Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"I just wonder if their parents know what they are doing.."  
  (Statement made by Mr Foam who rushed on by these dancing girls.)


Aunty Belle said...

ain't it sad--poor zombies.

Foamy, thanky fer sweet words about Granny--yes, grief is still ever-present.

And yore own? I knows ya miss yore Mama.

puerileuwaite said...

Shame on Mr. Foam for running out on those damsels in distress.

I of course would have freed them from their cages, taken them home, and carefully prepared them for introduction into society.

Sure it could take years, but this is the sacrifice I am willing to make.

And who knows? Perhaps this is exactly the type of "community service" that the judge had in mind in the first place.

foam said...

i do miss my mother, but it's been a year and 9 months since her passing. grief is a journey and i've gotten used to her being gone.

well, ya know..
mr foam is still trying to get me ready for society after all these long years. it's been tough and we see no improvement. so, good luck with these damsels. you will be in for the long haul. but,
i think you just might be the pug to deal with them.

Little Lamb said...

From what I understand it pays good money.

lx said...

Sadly, no one seems to be paying much attention to their performance.

Boxer said...

you what I always say when I see women doing this type of thing?

"somebody's Daddy didn't hug them enought".

This is NOT equality, btw. I'm sure what it is, but I know what it isn't.

However, great pictures. I like the colors.

X. Dell said...

(1) In some cases, the parents probably introduced them to the job.

(2) Interesting that this would be an image of Vegas that would weigh in your mind enough to photograph (probably secretly, if I know you). The images are neither as grand as your landscapes, nor as colorful as nature photos, nor as evokative as your self-portraits. I guess I'm curious about what you see (or saw) in this scene that made you want to snap it and post it here.

dianne said...

That was very considerate of Mr Foam to be concerned with the welfare of these girls ... though they do not look too distressed to me. :)
xoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about the sport, but as far as I'm concerned, a pole offers a great way to build some incredible strength and have a ton of fun at the same time.

Anonymous said...


a bit overdressed

but nice

foamie & fam,
hopin' yr autumn is warm & dry!

× × ×


foam said...

sorry folks for not commenting back sooner. i've been sinusy and goopy and headachey these past couple of weeks and now it's all nicely settled into a whopper of a sinus infection .. egh. anywho ..
lez see where i left off ..

little lamb,
perhaps it does. but based on conversations with a few bartenders there we found out that much of that money is frittered away on partying, drugs, gambling ...
this goes not just for the dancers but for many folks who work in the casinos .. and Vegas. (actually i have a relative who succumbed to that. not vegas, but off shore gambling boats).

nahh ... there was money to be gambled away after all. besides, they were not strippers, just dancers .. and they really didn't use the poles all that much at all. i don't think they necessarily knew how to.

i suppose in most cases it is freedom of choice. they were not strippers, btw. not in this venue anyway.,
1. there is always that possibility.

2. no, i didn't photograph these photos secretly at all. i did photograph them in a hurry though. they are true snapshots. mr foam was not in a mood to linger and watch. he kept moving on. i took many photographs in vegas. however, these are the only ones i took of inside a casino. it seemed "vegas", i suppose. the photo i really wanted to take was of this itty bitty elderly lady as she stood there with mouth agape and horrified expression as she watched these dancers. but i respected her privacy.

nah, they didn't appear to be too distressed. as a matter of fact i was quite surprised by his statement. if he was going to make a statement about them i was expecting one more along the lines of /t's down there lol .. (/t. cracks me up).

i don't mind pole dancing one bit. i think it could be fun and i've read it's a great exercise. in my youth i used to be able to climb poles and ropes (i never tried dancing on them though). don't know if i could still do that. haven't tried in years. however, a smokey casino doesn't seem a healthy place to exercise. plus, from what i saw these girls didn't really hang from the poles. in the top photo the girl is standing on a platform which went around the pole.

there ya go ..
believe it or not, i actually thought the same thing. just look at the bikini tops. mine were more revealing when i was their age. however, i never did do the thong thing. and i never danced in public like that for money.

it's still fairly warm but you can tell fall is in the air. it's drying out some. i ready for these tropical storm systems to move on through though.

