a little preoccupied lately.
It is good that you are stil here.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Just sorta, kinda here, Dianne, in a very haphazard manner.

Aunty Belle said...

sorta kinda here is good--better than not.

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