Friday, December 23, 2011

if you see this particular fellow ...

and he says ho, ho, ho ...
there's something not quite jiggy with him..
s/he's a fake and just pretending to be 'with it'..

okay, i really, really do need to get jiggy with it
.... although i'm really not in the mood.


lx said...

Wishing you the best Christmas ever.

Silent Night

foam said...

you too, lx..
Klaus Nomi had an amazing voice!

Jean said...

The mood is slippery. However...

we can do it for a day.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Foam!

Carol said...

I hope you got your jiggy going (or if you didn't, I hope it doesn't matter)!

Have a fun Christmas!

Anonymous said...

the bestest
jiggiest christmas
ever to foam and foamettes

much love & joy to you and yours, foam

× × ×


Butterfly Mage said...

May you have a nice Christmas with people you care about.

Karl said...

Merry Christmas Foam,

Hope you get that jiggly groove going and have a great time.

X. Dell said...

Ha ha ha!

Or I guess I should say ho, ho, ho.

...not to cast aspersions or anything.

DeepBlue said...

Just jiggy-ing and jiggling by to say happy merry anything you want... Don't need to be in the spirit to say "I love you" to those we care about!

dianne said...

Merry Christmas dearest friend Foamy, I hope you have a lovely day, the best day ever with your loved ones and friends.
Sending you much love little sweet pea. :)
xoxoxo ♡

Curmudgeon said...

I'm pretty much with you mood wise.
Merry Christmas. I've been having probs with my blog. If you were going to enter a haiku. the topic is sweet and the post is right below my Christmas pics or if you hit older posts it will pop up. It's Christmas night here and I feel like a roadie for the trans Siberian orchestra. I'll be so glad when I have everything put away and cleaned up.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Wishing you a foamy Christmas and New Year...

chickory said...

gettin jiggy with the figgy. Merry Christmas foam!!! ride it into 2012 for a wild one. weeeeeee

Anonymous said...

I hope you are jiggy now so you can prepare to change to the new year dress. This is a very hectic time. And I must work the last days of this year. Sometimes I wish I was a teatcher.

Aunty Belle said...

Ho ho HO!!!
If I see him/her there's gonna be a hug.

Hope you Christmas day was merry an' full of fun , surprises and chocolate, maybe even champagne!

Pamela said...

is that big foot?

Hope all is well after the celebration!

foam said...

hey all!!

thanks for the merry, merry wishes!
it's been 3 good days of cheer with friends and family. and now it's on to looking forward to the new year!

ps: rolf, i would love for you to teach my classes .. :-) i teach ca. 900 students a week. ready? i doubt i could do your job, and if it makes you feel better, my husband is back at his job today too.

Anonymous said...

I can only manage to be a teacher at x-mas time and in the summer months.


foam said...

aha!! hahaha .. just as i thought .. :-)

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