Anonymous said...

So it is still permitted to smoke in bars and casinos in Las Vegas, then I will wait with my marathon there until the law is changed.

And it is not a good work situation for these girls. This world is such a sad place in many ways


Aunty Belle said...

Sigh...sinus?? Okaaaaay--other wise ya DO NOT HAVE A HALL PASS fer haiku monday.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Going 'round and around does not constitute 'rushing by'.

Anonymous said...


& yr still a looker(!)

with all of their silicone & plastic
many of these girls are effectively ageless... in time, though, they are prone to crumbling

× × ×


Anonymous said...

The tropical storm Katia has hit us, more powerful then expected.

X. Dell said...

I would have loved to have seen the elderly lady's response, but I applaud your discretion.

foam said...

i'm not sure they will ever ban smoking in casinos. the smoking is only in the casino areas though ..
wow, i never figured on katia making it all the way up to sweden. we had a wary eye on her for a while.

aww, i'm so sorry. this sinus headache infection thing really threw me for a loop. plus, i've still gone to work. i did try to think of a haiku when i came home from work yesterday. but, alas, i was overcome by a severe need to nap ... the next 10 hours. i do feel much better today.

it doesn't? it felt like rushing to me. and besides, we weren't going round and around although we did manage to get turned around in the casinos. so, maybe we were going round and around. and all that without being at the carousel bar.

oh, well thanks .. but a tall cool glass of foamy beer always tends to look ageless .. :)
perhaps these girls were just working the summer. maybe they are now back at university ... maybe ...

foam said...,
oops, didn't know we posted almost simultaneously here. and i suppose i'll always have the memory.

Billdalskolonin Kassören said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Smoking and totally naked girls are forbidden in Swedish casinos .

But losing money is okay.

Mo said...

Stag do was it?

foam said...

rolf, no smoking? wow!

mo, nope. just a regular friday night in a vegas casino.

K9 said...

foamy: hope you are feeling better! I had that dread cold on fourth of July. I love these pink photos! I like that you photographed it too - Vegas is like ten billion empty calories. one day it will blow up and disperse into the desert. lake mead cannot support it indefinitely!

foam said...

much better. i'm on the last bit of antibiotics. i know you had this. i thought of you when i was succumbing .. :)
"tour vegas in ruins" i can see it now. somebody is gonna make some money on that.

X. Dell said...

Hmmm. I was sick all of August. I'm wondering if I might have somehow gotten it from you or K9.

foam said...

nope, mine came along in september. i'm blaming my malaise solely on you, btw ...

Aunty Belle said...

finish yore recuperation in France--pack yore bags an' come along--ya need a change of pace. Better than antibiotics.

puerileuwaite said...

BTW, this is exactly the sort of mandatory intern exercise program I plan to institute when my company wises up and makes me CEO.

Shrinky said...

They do this in a CASINO? Blimey.

I have an iron-frame, four-poster bed which my two daughters once decided to teach themselves how to pole-dance on (eyes skywards). They didn't get very far, the whole canopy came crashing down on them, necessitating an urgent trip to the A&E dept.

Try explaining that one to the triage nurse..

Aunty Belle said...

Uncle requests the pleasure of yore Haiku on Monday September 26th.

foam said...

i do need a change of pace.
and i'm in with the haiku ..

i hope they wise up soon then.
you are such a clever and cute pug. you deserve all the happiness you can find ...
(i think something is wrong with me. that was a nice comment. let me try this again ... )
pug, admit it .... you just want pretty young dominatrix interns to take turns training and leading you around you on leash ... (well, that's slightly better)

lol ..... no rest for the weary when one has children, eh? and i'm thinking those triage nurses have just about heard it all now ..

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