Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Winner/s ala Haiku

Lets get down to bidness here.  Needless to say, judging is hard.  All the haiku that I've read in
any of these Monday sessions have been unique and a pleasure to read.   These haiku are you, they are me.  What we write reflects who we are.  (That's perhaps why I write very little .. :)  These 17 syllables put into haiku form do the same.

Downy eaglet hides;
fearsome predator draws neigh
its sultry rock ledge.

Serendipity's haiku always fill me with a sense of wonder, especially since I have never traveled to some of the places she explores.  Her eaglet haiku left me feeling breathless with anxiety, her skinny dip haiku .. well, what can I say, except that I've been there and done that and I really, really liked this haiku for that reason.

Sultry steamy night.
Sleepless — moonlit lake beckons.
Lush, cool skinnydip.

Karl absolutely charmed and delighted me with his poem and following chasing mommy haiku.  Which parent can't relate? A few years ago I even wrote a post on this very topic.

It reminds me to say
But, with children away.
A father's mind is on their mommy.
If I don't make it back please cut me some slack.
For I'll be chasing after mommy;)

All consuming heat
It's torrid burn engulfs
Weather was hot too

On a side note, I want to mention that I had decided to read the haiku aloud.  Since my 15 year old son was eating lunch and was, therefore, a captive audience, I started to read the haiku to him.   Being a scout, a camper and hiker, he loved serendipity's eaglet haiku, he thought about her skinny dip haiku and decided he liked that very well too.  After I started reading Karl's haiku though (I did not read the poem),  I realized that I really had not thought ahead about some of the subject matter contained in these haiku. Hence, with bated breath I awaited his reaction to this haiku.  He thought about it and then decided it was about the NBA playoffs, the Miami Heat and all ....  Whew, ya know???   Needless to say, I did not read aloud to him any further .. :)

I was quite surprised that my husband, Pinetop Swamp decided to participate.

Sonorous silence ..
Ululating tree frog choir.
Moist skin, night air goosed.

I may be prejudiced here, but I think this is a great traditional haiku.
It's about nature, it indicates a season, captures a moment in time (goosebumps).

Grins haiku,

A clothes tornado
I gaze through steamy windows
I hate laundromats

What can I say .. it was sublime and made me laugh.  He is quite funny.  Having spent too much time in laundromats myself, I can so relate.

Boxer caught the essence  of a certain actor ... Lauren Bacall. 

 Scorching performance
Not Whistlin’ Dixie when she
Put lips together.

I agree!  To me Lauren Bacall is sultry personified. 

becca offered 2 really wonderful haiku which are unfortunately not for judging.  becca, I thinkyou really ought to reconsider in the future.  These are wonderful!

Lips as red as blood
Beauty that blinds like the sun
heart as cold as ice
Sun sultry and hot
sweat pouring down like raindrops
I shiver from cold
I don't know where Blazng is from.  However, isn't wet sheet of humidity a perfect way to describe a hot summer day or night in the Deep South.  Flying from Germany, I would step out of the airport in Jackson, Mississippi only to feel like I had walked into a wall ... of humidity.
Oh, and becca's 2nd haiku?  Fanning myself here, and let's just say I might be inspired here.  Not as far as writing here, but you know...

Catching fireflies
Wet sheet of humidity
Summer night magic

Passion overtakes
Slamming loins against the wall
Years of want

What can I say about Rafael.  His haiku as well as his visuals left me speechless.  This man has a way with words and with the visuals.  Go check his site out.  (I have posted the occasional noodie myself, a few possibly could be considered of an adult nature but nothing like this .. )

Slip'ry knot is tied
Lapping 'long her luxury
Sultry petals bloom

Satyr's sultry sway
Writhes erotic; savagely
Lath'ring us a deux

CoreyJo!  Good heavens,  woman!   I could smell and feel that one!  In Rafael's words ... YUMMY!  :)

Heat radiating
Thick and heavy was his musk.
His essence sultry

And last but not least at all:   Aunty Belle!  I'm so glad I'm flexible!  This is
a wonderful!  Since I've been feeling slightly dewey all day long, I've now felt the need to surreptiously scratch myself too.  Surly there are no gnats in my house?  Better not be fleas either.

Remember? Sultry
summer nights gnats sip dew pearls
underneath your neck.

Anywho,  I know you are anxious to know who has won. 

