Thursday, June 16, 2011

My 3 day solitary outing to the beach ....

A blustery roar ..

Beach breeze crinkles hair

Waves lap at my feet

I really felt the need to get away by myself.
At 10 o'clock Tuesday morning I made reservations
at the beach.  Two hours later I was heading east.
After a torturous 5 hour and 45 minute drive,
during which I took only two 5 minute breaks,
 I finally arrived at the beach.
Goodbye hills and mountains, hello surf and sand...

  Feeling a desperate need to stretch my legs
I started on one of my notoriously long beach walks.
However, I didn't get very far at all .. ca. 50 yards ...

No proper foam can resist a sign like this!
It was time for beer and food.

The shrimpburger was over salted
but the foamless ale hit the spot.

When at the beach I don't just sit
in the sun all day.  I like to explore.  Here are
some random photos..

The big cannon being readied to be shot at the fort.

beach things ..

some kind of line around this poor birds foot..


fort ..

 bar ..

It turns out a person I knew but had never physically met was also at the beach ...

 The Mayden (see previous post)

We drank wine and chatted for a few hours.  Were your ears burning?
No worries. T'was all good.  However, much of our conversation
was about the caring of elderly parents.  As a matter of fact,
that is what she was doing at the beach .... helping out her in-laws.

Here is a photo of Mayden and Foam .....  feet, that is .... :

Karl seems to have thought or hoped that perhaps there was a  topless pillow fight involved.
Alas, that seems to be the domain of other female bloggers who meet up at times.
Since this was our first date, we left it at the 'footsies in close proximity' stage.
Another friend (not from the cyber world) also ended up being at the beach.
He was visiting an old college roomie of his who
resides there.

Dining on a softshell crab sandwich with my friend.
This friend also met the Mayden and now they
are fb friends which just cracks me up for some reason.
 I did meet my friend's college buddy and 
spent a delightful hour or so on his backporch.

I had a good time during my outing
which turned out to be not so solitary after all.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer ... or winter ...



Anonymous said...

luv luv luv
your "hair day" pic!

and it would have been a shock to the system and natural order of things to learn that you passed by a cold beer sign without stopping... sheesh ;)

fine photoessay, foam -- makes me itch to get out to the country with the old camera -- soon, i hope

× × ×


foam said...

i highly recommend getting out and about. it's good to have a change of scenery at times.

ya, of course i couldn't resist a cold beer sign especially since i got to sit on the pier with an ocean view too!!

and to think my hair looked like the whole 3 days there... :)

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Thanks so much for sharing the sights and sounds of the beach! This landlocked midwesterner appreciates it :)

foam said...

ah, yes .. being landlocked. well, that's better then being in a headlock (sorry, couldn't resist).
you know, it occurs to me that i've never lived anywhere where there wasn't a coast and i've certainly lived in a variety of places!

Jean said...

I'll be doing my own (but solitary) weekend at the beach Friday and Saturday. I can hardly wait! I decided to give myself a treat and get away from the house. I'll be driving less than 10 miles to get to the hotel.

Great photos, Foam. They reminded me that I have NO flip-flops....yikes.

dianne said...

Foamy dear it was lovely to see the photographs of your 3day beach outing. I hope the temperature was warm despite the blustery wind? I like to walk along the beach and explore and walk in the surf along the shoreline.
I am so pleased that you met up with Mayden and some other people as well
and had a good time ... and yes the fresh sea air does give one an appetite. :)

xoxoxo ♡

X. Dell said...

(1) See, I'm used to seeing pictures of Mayden's face, not her feet. I think you might get her to adopt a new practice.

(2) The food looks much better than it sounds. And beer is always good. But no cider?

(3) I've never seen moving mollusks before.

xl said...

Why were the little clam things out of the water?

Poor gull with the string on its leg. :(

Thanks for taking us on your beach excursion and all the nice pix! It is always nice to wander around near the ocean.

foam said...

Solitary excursions are good. I had expected this excursion to be solitary too. It is when I put out fb feelers that I found out that friends were in the vicinity.

foam said...


the temperature was very warm. it was quite perfect actually. and i like a breeze at the ocean. walking along the beach is one of my favorite things to do. i've met 2 bloggers in the 6 1/2 years i've been blogging.
they've both been positive experiences so i can only recommend it right now.,

ah, she's posted a few footsies photos before. the concept is not completely new to her. she is so photogenic though. i like seeing her face online.

the soft shell crab sandwich was quite good. it was not over salted, crunchy on the outside and tender where you want it to be.

the topic of apple cider actually did come up between mayden, my friend and I. I couldn't recall the name of the cider that you like though ... woodpecker cider? now it comes to me, i think.

foam said...


the little clam things were out of the water because they had attached themselves to a pier post that was originally under water. when and how the pier post detached itself from the rest of the pier is pure speculation. these little clam thingies live now like a rolling stone ..

i know, poor gull .. it broke my heart. it looked so dejected. :(

SJ said...

With a back porch like that who needs a house... well I guess you do to keep dine, cook, clean, sleep, excrete etc... but you know what I mean.

foam said...


conceivably one could do all that on the back porch too ... except the excrete part, of course.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos.

