Saturday, March 19, 2011

This and that .. and haiku .. and MCW

Fall 2009
Last night I stepped out onto the deck and looked at the moon.
Tonight I will do the same.
It's supposed to be huge.
I love to be outside during a full moon.
I might even have a glass of wine.

 I really have not been feeling well these past couple of weeks.
Looooooooooong story and I'm not going into it .. :-).
So, today I purchased some art supplies and I put
my little art table out on the deck and I'm going to
play with what I have.  This is in lieu of going on a hike
into our mountains which I had planned to do today.  

Tomorrow my family comes back home.
My husband has been gone since last Sunday,
my son since yesterday.  I have to say I've been
enjoying the peace.  I will also be glad to have them
home though.

The daffodils that I planted last fall have finally started to bloom.
Like so many, I'm glad the weather is finally a bit warmer.
It's been a harsh winter.

Czar is hosting Haiku Monday this week.  As a theme he chose sleep.

Here are my submissions on that theme:

piercing squeals of child
buzzing whining chainsaw noise ..
snooze interruptus

forty winks gone sour
writhing stretch, contorted yawn
sleep inertia sucks

My neighbors do have the noisiest squealing children.
I wouldn't mind that at all if these were squeals of play and delight.
However, these little children fight, fuss and then throw tantrums.
And then there was that chainsaw .. sigh ....
My nice peaceful catnap on my screened in backporch was
indeed interrupted.

This reminds me ... Czar, I did put your gift/prize in the mail today.  Look for it sometime
next week.

Anyway,  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Oh, and in case you find a lone charge cord for a
Mac laptop, it's probably mine. My house seems to have
swallowed it and I haven't been able to use my Mac all week long!
 I'm going  through withdrawals!!


PS:  I almost forgot!

Here's my choice for boxer's movieclip wednesday (MCW).  The theme was favorite Hitchcock movie.
One of mine is:

I like this quirky dark comedy.


Jean said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope the painting on the porch gives some relief.

Am most impressed with your very adept haikuness!

moi said...

Huh. Squealing children. Buzzing chainsaw. Put them together and to me that spells a very Brian De Palma kind of solution to sleepus interruptus. But that's just me.

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. I hope it's a temporary state. But I look forward to you maybe showing us the resulting art!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

"I might even have a glass of wine."

Might? Huh?

xl said...

Please show us what art happens!

Please be well.

HLiza said...

Do what you must to fill in that soul..painting most likely will..I didn't get much about haiku writing..maybe it's not me but I've seen a lot of people write beautiful ones..and yours too especially if it means something to you. Happy Sunday Foam..hope the company will make you feel fuller..

Carol said...

Do you get grouchy when you experience snooze interruptus? I have been known to.

How was the big moon where you live? We drove up Lookout Mountain in order to escape the trees and houses that would block our view but clouds hid the moon rising over the horizon. We did get to see it eventually, but we missed the best part, the first moments when it peeked above the earth.

I hope you feel better soon!

..................... said...

the art doodling i did was indeed fun. and thanks about my haikuness .. :)

there have been times in my live when i wouldn't have minded having the abilities of carrie .. :)
btw, carrie was the last scary/horror movie i saw. not sure if i'll show any of these art doodles.

..................... said...

i might even have a glass of wine tonight too .. :)

i'm working on trying to be well .. :)
i might eventually show some doodles again, but not these.

i really didn't get haiku either when i first became familiar with it about 20 years ago. but then i started reading haiku, i read the old traditional masters. it's grown on me.

it depends. sometimes i'm grouchy, sometimes i'm not. i think it depends on how fast asleep i was when i suddenly wake up. the moon has been really great these past 2 nights. we've been lucky to have relatively clear skies.

dianne said...

I hope you are feeling better soon dear Foamy.
I could not see the new moon in its orbit closer to the Earth, it was cloudy and raining here but I won't complain, the rain has been very welcome.
Have fun with your painting! :)

xoxoxo ♡

K9 said...

oh no. i think that power cord is 129 dollars. i like both haikus but the first is my favorite cause i hate noise. that scene would be too much for me. the next door neighbors in atl had two yappy chihuahuas and the mom yelled at the kids constantly. I can do a perfect imitation of her (and the woman who quits smoking with chantix)

i sure hope its not your back bothering you -or anything else for that matter. be well foamy and lets have a look at that art you made.

happy haiku monday

foam said...

