Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Haiku Monday Winner

First of all, thank you all so much for participating and entering your wonderful haiku and visuals.  It was my great pleasure and honor to host this week's competition.

This is how the winner was chosen.   Having judged one of these competitions on my own before, I decided to choose an impartial judging panel.  Going bald by pulling out my hair while judging was just not an option anymore.  This carefully selected panel consisted of a businessman, a young musician and composer, a web designer and philosopher,  plus a literary executive with his feet both in the legal (jails bond) and historical realms (his words).   The important task of moderating this eclectic group fell to me.  

The panel was very impressed with all your entries.  With great enthusiasm each haiku was read, reread and discussed  extensively.   From harmonic waves, monks breaking the silence and cutting the cheese,  muzzling of the prophets, destructive, harrowing freight train sounds, silence at loves death and buried love seeds, a speaking moon, wall and broad and a nekkid gal, silent  submarines, hearts beating as one, stfu, rust colored deserts after a storm, gurgling tummies, cage's soundless symphony, Lenten silence and second born tykes, barks and chirps and hoo hoos, black silence of lava tunnels, the silence of departed souls .....  whew!!! ...... let me just say that they enjoyed them all.  Be glad I didn't offer them coffee during these discussions or they would still be at it.

And here is what you are anxiously waiting for .....

The top four haiku as chosen by the panel and in no particular order are:

Sound of a freight train
swirling mass of destruction
then there is nothing

Cage 4'33"--
Symphonic hands suspend chords
Of mute discomfort.

Harmonic waves flow
with power spectral density.
Silence or white noise?

The moon speaks to me
all the things I cannot hear
during the day's noise.

After further deliberation the panel finally chose


The moon speaks to me
all the things I cannot hear
during the day's noise.

as the winner for this week's Haiku Monday.    The simplicity of the language, the clear, yet subtle intent of Curmie's haiku appealed to all of them.

Congratulations Curmudgeon!  You now have the tremendous fun of hosting next week's Haiku Monday.

whew!  it's done ... time to party for a nanosecond before i hit the sack. 


czar said...

Foam: Excellent choice for the winner. And these days, an honorable mention feels like a win to me, yet without the pressure of judging the next week's contest. Heaps of gratitude on the panel -- and on the Foamsome one.

Karl said...

Good morning Foam,

Thank you for hosting and for the efforts of your fine panel of judges.

Congratulations Curmudgeon! Should make for an interesting weekend.

Black white line beauty
Foam's sensual sentry
Makes visits a treat

Curmudgeon said...

Ruh Roh. I was really mad at myself I got it wrong three times then. I did not expect to win. Thank, your panel of five.

puerileuwaite said...

If it brings joy to at least one curmudgeon, then it is worth it. Maybe this means I have one more front lawn to briefly visit, without a rolled up newspaper being angrily waved at me.

BlazngScarlet said...

Fantastic choice Foam & co.; y'all did a fine job.
Congratulations Curmudgeon on the win and congratulations to all the honorable mentions. =)

K9 said...

agree agree. Cur's was classic haiku in flow and thought. well done Foamy! Congrats to Curmudgeon!

Carol said...

Congratulations to Curmudgeon! That's one sweet haiku.

Thanks for your excellent moderation of the judges, Foam. And thanks to the judges. I bet you all had fun!

Jean said...

Excellent choice Foamy and crew!

Congrats, Curmy!!

Anonymous said...

Great job Curm and Foam!

Despite the edits, you got 'er done properly after all!

What a great idea to have a judging party with such an eclectic panel.

Fun this weekend for Curm!


moi said...

Hope your panel had a fun time judging! It is not an easy thing to do, that's for sure.

Congrats, Curm, on another splendid win. And the top four was indeed TOPS as well.

Boxer said...

Nicely done Foamy and thanks for putting in the company of some realy great Haikus. I had Karl and Curmudgeon as my top two picks.

they both flowed so nicely.

Congrats to Curm!

Curmudgeon said...

Thanks for all the kudos! Man those runners up must have really made your judges wrack their brains.

Thanks sooo much for hosting this week. I know how trying that can be.

I may as well divulge topic for next week now to give you time to percolate, even though I know no one will put them up till Sun.

CIRCLE, verb, noun, or adjective. Lots of latitude to make it easier.

Anonymous said...

oh, sure

i see how it is

you're awarding on merit

i never had a chance...

congrats anyway to the winners

× × ×


fishy said...

Kudos Curmudgeon
for writing
a beautiful haiku
experienced in every season
by those open to the possibility.
I loved it.

Congrats to the panel for earning their dinner! What was that exactly?
Was it..... foaming??????

foam said...

I took them out for dinner which was a foamless occasion with drinks consisting of water and sweat tea, fishy .. :)

Karl, what a lovely haiku for my little noodie stuck over on my sidebar. I drew her a couple of years ago, photoshopped her a bit .. and here she be since then!

/t. ... i'm always up for bribes ..

pug, life's a big and, at times, dangerous toilet for a little pug, eh?

Nice theme, curmudgeon .. oh, and congratulations again!

thanks all for the kudos to the curmudgeon and my judging panel!!
Without all the nice comments this. would not be so much fun.
See you all on the flipside of Monday at Curmie's with more circling haikus.

First, I'm going to do a meme between now and Monday. Curmie tagged me.

Rafael said...

Congrats Curm!

The moon certainly does have a way about it, HUH? Swoons the savage beast in all of us, without a single word uttered!


CHEERS, to you, FOAM! (and I'll take one for the ditch, please)


boneman said...

wait oh wait oh wait!
I did not mean to be late.
Reckon that's my fate.

Little Lamb said...

Congratulations on winnng!

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