Monday, May 2, 2011

festerin' .....

On sunny hillside ..

Blue skies ain't wasted no more.
Eat a peach, Waybacks!


Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Wayback indeed;)

The kid covering his ears is a hoot.

foam said...

Good evening Karl,
Yes, he is a hoot indeed. They left soon afterwards too.

moi said...

Inspired by an actual musical event! Way cool.

Who goes to a music fest and expects it NOT to be loud? Sheesh.

Aunty Belle said...

Well, now, we see the REAL Foamy!

Heh...which head wuz yores?

foam said...

yes, some of the shows this weekend were extremely loud. most of those i watched from a good distance away. however, some were not that loud. i prefer it that way.

foam said...

i'm down yonder. .. 3rd row from the bottom. look to your left and you'll see me waving .. ;).

Boxer said...

Wow. You went above and beyond. I love it when Haikus are inspired by events in the life of the Haiku writer. Nicely done!

puerileuwaite said...

I suppose we would never have hay if we didn't have seeds.

Anonymous said...


aha haha ha ha

and we did catch that foam flash (x2)...

eat a peach, for duane

× × ×


Shrinky said...

Now that's what I call finger-pickiin' magic - wow, sparks must have been flying from his guitar on that tune! What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Devin said...

Hi Foam!!
the kid coverin his ears was a hoot indeed-I hope you and your family are doing great!!

SJ said...

That was peachy!

chickory said...

you know, in Karaoke, i do dicky betts' voice. but enough about me how about that merlefest! Who was covering the allmans in this video? Duane's slide style really hasnt been replicated. and it shouldnt be. great haiku! good luck and happy HM!

xl said...

hehe! Excellent!

Foam self-portrait!

dianne said...

Beautiful blue sky and green trees, I love outdoor concerts on sunny days ... very nice 'flash' photos of you Foamy girl!

xoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Some foam in that video ;-)

Never go to a concert without earplugs.

But good music and nice weather
I wish I was there

Over here it was snowing today

foam said...

thanks. i initially thought i wouldn't play this week because i couldn't think of a music related haiku .. :) but, then i realized i had plenty of inspiration to choose from .. :)

yup, that certainly is true. although, in my case i started out as a hayseed and managed to apparently stay a hayseed .. :)

i'll eat a peach for duane. i have no problems with that whatsoever. don't know if i'll make it down to georgia to eat that peach though.

indeed, it was a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon. that night i even got to listen to lyle lovette too.

foam said...

always good to see you! yes, the child humored me too .. lol ..
and we are doing well. i hope you are too.

peachy, indeed .. :)

dickey betts voice? now, that would be something to hear .. :) and you know what? i can actually imagine that. do you wear your cowboy hat too?
and who was doing the cover? why
The Waybacks of course!! hahahahaha .. :-)
who's the waybacks?

The Waybacks

foam said...

well, it's not really supposed to be a self-portrait. initially i had no intentions of posting this here on blogger .. :)

thank you! the weather was perfect. and just what we needed after all the horrible weather. just a wee bit of foam ... nothing special ..

snow! yikes. i think we are finally beyond that. now, if we can just avoid further tornadoes.

foam said...

Thank you .. :)

Intuitive Eggplant said...

What a treat, foamy! Both the licks and the blue skies (something we haven't seen for far too long). And an excellent haiku.

Chicky karaokeing Dickie Betts voice, eh? My blogger buddies never fail to intrigue me :)

Aunty Belle said...

Checkin' in--hopin' to see ya puckerin' up (Haiku theme)

Pamela said...

crowd was so nice. I went to a Bonny Raitt concert and the people around us were just rude rude rude

Mariana Soffer said...

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Best regards<

Boonie S said...

Way cool post! Thanks for sharing.

All the best, Boonie

Little Lamb said...

Nice pictures!

foam said...

thanks eggy. i hope some blue skies have come your way since!

i did .. :)

that's cause they were probably drunk.
there's no drinking at this festival .... officially, err ..that is .. ;) if ya do get in the cups you still have to act sort of sober .. lol.

foam said...

yes, i did go visit and comment. extremely interesting post!

thank you!
all the best to you too.

thanks, LL .. :)

Aunty Belle said...

Flyin' by to see how ya be. Somethin' MUST be new since that last post--if only the grass is higher.

foam said...

auntie, the weeds definitely are much higher. it's been incredibly hectic and busy at work lately. it's been leaving me a bit drained... but i'll get over it.

dianne said...

Foamy dear, I hope you are not working too hard but I know that is easier said than done, just concerned for your health sweet girl, so take care.

Any particular reason why you have grown that enormous 'stache?

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

/t.'s fault .. :-)

foam said...

but as you can see i've hid the stache behind my suds again.

Jean said...

Can we expect some celebrating once the school year is done?

foam said...

darn tootin'!

Anonymous said...

Is this the line for the beer stand? "Hey, up in front, hurry up and make a selection. We're thirsty!"

foam said...

unfortunately, or fortunately, no .. lol ...
beer is not available at this event ... (unless you know how to sneak it in) ... :)

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Perhaps a Beerbelly would help one to get a cool libation into the concert.

foam said...

ah hahaha ..
that would be something. and since my friends are all middleaged anyway, nobody would suspect the few extra belly pounds.
however, we have our own ways. we never lack for want of a cool beverage .. :-)

laughingwolf said...

you ready for the big event later today, faomy? :O lol

you using mr. peabody's wayback machine? ;)

foam said...


i guess i didn't qualify for the rapture .. whew!!

laughingwolf said...

seems i did not either, being as i'm still here...

too bad it didn't happen, would've gotten rid of some 200 million idiots, leaving more room for the rest of us to play in! lol

foam said...

i agree .. :)

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