Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lazy photo blogging .. althooooouuuuuuuugh ....

i did have to drive 20 minutes up the mountain, while ignoring a headache, so i could get these particular views ...

check out the cloud situation while estimating that I could hike about an hour before a storm blew in

over come a fear of hiking on my own ... (it's in general not a good idea to hike in remote places without a partner, but on this particular day,  the path was well traveled by folks of all ages. my primary fear, though, stems from having had encounters with unsavory creeps in both rural and urban settings.  my creep meter, luckily, didn't go off.) 

hike along narrow, rocky trails ..

keep a sharp eye out for nature happenings ..

realizing that I was spot on with my storm estimate and blaming this cloud cover on my slight lingering headache ...

drive into the storm while dealing with high winds, torrential, sideways rain, thunder and lightening.

some folks had pulled over, but i ventured on towards a mountain town which is also the location of an alma mater of mine.   i was hoping the storm would have already passed through there...

and i was right ....

 i walked along old familiar neighborhoods enjoying a crisp, cool breeze which cleared away the
rest of my headache.......

visited some friends who live in the woods (no photo), drove back down the mountain and collapsed on the couch  because my headache was coming back.

see what i go through for photos?  perhaps it's not lazy photo blogging after all.


Anonymous said...

Well done, hard work with headache.
Not to be called lazy photo blogging
Wonderful beautiful sceneries.
I wish I was there. Instead I had to go to my dentist. It cost me very much.

Anonymous said...

The nature film was extremly fascinating ...

foam said...


Thanks! This happened on the 18th of June. For several days I was afflicted with mild migraines. Luckily, headaches don't happen that much anymore. I know what you mean about the dentist. I had a couple of expensive trips this year myself .. sigh ..
Yeah, I thought the nature film was rather educational myself ..

xl said...

Thanks for taking us along on the hike. What beautiful country. I especially enjoyed the video of the bugs having the party on the white flower.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Glad you did! Thank you.

dianne said...

That's not lazy blogging dear Foamy, hiking is hard work especially with a headache ... the views and scenery are spectacular, the mountains are such lovely greens,the vegetation is so fresh and beautiful your photographs are wonderful, thank you for sharing...a beautiful post.
Those bugs were having a good feed of nectar from that white flower.
I hope your headaches have gone now?
xoxoxo ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Everytime I try to hike alone, I hear banjos.

foam said...

Thanks. And, yes, this flower certainly did have quite the party going on. The other flowers in comparison appeared rather bugless.

J Cosmo Newbery,
You are most welcome.

If I had been floored with a migraine I would not have been able to go. I actually do think it was a migraine due to the low barometric pressure that lingered in our area for several days a couple of weeks ago. My headache actually got better while I hiked.
I do think those bugs a type of pollinator.
Yes, the headaches have abated by now. Thank you for asking.

in that case i would suggest you run faster ..
however, it could be just a case of tinnitus.

Anonymous said...

beautiful scenes, foam

& hopin' yr headache is long past

× × ×


foam said...

thank you /t. i do live in a nice area .. despite intermittent banjos music .. :)
the headache is long gone. i don't get them that much anymore.

Boxer said...

Fabulous pictures. I love the green and dark clouds combined. Sorry for your headache, thanks for suffering to give us great photos.

This isn't lazy blogging, btw. :-)

foam said...

Thank you. it turns out it's not so lazy blogging after all. it takes a friggin' long time to upload these pictures.

Shrinky said...

If that's you being lazy, I'd hate to join you on an energetic day! The hike was well worth the effort, these are stunning shots - what a beautiful place, and I loved the video.

foam said...

you'd be amazed at how lazy i can be on days that i feel 100% well .. :)

Magia da Inês said...


Passei apenas para lhe dizer

Boa noite!!!

Seu blog é muito bonito e suas fotografias são super maravilhosas.

° 。✿ °° 。Beijinhos.
✿ °° 。Brasil

X. Dell said...

(1) Your friends really live in the woods? Off road? That's been my fantasy for a long time.

(2) Awesome photos. The landscapes are breathtaking.

(3) If I were walking alone in the woods, and in the distance I heard a banjo and guitar playing off of each other, THAT's when my creep meter would go off.

(4) Sorry to hear about the headache. You're hardier than I am. I'm completely useless with a headache.

foam said...


Ola amiga. Bom dia! E obrigado.


1. They sure do. Off road and all, meaning in order to visit them I drive along a narrow, winding mountain dirt road, get off onto an even narrower dirt road which climbs a bit further up the mountain. It's awful getting off that one during winter months.
2. Yes, thank you. The landscape is very scenic around here.
3. Why with a guitar and banjo?
4. I'm mostly useless, but I was determined that day.

X. Dell said...

In response to your response on my response vis-a-vis item 3.

boneman said...

well, no worries about that, gal

I'll do some lazy photoblogging enough for three or four of us.

foam said...

oh, that's right .. i've actually never seen the movie but i've seen this scene, of course. and living in the south i've heard my share of hillbilly jokes and deliverance jokes. so, duuh on my part .. :)

i'm at the beach, btw ... slow internet connection here.

foam said...

whew! that makes me feel better .. ;)

HLiza said...

