Saturday, April 21, 2012

Haiku Monday and the wondrous images of Nick Pederson

Dusty mind grapples..
Look, look! Seek the clarity.
True Thusness beckons..

Amidst the mind fog...
The search for IT continues.
Is THIS not wondrous?

Our much beloved Chickory is hosting this week's Haiku Monday.
As a topic she has chosen not a word, but the images by Nick Pederson.
Click on Chickory's link to participate and
definitely check out Nick Pederson's site.
As always, all can participate.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Love the beckoning 'thusness'.

Carol said...

I enjoyed your haiku, Ms. Foam - especially the first one, but really both.

I am also happy to be introduced to Pederson's work and the concept of Sumeru. Tranquil, yet edgy.

foam said...

Hey, thanks, Newbery!

Oh, thank you, Carol.
I also enjoyed being introduced to Pederson's work. Tranquil, yet edgy is a very good way to describe his work.

Anonymous said...

that thusness
thertainly needth two readth...

cool poems, foam

cool pics

× × ×


foam said...

/ t.,
This thusness thoroughly thumps my sthpeeth too.

Boxer said...

We picked the same photo! :-) (the first one) I love that we're all using the same set of photos. Chickie had a good idea. This will be very interesting to see how they are interpreted. I love yours... "dusty mind grapples" is nice. Happy Haiku Monday!

Rafael said...


I LOVE these!

Beautiful imagery and passion. In both, you brought out something I originally did not see that now smacks me in the face.

You were missed last week, SO glad you're back--


Anonymous said...

Such a different look at the same images. You acknowledge the serenity. I had to explain the tiger. Both are part of the story. Edgy is a good term for the hari-kari before the moon. So high into the heavens his blood is weightless.

Nice job. (Thanks for the visit.)


foam said...

And a happy haiku Monday to you too! I think I liked this image that we both chose because I could never stand on a cliff's edge like that ... willingly, anyway.

Yeah, I don't know what happened last week . I seem to have lost it.... Literally as well as figuratively.

The tiger symbolism is cool. I liked your interpretation of it.

Rafael said...


Sorry to hear that. My mom seems to lose "it" all the time, too...funny how "it" usually means "me". Worse...? I keep forcing her to find me. HaHa!

Sending you some SMILES--


foam said...

Thanks! It's the normal .... "itstheendoftheschoolyearandistillhavesomuchcraptotakecarofplusallthisotherstuff" time. I only meant to post one of the gifs. Came as a surprise to me to find several had downloaded. I thought it was funny and it suits my current mood.

chickory said...

when i look at the pictures i dont see 'seeking" . i see flow of journey that unfolds effortlessly - like relaxing your eye into a magic picture where you have to go kind of cross eyed and blank to have the hidden image materialize. there never was a destination only the journey and grappling is the name of the game.

i really like the image of a dusty mind -perfectly sound but neglected in routine perhaps? polishable to shine.

#2 distilling it down to the core. very nice!

Thank you for playing!

X. Dell said...

Very nice, the verses. And the images are stunning. Your work, I presume?

X. Dell said...

Okay. Just read Chicory's blog. Fascinating images. The search for IT is an apt metaphor for an inward spiritual journey along the landscape of mind.

Aunty Belle said...

Pointed --an' I like it a lot.

The Thousand Fathom Wall woulda been mah pick too.PArtly because I think I see a hidden (magic eye) image in it.

Pederson is interestin'.

P.S. /t slays me.

Shrinky said...

Great haiku, foam, original and stirring (yup, that "thusness" does grab the imagination well). These are beautiful images, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

wow, great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Foam,

The Haiku Monday theme is up at

Come play.


Anonymous said...

aha haha ha

hey, foam... chuckling
at your new animation here :)

× × ×


foam said...


dianne said...

Sorry Foamy dear I just found this post...two wonderful images and your haiku/haiku's? are impressive, I love the 'thusness' that beckons in that vast space.
Your funny GIf's on your sidebar are great, I feel exactly the same when I am trying to prepare dinner sometimes, especially when all goes awry. :)
xoxoxo ♡

Pamela said...

Thanks for visiting me on my first day back. I've been hiding .. :)

I love Haiku - and have been known to write some clumsy efforts myself. However, right now I prefer to read everyone elses. Okay, the funny part of your Haiku, when I first read IT.. I thought you meant IT as in Information Technology. ha ha

laughingwolf said...

coolios, foamy :)

i'm back... new look, same old shit :O lol

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