Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fluttering by .........................

I'm thinking this foam has just about outfoamed herself...


Jean said...

Maybe just a break...


Carol said...

I love the photos. Love the ethereal butterfly flutterbying.

I've been missin' you in these parts. Are ya gettin' the 7 year itch?

foam said...


Definitely so..

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Perhaps, yet it costs you nothing to leave it up and it gives you an identity with which to stop by and visit folks from time to time. Plus a way to contact you that might not exist otherwise. Just a thought, you do what's best for you.

I would miss you.

Aunty Belle said...

I would REALLY miss you, Foamy.

foam said...

Good point, Karl. I wasn't going to shut the blog down but thought about disconnecting comments. I will leave them.
Besides, I'd miss folks too :)

Aunty Belle,
I wasn't planning on letting you go, sweat pea ..
I can't.

HLiza said...

Funny thing, I feel the same too. I am bloghopping today finally after not doing so for months..some thing I never expected I will do 6 years ago..remember those days when we can't live without blogging? I treasure th friendship we have and hope this blog will stay even though not really active; just like mine!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll keep it open, hliza. Good thing we are at that other site together. And I'm tired of that one too.

X. Dell said...

Fluttering by? Are you referring to the butterfly or yourself?

Outfoamed herself? (sigh) I definitely understand. Still, I'd hope to keep seeing you in cyberspace. I've forgotten how the Internet looked without you in it.

foam said...

Yeah, I'm a wee bit tired over here. But don't worry, I'll keep fluttering by your place. I find that I can't stop visiting folks at this point even though I might not be postong right now.

Anonymous said...

I will do the same with my blog

Anonymous said...

missing you already <3

× × ×

diana said...

ahh, anonymous, you ARE missed, you know..

Rafael said...

Perhaps a haiku for shits & giggles? I promise to file it under ENJOY!!!

If not, may your flutterings be filled with joy and your joy absolute.

Always smiling your way--


Chris Benjamin said...

gorgeous photos.

the whole "blogosphere" i knew at first seems to have foamed out. now it's all political and self-promotional blogs. miss the creative stuff.

i'll still drop by once in a while and hope something new comes up at some point. but i certainly understand the outfoaming. things run their course.

foam said...

Rafael, thanks for dropping by and for the haiku invite. Even my *kus have out foamed themselves it seems.

I'll continue I drop by your site as well at times. I enjoy your writing.

dianne said...

Beautiful butterflies and impatiens flowers, lovely photos dear Foamy.
Thank you for your kind comment about my latest poem. In the reply to you I have left a link for you, it is something sweet which made me think of you.
Please don't stop blogging, I would miss you too much. Just post something when you feel like it, we will still be here.
Take care little sweet pea.
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Thank you, pumpkin'!
I might post something here again. I'm leaving the blog open.

Mo said...

No not at all, keep going

moi said...

Yeah, I took a month-long hiatus. It felt good, but I also missed a few folks. You included. Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

I'm fine, but I may not do this blog that much anymore. I might show up under another name on your site. I missed my fellow bloggers over the summer. It got lonesome online.

Anonymous said...

Mo, I'll keep at it off and on.

The Lady Prism said...

•ღ. ℒℴνℯ •ღ. ℒℴνℯ♥¸.•*”

Bloggy' congratulations! 7 years, that long, wow - same as mine.

♥ I was thinking along the same lines, even all together just letting go of everything - disappearing somewhat. Then again just the thought that I have a different world where I find my kind of folks, and most I've well known for a long time, gives me still that bloggy' warm fuzzy feel, haha!

Love the pics!! :D ♥

Little Lamb said...

Those flowers are very pretty!

foam said...

Prism, I decided to leave this blog up since its a way o stay in contact with some folks that are still blogging.mmi hope you keep yours up too.

Little Lamb,

Thank you very much!

Little Lamb said...

It seems to me a lot of us are loosing interest. Foam, for the reason you're keeping your blog is why I'm keeping mine, to keep in touch. I hope that makes sense.

foam said...

It does ake sense, little lamb.

Gary...a relative of Mister Tristan said...

Hope this reaches you. You left a comment over at my place, Mister Tristan (
about your mom being German and having similar war stories.

I replied on my blog with the following, but was not sure you'd see it:

"Yes, the blue font are a couple of my mom's stories--Kristallnacht in 1938 and being bombed out (probably in 1944, maybe early 1945, but I'm guessing).

She didn't volunteer much info but would answer when asked. Now that she's passed I wish I would have asked more questions.

Oh, and she married a GI in Germany (my dad) right after the war. Now THAT didn't sit especially well with her mom and dad and siblings (all of whom survived the war)...until my older brother--the first grandchild--came along in 1948!

Result: family and love trump country and patriotism any day of the week.

By the way, my mom was born in 1925."

Aunty Belle said...

ain't got much to say other than, howdy, an' hope youse well. Glad the blog is still up.

Take care, Foamy,

foam said...

As you can tell by the stories I dumped on your blog, your message did get to me :)

Aunty Belle,
no worries. the blog, for better or worse will stay up.

The Lady Prism said...

I've just had an epiphany (wow, haha!) ---> Blogging is so - much more..real...palpable me - than FB.I miss the old bloggy days.

foam said...

The old blogsy days certainly were fun. I'm just so thankful for all the interesting and wonderful people I've met. .. Like you, for ex. :)

LX said...

Frohe Weihnachten, Foam!

chickory said...

Merry Christmas FOamy!!!!! and a happy new year.

LX said...

Happy New Year, Foam!

Aunty Belle said...

Happy New Year!! Hope it's filled wif' health an' happiness.

foam said...

thank you, ab!

laughingwolf said...

you ok, foamy?

Anonymous said...

Dunno if you are still checking comments, but...

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