I'm starting to feel better today, actually. although i'm still not completely healed but i will get there.
i'm glad you got some rain. i know you've been wanting it for a long time.

yeah, i know that cord is expensive. and i'm 100% sure my house swallowed it. but where????
my back has actually been doing quite well. it's my reaction to prescribed antibiotics that have caused me to have major allergic reactions. i had previously not been allergic. i'm not sure i'm gonna show the doodles i made. besides i don't want to upload photos on my son's computer.

X. Dell said...

(1) The Trouble with Harry was Hitchcock's funniest movie, and very enjoyable.

Trying to connect it with the squealing children next door is a bit of a challenge, though, since I always associate chainsaws with Leatherface.

(2) It would seem that your guys were away for just the right amount of time. But I can imagine longing to be alone were I the only female living with males.

foam said...,
well, i've never seen the chainsaw massacre. i associate chainsaws with the distant buzzing whine heard in the distance somewhere in rural mississippi when folks cut down pulpwood.
it's amazing how quiet the inside of the house was. for a little while it's a nice reprieve.

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Glad you’re beginning to feel better, dear foamy. Loved both your haiku. Snoozus interruptus indeed :) Sadly, if you add a mother screeching at her four noisy, frequently unhappy neighbor children, I think it is worse than a chainsaw.

After getting caught up on some much needed sleep on my weekend getaway (those hotel black-out drapes worked like a charm), I thought about trying to compose something this week. But all of you are so talented, instead I think I’ll read and learn . . .


foam said...

you should just do it. i jumped into the few a couple of months ago.
i'm sure you can do it .. if you want .. :) yeah, those hotel drapes do work wonders.

czar said...

Foam: Rocks came yesterday. Very quick USPS service. Thanks so much.

foam said...

I'm glad they arrived.

Boxer said...

Hello! It's nearly Wednesday and could you come back and annouce your movie for Movie Clip Wednesday?


and, I really like your Haiku and I hope this week is better than last.

Somehow, art supplies and warmer weather also makes thing better for me. I hope the same is for you.


Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Sorry you're not feeling well. There can be lots of issues with antibiotics without actually having an allergic reaction. If you think it is truly allergic you should stop the antibiotic and see your Doctor. If it's a side effect like irregularity precede, with the course and try some yogurt to restore the chemistry in your gut.

I've not seen The Trouble with Harry, but I'm going to, it looks like a hoot.

Hope you had a happy clip day and feel better soon.

foam said...

i am so enjoying this warmer weather! and, yes this week is better.

no, we are talking about swelling of the lips and a major out break of hives. it was a sulpha based antibiotic. i'm currently on prednisone to cure that .. which gives me a bit of a buzz. i had not previously been allergic to these drugs. i don't do antibiotics a whole lot, but i reckon my body decided it had enough.

Karl said...

Sorry you're having trouble. Since you're on Prednisone, you must be talking to the Dr. about the problem. Have you discussed all your other medications or dietary issues that may be causing interactions?

K9 said...

i think i sort of remember the trouble with harry. but maybe not. you never said what you thought about the shining. did you like it?

happy MCW....any chance that cord turned up yet?

Buzz Kill said...

The Trouble with Harry is really a funny movie. It's like an early version of Weekend at Bernies. And I've never seen the Beaver look so young - I mean Jerry Mathers.

Happy MCW!

ez said...

Yes, everything has been taken into consideration. I'm actually feeling much better already. Thanks for you concern. That's very kind of you .. :)

Okay, you are going to make me fess up. This is how I watch the shining.
When it comes on my husband watches it. I just sort of mill around, go in and out .. wash dishes in the kitchen where i can sometimes glance into the den and listen a bit to it and if i think it gets too spooky i might go someplace else, then come back and peak back in .... etc, etc, etc ..

ez said...

oops .. ez in this case is foam.
there's more then one person using this computer. i'll be so glad when i get my cord tomorrow. of course, as soon as i get a new one the old one will mysteriously turn up in plain site.

foam said...

that was the beaver, wasn't it? i never watched that particular show that much.

moi said...

I've never seen this particular Hitchcock. Thanks for the heads up.

Also, I'm hosting Haiku Monday next week, complete with prizes. The topic is: LEMON. Hope you play again!

ez said...

yeah, i know! congrats on your great haiku win! and good luck hosting .. :)

foam said...

oops, ez is foam .. in this case.

Anonymous said...

Daffodils, good for you. I have to wait some more weeks.

But I can have a glass of wine if I want too.

Boxer said...

Hey! visit me here:

Shrinky said...

Hope you are fully recovered at the time I type this. Loved the apt haiku! Yes, family is wonderful, children are great, but not a screaming brood of other peoples .. (shudder)

dianne said...

I just popped over to check on you Foamy dear, I hope you are safe from that terrible weather that I saw on the news?

xoxoxo ♡

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