Thursday, March 1, 2012

Haiku Monday theme and etc....

okay then ......  and I know it's Thursday and I said I'd post this on Friday, but I know for a fact that it's Friday somewhere...

Periodically, I enter a Haiku competition which several fellow bloggers participate in. It is called Haiku Monday. Last Haiku Monday was hosted by Karl who won the previous week. Karl picked yours truly as the winner for this week.   It is an honor to be picked since the competition is stiff. Participating bloggers have indeed turned into stellar haiku writers.

Part of winning, unfortunately, includes the supreme honor of hosting this upcoming week's Haiku Monday competition.   I get to pick a theme, a winner and the winner gets to put the very cool haiku badge on their side bar. Since I know ALL my fellow bloggers are anxiously awaiting the theme, here it is ....

Theme for this Haiku Monday: sea cucumber or sea slug... okay, just kidding ...
although the sea slug has inspired many, many Japanese haiku.

The real theme for this Haiku Monday is: SILENCE
(I can't recall if this theme has been done, but if so .. We will do it again.)

a silence haiku example of mine:

Gentle sephyr breeze...
Mountain meadow's grasses sway.
Blissfull, inner quiet.

My Haiku Monday rules: You may enter up to 2 haiku right here. Follow the 5, 7, 5 syllable count rule. I do count .. :) Seasonal references are not required. For those who are haiku clueless, there are several web sites that are decent how-to-haiku sites. Please let me know if you are 'up' at your site, especially if you have posted a visual. Deadline is this upcoming Monday, midnight EST. I will judge your haiku sometime Tuesday evening. Perhaps I can even get some family members to help in the judging.  I promise they are all literate and know how to count syllables .... I think.   Hopefully, I will be able to post the winner by Tuesday night.  So, on that note .....

Have fun!

Oh,  and here's something to counteract all that Silence .....

a little bit of funk ... and stay funky .. :)


lx said...

If the theme was sea cucumber/slug, you could make this a combo haiku and culinary throwdown!

BlazngScarlet said...

Great theme!
See you on Monday!

LOVE the music! =)

foam said...

Lx, it was very tempting to go the sea slug route as fas as a theme is concerned. A seas slug throw culinary throw down would. E interesting. I would have no idea where to purchase one.

Looking forward to it! See you then.

moi said...

"She picked up a tree . . . " Bwahahahahaha!

Man, I miss 70s funk.

Great theme. I'll have to think, thank, thunk on it . . .

See you soon!

dianne said...

A beautiful haiku Foamy dear, I can hear the meadow grasses softly swaying.
xoxoxo ♡

Pickleope said...

How is this the first
I have heard of the haiku
Contest? I shall win.

Anonymous said...




foam said...

And no doubt you will think, thank thunk a good one up. You always do.

Thank you, sweet Dianne. It would be nice to hear them right now. But presently I'm hearing the doodling background noises of n'awlins jazz, the humm of the fridge, the sounds of swords clashing (a son of mine is playing one of those video games.). ...

foam said...

Okay then! May the haiku battle to the death begin!

Aha, / t.
I was wondering if I would get a 'haiku' like this ... :)
Leave it to you, eh?

Curmudgeon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Curmudgeon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Foam,

With your intro on the theme, I could not resist this:

Sea Cucumber:

Undersea feeding
sea slug filters silently,
moving so slowly.

Visual at

troll said...

All is calm. All's well.
Lullaby of Broad and Wall.
Eye-of-the-Storm fools!

I'm UP!

Boxer said...

Sound of a freight train
swirling mass of destruction
then there is nothing

I'm up with a visual.

troll said...

Light/Noise discipline.
Tactical training.

Curmudgeon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
moi said...

Ah, still of the night.
Wait . . . what? Bark! Chirp! Creak! Hoooo, hoooo!
Silence, full of sound.

Happy Haiku Monday, good luck everyone, and happy judging, Foamy!

foam said...

Hey all, good entries so far.i

Your mountain haiku has 6 syllables at the end. Just sayin'..
I do like it. I too feel the everlasting silence of the mountains and the rocks when hiking.
Neat moon hAiku. I'd rather listen to the moon any ole day.
Loved your visual, btw.

Struck. ... Believe it or not, I had to google that. Hahahahhaa. You don't know how often I think that during the work day..
And you are spot on with your first submitted haiku.