Love trail-walking with you as always! And boy those insects are really awesome..

Boonie S said...

Wonderful photos. It all looks so enchanting.

All the best, Boonie

Chris Benjamin said...

seems to have been well worth the effort though. gorgeous shots.

K9 said...

anything but lazy! gorgeous photos. and a nice valentine to OUR corner of the world although -God in heaven this humidity is getting old. Loved the film - macro insectia is among my favorite subjects. just wonderful Foam. Im surprised the hike didnt heal the headache...it was a good instinct it would have worked had it been winter. a massage or a big ass steak can be helpful next time.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Out here in remote places you are more likely to be eaten by pumas, bit by almost everything else or have an unpleasant close encounter with some of the local plant life.

In one of the towns up North one woman was just mauled by a black bear. Have to pack critter repellent when you are out in the wilds.

I love the photos and am oh so jealous of all those trees.

moi said...

I could watch insects forever. Except when they invade my hummingbird feeders. Then, it's war.

Beautiful shots and so lush and green. Send some of that moisture my way!

Aunty Belle said...

Wahta hike!

Lovely photos, Foamy.

Hope yore summer is shaping up as ya hoped.

Karl said...

Insect one: Pollinating, Pollinating, Pollinating.

Insect two: Mating, Mating, Mating.

Insect one: You done yet?

foam said...

hey thanks! i love taking my blogging mates on hikes with me .. :)

it can be enchanting as long as you don't get into any poison ivy which can also grow along these trails.

yes, thanks, i was glad i made the effort. :)

the hike actually did help my headache! the problem was that it came back as soon as i was back down the mountain .. :) i'm actually finding that a red bull helps with this kind of headache. i hate red bulls! lol .. but they seem to work.

the wildlife can definitely be a concern. my friend who lives in the woods not to far from this hiking area has had bears on her front porch.

yes, i like watching bugs too .. as long as they don't invade my house or want to sting me.

yes, the summer is shaping up quite nicely. i've been to the beach twice, been able to hike and am getting ready to go to las vegas next week for a few days. i like to be out and about although i'm not looking forward to air travel.

in see insect 1 is getting impatient in this scenario. that is probably due to the fact that she is ready to devour insect 2 after their mating ritual. (i think .. i don't really know.)

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Foamy, thought I'd pop over here to answer the question you left me. Deadline for the Culinary Smackdown is this Sunday (July 31). Hope you'll check it out!

Aunty Belle said...

LV?? WOW.....if ya win big, youse on deck to host the mega bloggie summit!

I wanna go up an' down them stone steps....

Happy to hear yore summer is swell.

foam said...

mayhaps i'll participate .. :)

There's just one problem with winning big. I don't gamble .. :). I'm accompanying Mr Foam on a business trip.
Those stone steps will give you a mega workout besides having to step carefully.

Anonymous said...

No vacation for the busy mr Foam?

foam said...

rolf, well, we went to the beach a few weeks ago, but other than that he's not taken a break.

dianne said...

Just stopped by to say hi dear Foamy and decided to have another look at these fabulous photographs.
Hope you are well and no more headaches!
xoxoxo ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Got to see God touch the mountains and make them smoke, very nice...

foam said...

Hey Dianne,
Thanks for dropping by again. It's always nice to have a visit from you.
I've been doing real well with the headaches. Most of the time I know to nip them in the bud .. :)

Phos, Ya .. isn't that a great special effect?

Butterfly Mage said...

I think the picture of the stone staircase is my favorite. You are such a good photographer. :)

The Lady Prism said...

♡*❀• .¸¸.*¨* •.¸♡❀°˚♡❀
Hello Foamy,

That was truly pretty and made me feel like I took the hike myself. Soaking in how peaceful it must have felt to be walking alone and seeing all that lushness.

I luv' the last pic most dearly and enlarged it to take a peek at the art store quietly tucked away there. :)

I scrolled through the other posts below and played on the "blustery" video where I could hear the marriage of rain and the wind rattling on, and everything seems so spine tingling cold. Shocked though to see the tops of some of those majestic trees bereft of leaves. I can't imagine something like that happening where it is when everything looks so fresh and clean and pure. At least, there's no illegal logging.

We have mountain places over here that look similar, except, very sadly, they are never quite safe from tree murderers.

foam said...

butterfly mage,
thanks. i like the stairs too although climbing up and down them can be kind of tricky .. :)

the lady prism!
good to see you here :-).
I liked the last photo too. The stairway that is in the last photo actually leads to a house that is an art gallery. The good stuff hangs there. That Art Walk that you see tucked away can have commercial to mediocre stuff I've found. Unfortunate, but that's my take on it. The road in front of the Art Walk store is the main road that leads through town. It can get fairly busy and was relatively busy on this particular Saturday.
Yes, it is too bad about some of our trees that are in the higher elevations in the mountains. Their environment is already so fragile that any kind of man made pollution or natural pest can really damage these trees.
I'm sorry that you all have tree murderers. I remember you posting about that a while ago on fb.

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