Sunday, April 1, 2012

haiku monday - sense

Rafael from over yonder at ramblings from my typer
is hosting this week's Haiku Monday .
The theme is sense.
As always all are welcome to participate.

Cradling my wee lass..
Puzzled, I caress her cheek.
Where did you come from?

Nefertiti had daughters.
However, I have sons ... 14 and 20.

This haiku is based on a dream I had last night
about cradling my baby daughter in my arms.
Upon awakening,
 I was actually startled to find that I did not have a baby daughter ...

 After i had my sons, I never specifically desired to have a daughter.
However, in order to balance the testosterone level in the house
I did bring in female furry beasts ...

here's the furriest of them all

in scenes from:

the secret life of under the dining room table..


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Lovely haiku. Flows effortlessly.

After we had 3 sons Mrs N got a female cat for 'company'. When we took it to the vet he said I have good news and bad news. The good news is the operation wont be as expensive as you thought.

lx said...

Maybe the dream is a premonition...

[dodges thrown ankh]

Boxer said...

I really love your haiku and then reading you have sons made it even more interesting. Great writing and Cosmo is right, the flow is smooth.

LOVE the visuals too. Happy feet!

Anonymous said...

That's very nice. Had kind of a dreamy quality even before you explained it's genesis.

Anonymous said...

love yr hike, u

am very careful now
about the cheeks i caress
as that stinging slap in the face
leaves me puzzling, where did you come from?!?

grrherhaha ha ha -- dogs :)

all best, foamie

× × ×


Rafael said...

I liked this A LOT!

Funny things about dreams, they often are premonitions and those about children are usually about the birth of something new. Perhaps not another child, but something is definitely brewing...hopefully that something is pretty and makes you smile with wonder!



foam said...

j cosmo newbery,
re cat: and not so invasive perhaps?
i always check.

perhaps of grandkids to come? better be several years before that happens is all i've got to say about that.
although, i could still get pregnant ... scary thought, that...
ps: now why would i waste a good ankh?

amazing what our brains can think of while we dream is all i can say .. :)
happy haiku, monday to you!

hey! thanks, man. since it was based on a dream i'm glad it had a dreamy quality then.

yeah, best to just limit yourself to the caressing of the female cheeks in your immediate family ..
well, perhaps eldery female relatives and nieces would be fine too.
and all the best to you too!

and really? the birth of something new? gah, lordy, i'm so ready for a change. you have no idea ...

Jean said...

It is extremely rare that I remember a dream. A shrink told me that means whatever the dream is, I'm not ready for it. Good grief.

The haiku is wonderful, Foam.
Your furry critter's pics made me smile. I have a terrible time getting Sparky to stay still long enough to get a decent pic... as you may have noticed from a recent post.

p.s. I love Rafa's dream interpretation.

foam said...

mostly, i don't remember dreams either. if they happen earlier during the morning i might though.
yeah, i saw your sparky 'behind' photos. i was rather tickled by them since most of my pet photos are like that too.

moi said...

Nicely done, and most definitely wistful.

I love the swish of dog tail, too.

Your haiku made me think of something. I don't have children, but I find it a little bit strange that at no point in my life that I can remember, have I dreamt that I did.

foam said...


i never started dreaming about children or babies until I actually became pregnant for the first time.
My first pregnancy came as a bit of a surprise .. :-)

dianne said...

Lovely haiku dear Foamy and so nice that it was inspired by a dream...dreams often stay with us after we are awake and can leave a lasting impression.
Love the photos of your little dog, I am so pleased that there is a balance with the male/female hormones in your household. :)
xoxoxo ♡

Shrinky said...

Awww, she truly IS the furriest of furries, isn't she?

That's a beautiful Haiku. I often glimpse one of my offspring, and ask myself, "Wow, how did you happen?"

We had two sons when I had the scan for my third child, and was told to expect another son - imagine our astonishment then, when Beccy popped out! (And then, of course, we went on to have Abby, too..!)

foam said...

thank you!
some dreams certainly do leave a lasting impression. There are a couple of dreams from my 'way back in the day' days that have left quite an impression and I still recall them. Most dreams, though, have come and gone without me apparently noticing.

i only have the two children and i sometimes wonder the same.
i cannot even imagine having four. or perhaps i could .. i can't imagine having to be pregnant and them birthing them all ... makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

Carol said...

Ah, I often dream of holding some baby who, in the dream, seems to be mine. I LOVE those dreams! I find it very tender that your dream was of a baby girl while you have sons in "real" life.

Sweet haiku.

X. Dell said...

I'll try not to make some lame joke about other hairy female beasts.

Not joking: that's a really nice haiku.

chickory said...

is that a great pyrennes? Happy Easter to the FOAM! xoxoxox

Hi Xdell! xo and Happy Easter!

Butterfly Mage said...

The clouds bring their rain
blessing from the sky descend
the trees were thirsty

Aunty Belle said...

Ah...I see granddaughters in yore future.

Very sweet, Foamy.

Happy Easter! ( I'se missed the Foamin')

X. Dell said...

Hope you had a great Easter to, Chicory.

Lol. With the nature of the cosmos as it is, I have a feeling Aunty Belle may be right.

foam said...

Boy, have I been remiss in answering these, very dear to me, comments here. I shall remedy that now!

Lez see..

Carol, maybe we have those dreams because we are mothers. My dream was sweet although I did find the baby awkward to hold. I had to keep setting her down.,
And what furry beast might you be referring to?

She does think she's the size of a great Pyrenees. She has a Giant attitude.

Lovely haiku. Thanks for displaying it here ...:)

Aunty belle,
Granddaughters would be fine. Grandsons would be fine ... However, all of those should be in the distant future. (and no grandchildren would be fine too, should they decide not to procreate.)
Glad you are back to blogging auntie.,
If she's right, it better be about a distant future ...
Good to see you out and about, btw. You've been missed.

puerileuwaite said...

Nefertiti would be a good stripper name.

dianne said...

Thank you for your comment today Foamy dear, kitty is still there on my sidebar, he is just a little further down...he is staying. The 'dancing in the rain' gif will stay for now but I don't know if I shall keep it.
It holds a little bit of symbolism at the moment. :)
Have a lovely weekend!
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

i understand, dianne. i hope you are having a nice weekend too.

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