I picked 2 winners this time.  One on the theme of sultry as in 'hawt' and one on the
other sultry .. you know .. as in the weather.  This is unusual and not the norm, but I really couldn't decide between the two.  It was hard enough to narrow it down this much anyway.

The winner for the weathery kind of sultry is ... tadadadadaaaa ....
Pinetop Swamp!

The winner for the 'hawt' kind of sultry is ... drum roll again please ....

And since we can really only have one host, Corey Jo is the final winner.  You know what that means, sweetie.  You get to be the hostess with the mostest.


foam said...

Excuse the weird formatting and fonts. I tried to straighten it out, but got tired of messing with it.

foam said...

I so hope I didn't miss anybody in the write up. I know I've read ALL the haiku and visited blogs with visuals.

Anonymous said...

fun to read :-)

Rafael said...

Congrats to CoreyJo!! She's always right in the mix with a GREAT haiku.

I, too, found hers irresistibly hawt! Though, per usual, would have loved a visual to further stimulate the senses. It's ok, though, I created my own, so, ya' know... I'm good now. (dewy, even). What? Men can be dewy...we just trend a little more to the musky side when we're overly heated.

Great write up Foam and perfect picks!

Oh, and sorry if I took it a tad (or so) over the line, but you did say to have no worries. Having boys yourself, you should know that left to our own devices, we can only spell trouble. When trouble is spelled, trouble is spilt. No sense crying, just drop him a tissue and close the door behind you.


moi said...

Congrats, Corey Jo! Wonderfully sultry haiku :o)

foam said...

Rafael, you did not really take it over the top.They were wonderfully hawt and sultry and, therefore left me speechless or perhaps I should have said breathless.
And I do know boys. After all I'm the momma that stuck a "nonstop motor action" sticker with an arrow pointing downward on the front of her oldest son's shirt .. While he was wearing it.

Moi, yes it was .. Now she just has to check back in.

CoreyJo said...

Oh My Sweet Lord!!

Thank you so much Foam! I honestly never expected to ever win one. I'm almost speechless. Almost....

"I'd like to thank Foam for choosing my poem, and congratulate her for a great hosting job. Thank you to everyone who visits my blog and especialky the ones who leave comments. I thank 'Jon the blogger formally known as DeepBlue' for introducing me to haiku Mondays. Most of all I'd like to thank my Darling Rafa (yes he's mine! I found him first) for always encouraging me to play. Also for always believing in my writing ability more than I ever did/do. You my friend are the best."

Thanks again foam & everyone else too. I will post a theme tomorrow and leave a link here also.


Aunty Belle said...

hoo wheeee! nice work Foamy. Congrats CJ, an' welcome to Pinetop--do he know Haiku can be addictive?

foam said...

Hey sweetie! Im so glad you are so excited! That tickles me to no end. Can't wait for your theme. I will really try to participate although I might be out and about soon. But there is always phone posting, right?

foam said...

I think he's figuring that out, ab. He is sitting here all happy cause he is the weather haiku winner.

Anonymous said...

CoreyJo is apparently "hawt" herself lately. Last week she was *early*, this week the winner! Congratulations!

Nice job of hosting, Foam. Funny how a single word can take such different directions. That final decision is a tough one.

I liked Pinetop's frog one, but hadn't put frogs and sultry together. The ones here sing from snow meltwater pools!


BlazngScarlet said...

Congratulations CoreyJo!
That was most definitely *HAWT*!

Foamy, you did a most excellent job if hosting ... and choosing!

I lived in the south for 10 years, so I am VERY familiar with the 'sheet of humidity'! lol

grins said...

Cory see what happens if you get here on time? LOL Awesome haiku.

Carol said...

I really enjoyed reading all of the haikus, and I loved the story about your son!

Congratulations to CoreyJo.

CoreyJo said...

Thank you everyone!!!

Finally I've posted the new theme at Monkey's & Windex.

Come one, Come all, Lets have a ball!!


foam said...

Oh cool deal, CoreyJo. I will be over anon.

Thank you, BlazngScarlet!

Grins, punctuality does have its benefits.

Yes, even though I know that my son is not clueless, I was glad that he still maintains a kind of innocence.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

My apologies for the late reply. You see, I did manage to catch her and we have been somewhat busy. Married for over 30 years and that woman still smokes my mirrors. Sultry indeed. A most interesting response from your son. It would never come to my mind, even then. At 15 I was all about heat, but it had nothing to do a sports.

Thank you for hosting!

Congratulations to Corey Jo and Pinetop Swamp!

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