Ga Lordy, boxer
Powerful especially with the visual.

Great visual and cool haiku. Actually, in the draft version of my blog I wrote about combining the sea slug and silence. I did actually research sea cukes and slugs. Neat critters, aren't they. I did read that some purr?

Moi, don't you just love the noise of silence though .... The many shades of silence.
(don't love the barking of my neighbors dogs though.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Foam,

Here is another from me.

Black Silence:

Christmas Eve blackness
in Ape Cave; all is silent,
except the lost mouse.

Visual at

Carol said...


You have inspired me. Offering two haiku for my very first time.

Rust-colored desert
sands rest after spring rainstorm.
Listen for its breath.

Blood pulsing through veins,
Wind in trees, belly gurgling.
I can't hear silence.

Visuals at:

czar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
czar said...

Cage 4'33"--
Symphonic hands suspend chords
Of mute discomfort.


Curmudgeon said...

Sorry I can't think this week. Maybe next week.

czar said...

Gethsemani monks
Break it seven times daily:
For Psalms. Birds help, too.


puerileuwaite said...

I thought Castor was in the oil business.

Anyhoo, you gave me false hope that Thursday was Friday, so I didn't show up for work on Friday. And now I am under pressure to make serious money with my Haikus.

Buzz Kill said...

Thought I'd play this week. I hope Karl doesn't go this route.

Two classes of ships,
Submarines - and their targets.
Run silent, run deep.

I have a visual over at the Buzzkill.

fishy said...

Lenten observance
stations of the cross Fridays
I hear heartbeats cease.

BlazngScarlet said...

Already some amazing entries!

I have 2 for this week ...but with the same undercurrent.

Buried way down deep
like seedlings under the snow
Love buds lay silent


No words left to speak
passions flame slowly dying
silence at loves death

I'm up ... with visuals

Rafael said...


So inspired, I actually did TWO!!

Silencing the lambs
By muzzling those that prophet
Teach your children well

Silence is GOLDEN
'Till your locked in air tight box
Can't hear the GOSPEL!

Come hear what I got @

Be blessed & WELL--


Curmudgeon said...

The moon speaks to me
all the things I cannot hear
during the day's noise.

Jean said...

when words die. when hearts
stop beating. when souls depart.
Silence takes life's place.

you won't see me or
hear me again. Be careful
asking for silence.

UP with visuals.

fishy said...

In silence I hear
internal voices ...advising.
Please! Guide me wisely.

First born babies sleep
in cool, silent, darkened rooms.
Baby Two, not so much.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

Looks to me like Boxer took the gloves off and she's going bare knuckles. Very powerful indeed.

Running a bit late. Please judge the first 2.

Early tranquil calm.
Broken by lovers embrace.
Two hearts beat as one.

Harmonic waves flow
with power spectral density.
Silence or white noise?

Under raging sea
Nuclear deterrent glide
Silent and unseen

Silversides motto:
I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.

Karl said...

I'm not sure what happened last line of the last one. Anyway it should be.

Silversides motto:
I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.
In silent service.

foam said...

Oh wow!! Look at all the additions since last night,
All awesome. Looks like I've found myself some folks to help me pick out a winner. Two college students ... Highly intelligent, very good writers. One is a haiku writer himself.
We will sit down together sometime tomorrow evening.
And in order for this to actually happen, I'm bribing them with food. Hopefully I'll be able to type something up tomorrow night.

foam said...

Yo pug ....
And I thought this morning was Sunday. I might have to find a job in the lucrative field of haiku writing myself.

foam said...

So, I think I visited everybody that has posted so far and left a comment. Anyway, I hope I didn't miss anybody.
Didn't leave a comment at czar's sine his site is a professional editing site. Did anybody visit the link to cage's silent moment? And the monks? I learned something new.

czar said...

@Foam: You can always leave a comment at my blog. All correspondence is welcome, work-related or not.

K9 said...

Im not even gonna enter because /t killed it.

congrats on your win last week and thanks for hosting.

foam said...

I just love it when we can blame everything on /t.

K9 said...

*quiet little grrrrrrherhahha*

Anonymous said...


You sure have your work cut out. Great idea employing a panel to help!

Good luck to the judge and contestants alike.


foam said...

A winner has been picked. Now I just have to feed the panel of 5 and come back and tell y'all about it.

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