Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Umm, ya, just whatever..

No power, no Internet,
The darkness, the candles,
Battery driven lanterns
And one piano..

I played piano.
Side lit by a lantern,
My fingers cast long odd
Shadows against the keys.
My son sat on the couch
And listened while I played
The piano pieces of my youth.
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart,
Snippets of Chopin,
Scott Joplin, Sindig...

He seems to enjoy it when I play
Just as I enjoyed it when my mother
Played the piano.
My son plays the piano exceptionally well.
Should he ever to choose to
Procreate, I hope his children
Will enjoy listening to him too.

I wrote this Monday night when the power went off during a horrible storm
And right before I went to sleep.

Anywho, it's approaching the end of the school year and I've been busy.  I've been trying to hold on to my horses here.  It's been tough at times.  I haven't quite fallen off  .... yet.

Ben Long fresco

Plus, I have to take care of a few minor health thingies.  If I've been sporadic with visits, this is why..

 I do appreciate all the nice comments on my lone bloom post down below. I did answer your comments but then blogger ate them when I was trying to publish them. It's frustrating when comments disappear.

In a couple of weeks though, I'm looking forward
To getting back on the bus (metaphorically speaking).
It's time for a bit of a break.

photo by dd, a beloved cousin ..

I do still love y'all ...

Here are some foamy cyber hugs and kisses... Guaranteed cootie free too!


lx said...

Best wishes with the health and staying on the horse things!

Nice photo w/ the bus.

Anonymous said...

I wish't I'd heard ya play, Foamy.

We had a storm tonight--sometimes I like the change in barometric pressure.

We's lookin' forward to yore return to all the thangs ya' enjoy--

Aunty (unsigned in )

foam said...

Thanks, lx. I sat on that bus a month ago. It was remarkably comfortable and fun to do!

It was a nasty storm. Hail ruined some of my plants. A couple of massive old oaks toppled in our neighborhood. When the wind started to make weird noises, I went into the basement.

dianne said...

Sending cyber hugs and kisses to you too Foamy dear...I hope your health issues will be all fixed and you will be well again soon.
Take care little sweet pea!
xoxoxo ♡

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Be well ...

chickory said...

yay your summer is about to begin. It will barely be enough rest before fall rolls around. please, come see me at Chickory. It is a half day drive. I will spoil you. I dont have a piano though. xoxo

Carol said...

Sending good juju for finishing up the school year and for your health thingies. Oh, and for staying in the saddle (until it's the right time to let go and roll in the meadow freely).

I imagine that listening to you play the piano is a very relaxing experience.

X. Dell said...

I'm hoping the "health thingees" are minor, and that you're otherwise doing well. I'm lighting a candle for a speedy recovery, freundin.

Anonymous said...

you have
the soul of a poet

love yr backyard bus/submersible/mothership...

get well soon -- you are missed

× × ×


Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aunty Belle said...

Lovin' that chile ' photo of Foamy!!

Good idea Chick9.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Nice poem, creativity from angst.

Hoping your summer is an enjoyably long and your health issues are few.

foam said...

Thanks. Perhaps creativity from not being able to waste time on the Internet Due to the power outage

Aunty belle,
Yup, that's a chile photo of me, my brother and mother.
And I should visit the k9, shouldn't I.

foam said...

Oh, thank you. What a sweet thing to say.
I love that bus. It's a great mothership. However, it doesn't belong to me, but to good friends.

foam said...,
I'm thinking the health thingies are minor .. Just momentarily annoying. Thanks for the well wishes per candle thought!

foam said...

Can't wait to let go of that saddle for a while.
Thanks for the juju wishes!

foam said...

Never mind the piano.
I've actually already googled the distance from here to BR.
I just might take you up on that offer. Gotta check out the calendar.

foam said...

I will. :)

foam said...

Aww, you call me sweet pea and that makes me feel young.
I do still think you are also a sweet pea.

laughingwolf said...

who's driving that bus?

foam said...

Not me! I'm riding shotgun on the hood of the bus.

Shrinky said...

What an awesome photo! Sorry to hear you've been dealing with some health issues, I really hope things are looking up on that front now (hugs). Gosh, if I ever have a power outage, can I please come over to spend it at your house? I love the picture you painted for us, talk about turning a negative into a positive.. sigh.

foam said...

You can come over any old time, power outage or not. However, I might just show up at your doorstep though.

Giancarlo said...

buona serata e felice domenica...ciao

dianne said...

I am sorry, I was so worried to read that you were having health issues that I forgot to compliment you on your poem, which is great by the way and I love the photo of you sitting on the bus/car!
You will always be a little sweet pea to me. :)
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

Thank you for your visit. I wish you a very good week.

Dianne, why thank you for dropping by again to tell me that you liked my poem .. and my silly bus hoping photo.
That was very thoughtful.

Rafael said...


Sounds like you found a bit of light in all that darkness...BEAUTIFUL!!

Sending you good wishes and, of course, SMILES!!


foam said...

Thank you! And wouldn't you know .. It's storming again.
I don't think there will be a power outage though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the kissing and hugging. I really appreciated it and needed it (my wife is not home this evening).

No internet connection can give fantastic moment of real life.

Here is the weather burning hot mediterranean for almost a week now.

X. Dell said...

So, Fruendin, wie gehts?

foam said...

Anytime ... :),
I am finally soooo much better. I was even able to go camping in the deep woods which I was worried I would not be able to do. Thanks for asking!

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