This reminds me of that I have not yet been bathing in the sea this year. Maybe I can change it this weekend.

foam said...

thanks! go get yourself out to the sea then!!

puerileuwaite said...

I made reservations for the beach once. Then when I arrived, I found out that my table was right next to the pier and the waitress was a crab. I did not leave a good tip.

Why were they firing a cannon at the fort? I thought that matter was settled almost 150 years ago.

foam said...

the cannon shot? i do believe they were shooting at a rogue pug in the inlet area. this pug was found stalking and molesting seabirds and sundry other marine life. i tried to get a photo of him myself but he snarled and threatened to hump my leg. i left in a hurry.

Boxer said...

I love this post. I love how you took yourself to a place that makes you happy and found time to meet up with Blogger Mayden. I had a shrimpburger for the very first time just last month when I was in ATL. Wow! They are crazy and good.

I think my favorite picture is the one with your feet in the water. Is it warm? Did you find beach glass?

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Love this post. The moving mollusks look a little creepy, LOL.

moi said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure, but girl, those clams are going to give me nightmares. And I want to reach back in time and free that poor bird, even if it is a gull (which also give me nightmares).

foam said...

Yeah, sometimes you just gotta make it happen and i did with this trip. A shrimp burger can be good if they are not too salty. Their are not good for cholesterol levels, but, heck .. i hardly eat anything deep fried anymore.
I did not find any beach glass, but i do collect it if i do find it. the water was not too warm but also not bone chillingly cold.

the mollusks would have been creepy if they had been large. they were ca. 1cm in length.

no worries .. lol .. those wee mollusks were not very big at all, just about between a 1/4" to 1/2". ya, poor bird, right? it was a big bird too. i didn't feel that i could help and there was nobody around.

Anonymous said...

If I ever will see you IRL I will recognize your feet, and of course your sense of humour

foam said...

when you first posted 'IRL' in a previous post, i had to look that up .. lol ... i'm not always good with acronyms.
i will know i've met you IRL when i see a fit swede standing on his head .. :-)

Ruela said...

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HLiza said...

Wow wow wow..what a good thing meeting cyberfriends! I wish I'm there..I will do the same thing like you on the beach..but our beach doesn't have birds or forts..just kilometers of long, serene sand and waves and foams..I love to imagine the softshell crab sandwich..must be yummy!

chickory said...

awesome awesome! fun to meet bloggers isnt it? and when exactly are you coming to chickory? (hint: fall) bummed about that gull - that schizz can trouble me for days. loved the video, the pix and your funny take on it all.

foam said...

Thank You!! :-)

i'm glad you had foams out there. i do hope they behaved themselves though since that may not always be the case.

yes, i'm thinking a chickory trip is definitely on my agenda for this year. yes, i understand about the gull. it bothered/bothers me too.

Anonymous said...

I did know something you didn't know!

I don't feel so very fit all the time. I feel rather weak and i must therefore exercise so I not shall break down totally and imediately.

foam said...

trust me on this .. compared to other 50 plus people you are very fit ...
but i know what you mean about falling apart.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs friend- and an ode to you :) I so hope we'll catch up at the coast again soon, but this time I will drive to YOU :)

foam said...

I saw! You are so sweet. I will be at the coast again in a couple of weeks .. the one that I mentioned. It might be kind of far though.

Aunty Belle said...

Yore hair is hilarious artwork--an the foamy dress--HI MAYDEN!!--

what an outing ya' had--the bluster? sounded like gale force winds!!

Never had a shrimp burger--looks good despite the salt...and I could settle in at the college friend's back porch--a fella wif' a back porch is natural fer Aunty. heh.

But seriously, happy ya carved out a few days to be off duty. Even when it ain't as solitary as ya planned, jes' bein' off duty is restorative.

I like the way yore mind works, Foamy.

Boonie S said...

Great photos. Lovely post. I'm pleased that you enjoyed your solitary day.... Thanks for this post.

All the best, Boonie

foam said...

yes, the wind, salt and sea really makes for some very interesting hair days at the beach .. :)
the shrimp burger could have been decent if not over salted. it tasted like salt, but i was starved.
and, yes, it was good to get away, especially on my own to the beach. it's something i had wanted to do for a looooooong time.

foam said...

Thank you, Boonie.
Yes, I did enjoy my solitary' outing very much. All the best to you too.

Shrinky said...

Oooooooooooooooh, such a wonderfully roaming spirit to simply up-sticks and take off on little more than a whim and a longing - I envy that so! It looks to have been well worth the effort, nothing short of balsm to the soul.. (sighh)

What a beautiful post.

foam said...

Yeah, it's the summers that I can live a bit more on a whim. Plus, the other inhabitants of the house were gone. Why stay home I thought?

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Pardon my tardiness. A good topless pillow fight is always an anticipated treat. Alas the reality tends to leave one wanting. Your post however, is quite gratifying in that, we have a voyeur's view, of what looks like a truly fine time.

foam said...

that's funny .. i just never anticipate pillow fights. i think they must be an urban legend or bedroom legend or something like that.
now frolicking in the hay .... that is another matter. unfortunately just thinking of those days makes me sneeze now ..

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