Sunday, July 3, 2011

don't burn yer fingers .... this July the 4th weekend.

Tomorrow is July the 4th, Independence Day in the USA.

I want to take the opportunity to wish everybody in the USA a Happy July the 4th.

A word of warning from the experienced ....
Don't burn your fingers on sparklers!  It could happen. Trust me on that.
(I know, I know ... I live dangerously). 

If you are not in the USA, I wish everybody a Happy Rest of Sunday and a Happy Monday!  (We all need that, don't we.)

 By the way, you can also burn your fingers like this too!

This masterpiece of micro cinematography was taken just this last Saturday.  No, that's not Mr Foam.  It's not my birthday cake either.  Mine would have to have a much, much,much, much, much, much, much, much higher number on it.

Anyway, here's another masterpiece from last Saturday. 

Y'all come back now, y'hear?


xl said...

Happy 4th!

Been watching the Women's World Cup? I have been enjoying the extra sights around Germany that I have visited. Like Berlin Olympic Stadium and the castle at Heidelberg. Sehr gut!

foam said...

No, not at all! I was busy making a potato salad. We are getting together with family in just a wee bit.
I've been to West Berlin once in the early 80s before the wall came down. I've had opportunities to visit
Heidelberg on a number of occasions. It's a lovely city.

Anonymous said...

aha ha ha ha
great vidis, foam

well, happy 4th celebrations
to foam and all american friends

watch yr fingers :)

× × ×


foam said...

The 4th is really just another day in this house. My husband will be working as usual. We might watch the fireworks later.

Boxer said...

Happy Happy safe and sane 4th to you and yours, Foamy! Potato salad was the thing my Dad always made on the 4th and I think I may make one tomorrow..... because... it's the 4th. :-)

HLiza said...

Doesn't matter if you don't kbow the steps..just clap your hand, shake your body and hug! hahaha..cute tots!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yeah, happy 4th.

foam said...

I rarely make a potato salad but when I do I wonder why I don't make it more often. I don't use mayo, btw.
Happy Independence Day to you too!

Yeah, tots can be cute. I had no idea they were going to be on the dance floor when i started shooting the video.

J Cosmo,
Ya, thanks. Hope you have a great 'rest of your Monday' too.

dianne said...

Happy 4th of July celebrations dear Foamy!
The birthday cake decorations looked lovely, gotta watch those candles though and I liked the video of the band, must have been a fun day.
xoxoxo ♡

K9 said...

have a happy 4th foamer!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh I luv that dancin'!!

Happy Fourth, Foamy!!

moi said...

I love how little children are totally unselfconscious.

Happy Fourth and enjoy your celebrating!

foam said...

k9, hey .. :) yeah, I'm hoping your having a good one too.

glad you enjoyed the dancing. there was even some square dancing and slow waltzing going on. and some very talented youth did some mighty find clogging too.

yeah, i know. if we were that unselfconscious though we'd come across as slightly loonie though .. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice dancing scenes.
And btw I want to eat your potato salad. I don't like potato salad with mayo.

foam said...

I agree. Mayo potato salad can be yucky. Here in the south many folks i know put way toooo much mayo on potato salads.
The dancing was fun. There was also a bit of square dancing going on.

puerileuwaite said...

I'm not sure I prefer the small country town version of Chuck E. Cheese.

foam said...

:D you don't? lol .. that doesn't surprise me. well, i suggest then that you continue to take your multitudes of grandkids to chuck the cheese.

Butterfly Mage said...

Well... my July 4th left something to be desired. I was run off the road by rednecks who, after forcing me onto the shoulder, rolled down the window and yelled "faggot" at me. Of course, they were brave enough to try to make me wreck my car, but they weren't brave enough to get out and face me. Go figure, eh?


foam said...

butterfly mage,
that's awful! I loath and despise people like that ..
nonetheless, i hope you managed to find some quality time with doug that weekend.

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