Sunday, June 10, 2012


A cool creek beckons
While Gulch in drag cycles by
And Bill the Cat "acks".

photo by mr foam

 Floating in cool stream
Undulating bods' float by
Naked bums and all.

(sorry, no visual for the second one)

Rafael over at is hosting Haiku Monday this week.
The subject matter is 'your place of wonderment' or OZ.  
The haiku that I've posted are based on  actual incidents.  The first one last year, the second just a few weeks ago .. although I did not float in the buff.  However, some folks did.
Here are a few wordless haiku.  Some places of wonderment transcend words.


Rafael said...

Your Oz is OZSOME! You have the perfect mix of image, funny and sense of freedom.

However, your wordless haiku left me speechless... especially the first one, which, to me, is the essence of wonderment.

Your visuals did NOT disappoint!



foam said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I almost didn't post visuals, especially the moon visual. That photo is actually a photoshop thingy I did just yesterday. I took the moon/beachscape photo at the beach last year. The figure is my reflection off of our back deck French doors.

moi said...

Oh, your first one really sings! Bloom County is my all-time favorite 'toon--the last of the great socio-political comic strips, IMHO. When I first met SB, his license plate read Thptpth!, and apparently I was the only gal he was dating who knew what it meant.

Anyway, Happy Haiku Monday and good luck!

Boxer said...

GREAT photos and haikus. I'm a big Bloom County fan. Glad you're in this week.

grins said...

That first one got me so emotional I coughed up a hair ball. Well, anyway I liked it.

foam said...

Bloom County is a favorite of mine too along with Calvin and Hobbes. I've always liked Bill the Cat's special effects. :)
Happy Haiku Monday to you too!

Thank you! I did participat last week but without visuals, so I didn't post anything here.

Well, perhaps you needed to cough up a hair ball!

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

And here I was hoping to see you floating down a river naked, drinking peach schnapps. Oh well, maybe next time;)

Anonymous said...

foam,, always
happy summer vac to you!

× × ×


foam said...

Good to see you out and about again!
You have a good summer too. Enjoy those long days.

Sorry to disappoint! But who wants to see a very middle aged navel anyway .. lol .. The irrepressible Rafael started that fuzzy navel bidness based on my previous post .. :).

Chris Benjamin said...

you are the wonder
the wizard of sparkled twists.
God is your questions.

[that's about my 3 1/2 yr old son, who is my Oz]

Hope you're well, Foam! Looks like it.

dianne said...

Gorgeous photos dearest Foamy and I found your haiku amusing, even Bill the cat and his 'ack'.
The first untitled photo is magic, the blue and the light gives it a mystical quality, I would love to find places that are so beautiful.
Enjoy your vacation!
xoxoxo ♡

Carol said...

Well, now I'm all relaxed...

I am definitely enjoying the invitations of the cool creek and stream. And your silent, visual haikus are beautiful.

Thanks for the lazy river moments. Now it's back to dry land for me.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Middle aged is just that, middle age. No lessening of beauty or appeal. In many ways your more alluring than younger counterparts. Don't sell yourself short.

foam said...

You are so right! Our children will always be a source of wonderment. It doesn't change. My oldest is almost 21, my youngest is 15. Sometimes I scratch my head in wonder while I roll my eyes. But mostly,I'm awed that I produced such great kids .. :)

But to me you do live in a place of wonder. And all you really need to do is take yourself to your beach and take photos when the full moon is out.
Enjoy your fall/winter! Each season is special.

You are always very welcome. I love water. Rivers, ponds, lakes, streams, creeks, oceans .. puddles to splash in .. join me anytime!

Oh, now that is a very nice thing to say. Actually, I do like my middleagedness. I don't think I"m selling myself short. I'm just not showing my navel anymore .. :)

Boxer said...

congrats!!!!! Looking forward to your theme/etc.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Nice words. Nice pictures. Pity no graphics for the second one. Bummer.

Karl said...

Good morning Foam,

Congratulations on a well deserved win. Looking forward to next week's topic.

Aunty Belle said...

wordless --likin' that Foamy.

Wait--youse the winner? readin' comments...yea!!

foam said...

and it's posted! Wednesday came sooner then I realized!

men! .. tsk .. :)


A bit influenced by you, doncha know?
I hope you will participate, but if you can't, I understand .. sort of ..

Rafael said...

Foam: talk'n to ME? Yes, I am a man, but considering the grouch in my pouch; isn't that kinda like calling a dawg dirty? Obvious, is it not?

What did I do to garner such praise?

Congrats on a GREAT Haiku...I LOVED IT! 'Course, that's kind of obvious too, huh?



Anonymous said...

wonderful, even without naked bums

foam said...

Oops no, I was answering Cosmo's comment, Rafael. I've been blogging a on a lack of sleep and kind of headachy here. Stifling, humid nights can do that to me.

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