Friday, June 1, 2012

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Hairy, a photo by schauml on Flickr.

I had alluded in a previous post that I had been unwell. I was ... I had a bug that stayed with me for two months, but it finally cleared up in time for me to go on my annual camping trip. My relief in feeling better translated into a bit of giddiness on my part. And no, I was not drinking anything alcoholic at all during this trip ... no beer, no vodka. I know, unimaginable, huh? Actually, I don't need much help to find myself sitting on that group w bench where all the best folks hang out anyway.

It's June 1. The days are long. Summer beckons. Anybody doing anything exciting during these long warm days besides working or hanging out in the part of the world where the days are getting shorter and cooler? Anyways, I hope everybody has a good weekend at least.
I'm going to go plant another flat of flowers now. ... Or later.


PNW Gal said...

Glad to hear you kicked the crud. Having our health is everything. But you need to do somehting about your teeth!

I'm still wrangling dogs and working. Same old, same old.

(it's Boxer)

foam said...

I know! I need to floss my incisors more.

/t. said...

aha haha, foam

heart (and teeth) of a lioness :)

so happy to hear you're well again

have fun -- keep us posted(!)

× × ×


X. Dell said...

My project has been extended to June, though I have a bit of a break this week. I thought it would end a couple of weeks ago, but that's going to take up a good chunk of summer.

Hope things continue to go well with you, healthwise. And thanks for the photo. You've never looked better.

foam said...

/t. Okay, will do ... rawr!

foam said...,
I hope the project is one you enjoy. I know it has been keeping you extremely busy but I do hope you find time for your own personal interests.
Ya, I think I'm looking pretty good myself. I think being hirsute and a bit long in the tooth suits me.

dianne said...

Love the photo Foamy dear, you are such a fun person.
I am so happy that you were able to get rid of the bug that was making you ill and that you have been on your annual camping trip.
Enjoy your holiday and planting out those flowers. :)
xoxoxo ♡

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Good to hear that you are on the mend!

foam said...

Thanks, every once in a while, I can get silly and it's least I think so. Other's are probably rolling their eyes...:)


J Cosmo,
Yes, thanks. It still feels like such a relief.

HLiza said...

oh i didn't know u were unwell before foam! glad that you're better now. enjoy yr summer! ( we summer all year long ) but its mid-year school holiday now.. so we enjoy too!

foam said...

Yes, I've not really talked about it until it finally flattened me over a week ago. But now I can finally eat and drink without it causing me any pain.

lx said...

Are there monsters in Die Schwarzwald?

moi said...

Sorry to hear you were sick. Days and weeks are bad enough, but two months? I hope whatever it was is gone for good. I'm looking forward to a summer of work but perhaps some fun thrown in here and there. A trip, even!

And finally finishing War and Peace.

foam said...

just this weird stomach malais. it seemed to gradually get better when it came back with a vengeance ... a good strong dose of antibiotics finally knocked it out.

Pamela said...

yikes. That bug got your face! heh heh.

Quite a few adults around here have contracted whooping cough and been very sick. I got the vaccination a few days ago...not only for me, but because we have a new grandchild over due. Babies don't get that vaccine, and I want to make sure I'm a well grandma.

foam said...

probably .. :-)
and for some odd reason there were monsters in this southern forest i camped at too!

foam said...

gah ..
whooping cough! i hate it. it's so debilitating and painful and sounds awful too! glad you got the shot so you can be a well grandma. congrats on the expected grandbaby, btw! that is good news .. :)

Carol said...


Your elbows are on backwards! No wonder you've been feeling bad in the tum tum. How DO you even eat?

(Glad you're feeling better!)

foam said...

Drats! You noticed! I bend over backwards, or would that be forwards, to eat...

grins said...

That's just how I look after about three days in the mountains.
It's hard to ride a bicycle when your knees are backwards.

I'm glad your feeling better.

foam said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. This was me 3 days in actually .. :-)

Rolf said...

You have a pretty face ;-)

And thanks for asking. The layoff is not over yet. Soon I will know more.

Next week I go to Madrid, I look forward to that because now it is cold again up here.

Will I see you in Vegas this summer like I did last summer?

Rolf said...

you have a pretty face but nothing else seems to be in the right place

foam said...

Rolf! Good morning. Just woke up here. Most of the time things are in the tight place, but I reckon after spending several days in the deep woods and getting only as clean as the river makes you, I get myself turned around a bit.
Have a good time in Madrid! It was in Madrid that I found my first four leaf clover ever.

Shrinky said...

Oh, you slay me - haaaaaaaa (and you STILL manage to look good)..! Enjoy your well deserved break, sounds like you've earned it, glad to hear you're on the mend at last. It's TT week on our island, and I have a full house - it's a great carnival atmosphere, and we're having a blast (grin).

foam said...

I love having a full house at times too. Just a month ago or so we packed the house since since we have a large music festival happening here. We also have a blast. Enjoy your company!

Rafael said...


Good thing you didn't run into Sasquatch out there... between that face AND your round mound of deliciousness , he just may have swooped you up and back to his man cave for some beers and frolics... YUMMY!!

HaHa...glad you're feeling better--


P.S. Loved your haikus, btw...wishing you had a visual or two, but, ya' know, I can be a bit high maintenance.

laughingwolf said...

must be crappy season; glad you're better... still shaking food poisoning, me

cool/rainy here for past week [yay] back to heat come weekend :(

foam said...

Moi, oops, I had read your moment but just noticed that I failed to answer it.
War and peace? Wow. I'm impressed. I hope you have many fun events this summer.

foam said...

You slay me here... hehehe.

You too? Hope you are better soon!

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