Thursday, June 9, 2011

foam reflections ... with a mayden twist ...


X. Dell said...

I heard about this long-awaited face-to-face last night. Hope you two had a good time, together. It looks as though you did.

foam said...

yeah, she told me that she had emailed you. we had a great time ..
of course, it's the mayden. anybody would have a great time with her.

xl said...

Nice shirt, Foam!

Boxer said...

you met Mayden? As in the first time? How fabulous is THAT!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

We had an awesome time! And of course we was Foamy! :) After over 5 years of blogging together we finally met- and met at one of my most favorite places in NC ♥ Hugs friend- and thank you for the wonderful visit!

Anonymous said...

raised high(!)

ah haha ah ha ha ha
haha aha ha ha aha haha haha ha ha ha ha

well, here's to mayden & foam & lovely mystery guest

× × ×
  × × ×
    × × ×


dianne said...

That is such a lovely, reflective photo dear Foamy ... how exciting, I am so pleased that you and Mayden finally met face to face and had a great time together. :)

xoxoxo ♡

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

How cool is that??? It looks like you had an awesome time.

K9 said...

great composition! and i love the subjects. both of you! so glad you had the time together!

moi said...

I've had nothing but good times meeting fellow bloggers. Sounds like you and Mayden did, too. Yay!

Jean said...

oooooooooohh a blogger partayyyyy.
Veddy nice photo, too!

foam said...

thanks, xl!! it's a favorite of mine!

yes, I met mayden for the first time. And she is only the 2nd blogger I've met in the 6 1/2 years I've been blogging.

It was such a pleasure meeting you, especially at one of your favorite places .. :) And we just have to do it again!!

toast!!, prost!! cheers!!! salud!!! etc, etc. adinfinitum!!!!!
What mystery guest ?

Yes, we had a great time together!! I knew we would. And if we ever have a chance to meet I know we'd have a lovely time together too!!

we did. we surly did .. :)

your next!!! .. :) sometime in the next 5 years or so .. :) just kidding. hopefully sooner.

yeah!!! a mini blogger party for sure!!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

How neat, the two of you had the opportunity to get together. Folks talk about having a blogger summits and I think it would be a really fun thing to do. Although I suppose you run the risk of the chemistry not being right and losing a friend. Glad it turned out well.

By the way, where are the topless pillow fight pictures?

Oh wait, that was another blogger summit.

Anonymous said...

lovely mystery guest
on this side of the looking glass

am guessing... alice... or perhaps a mayden's beauty ;)

( pic, foam)

× × ×


foam said...

It was neat and not really planned. I've gone to this beach relatively often with family and friends. This is Cora's favorite beach and she has family down here too.
The chances that our visits would eventually coincide one year during the summer were pretty good. I've been blogging with Cora for over 5 years. We've talked on the phone at times. Chances were good that we would hit it off in meatspace too .. :) (She is extremely easy to get along with).

ahhhhh ..well duuuhhh to me .. lol..
or alice ... :-)

boneman said...

Can't you hear your cell phone ringing in your purse?
(as in, maybe it's Mayden calling you while you're taking the picture to tell you to not take her picture till she brushes her hair....oops.

too late

Shrinky said...

Awww, sweeeet! I too met up with a fellow blogger this week - cool, isn't it (grin)?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Great when you can manage it. Happy thoughts to and for both of you.

Boonie S said...

This looks like great fun.

All the best, Boonie

foam said...

Thank you, Cosmo. Good to see you out and about. I hope you are well.

It was great fun! .. :)

foam said...

i thought i responded to shrinky and boneman's comments ..
anyway, here goes,

we had just come in from spending a few hours chatting and drinking vino on my hotel room balcony when she received a phone call from .. well, i can't remember. the photo was a spur of the moment thing when i noticed our reflections in the mirror .. :)

it is cool! and it looks like ya'll had fun too!

Anonymous said...



Intuitive Eggplant said...

Great photo, and it sounds like you had a marvelous time! I haven't met any other long-distance bloggers face to face yet, but you all inspire me so much, it's only a matter of (vacation) time until I figure out a way to make that happen :)

foam said...

intuitive eggplant,
considering how long i've been blogging i've only met just two bloggers. both times have been good experiences. so, based on that i can only recommend it. mayden lives just 3 hours from me. it's amazing that it took us this long to meet.

Anonymous said...

Three hours of walking or running?

foam said...

rolf, .... lol .... ca. 3 hours of driving ...

puerileuwaite said...

I just visualized Mayden talking to someone who was having a picture taken of them through a mirror, and I completely freaked out.

Ruela said...

oh oh ! Nice!

foam said...

uh oh, pug! i hope i didn't accidentally make you piddle on the floor!
it's great to see you out and about, btw. you should do it more often .. :)

thank you, ruela :-)

aaack!! i forgot to answer your comment. i'm not leaving anybody out here on purpose. my brain is on vacation.

Pamela said...

I dream of meeting some of my long time blogging friends.

But... have nightmares that I might disappoint them.

foam said...

yeah, i used to have those misgivings about disappointing fellow bloggers. but i figured, i is what i is ... can't do much about that.

laughingwolf said...

for shame, not serving foamy stuff! :P lol

foam said...

well, i had that in the fridge .. but sometimes a nice glass of wine hits the spot too. :-)

dianne said...

Foamy dear, I really like the title of this post!

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

thanks! you know, this picture was taken, instantly downloaded and posted all while the mayden and i were still visiting.

Aunty Belle said...

she looks jes' the same--lovely lovely chile'

foam said...

yes, i've always thought she was very lovely.

Curmudgeon said...

Apparently you're not all foam. I'm a fan of anyone outdoors. I climbed eight of the Saguache fourteeners.(mountains over 14,000 ft) Mt.Elbert kicked my tail finally. I love the mist in the deadfall at treeline in the morning. I never used to go with anyone either. It's better that way. I always took a beer to the top, half a beer is like having five drinks at that altitude. I think your hike was prettier than mine, but not as beautiful.

foam said...

oh my .. it's been ages sine i've hiked that high .... err ... mountain heights i mean, of course. they would definitely kick my hiney ...

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