Sunday, April 24, 2011

visual haiku memory

Sunny lad at six,
chicken whisperer supreme..
On me they just pooped.

March 1967, Mississippi C


chickory said...


foam said...


and to other folks .. i really hardly want to mention this because the competition is so stiff, but the winner receives one of chickory's artworks based on the haiku you submitted! so, git yourselves on over there to

dianne said...

Beautiful photo dear Foamy and your haiku too! :)

xoxoxo ♡

moi said...

What a great photo and haiku to match. Picking a Fan Favorite is going to be HARD!

Boxer said...

that's a great picture and I had the same experience with our pet rabbits growing up. I feel your pain. :-) Happy Haiku Monday!

SJ said...

Nice haiku.
Nice photo.
BIIIIG Chicken or small boy?

Anonymous said...

Photo and haiku are perfect together.

Lovely photo

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Fabulous! Happy Haiku Monday!

foam said...

thank you, dianne. and i was pleasd to see that you also participated with a most excellent haiku and visual .. :)

Thank you! yes, and picking a fan favorite will be hard .. :) i fully agree.

thank you Mary Mur with the heart in the middle. you have a lovely blog yourself.

so, you weren't the bunny whisperer then? did you have one of those in your family?

biiiig chicken. they grew 'em big in miss... back in the day before growth hormones, et al ...

yes, thank you. i was tickled to have even found this old lfamily photo to be able to write this haiku.

happy monday to you too!

Kymical Reactions said...

Nice Haiku! How a boy holds a chicken and doesn't get pecked to death is beyond me!

foam said...

I know! He could walk up to them and just pick them up and walk around with them for a loooong time. They would run from me and poop on me if I did catch one.

Carol said...

I love your brother's smile in this photo! He seems so young and free.

And your haiku goes with it so well, with a twist that we can all relate to.

Ruela said...

Cool chick ;)

foam said...

yes, so very young. we were all so very young then, weren't we .. :)

lol .. :)

Pamela said...

Well.. you know what that white stuff on top of chicken sh#* is? hmmmmmmm.
more chicken sh#*

hee hee.

that being said, it was a lovely haiku and an adorable photo.

foam said...

and the same can be said for bird doodoo. i've had that sh# land on me from outta the sky.

and thank you, btw.. :).

X. Dell said...

That made me laugh out loud.

There were so many wonderful haikus there, including this one.

Anonymous said...


you knew
col. sanders
as a boy -- cool!

great poem & pic -- good luck

× × ×


xl said...

Ha! Wonderful pix!

Boonie S said...

Great stuff! – obviously not a cock and bull story.

Have a good week, Boonie

dianne said...

Foamy dear I hope that you and your family are all OK and have escaped the devastation of the dreadful weather conditions that I have seen on the news...
Thinking of you dear friend, love Dianne. xoxoxo ♡

..................... said...,
yes, the haikus were great. who knew chickens could be such a muse.

wow! i'm older then i thought!!

thank you! .. :-)

nope, not cock and bull whatsoever ..

yes, we are all okay. we've had the rain, the winds, but not the tornadoes. those happened mostly east of us. i've had some friends in the eastern parts of nc that havre been mightly lucky though.

dianne said...

Pleased and relieved to hear that you are OK dear Foamy!

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

it was thoughtful of you to inquire.

Shrinky said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oh this is too adorable! Thanks for opening my morning with a chuckle.

..................... said...

Thanks! Hope you have a great rest of the day. :)

pinetopswamp said...

Great Haiku, my dear

a brother smiling over

Feathered memories

pinetopswamp said...

Great Haiku, my dear

a brother smiling over

feathered memories

foam said...

alas!! a comment from my better half!
i think i'm gonna faint.

foam said...

alas!! a comment from my better half!
i think i'm gonna faint.

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