Sunday, March 27, 2011

things to do, places to go ..

photo taken by somebody else, edited by me .. to protect the innocent, the wee one that is ..
this is yours truly in the photo .. not so innocent..

and a monday haiku, of course ....

inspired by my witnessing a wee child's first taste of
a delectable, plump, yellow fruit:

scrunched up little nose,
wide startled eyes, puckered mouth ..
thppt! lemon arcs far ..

this monday's haiku is hosted by moi


Butterfly Mage said...

The editing on the photo makes the picture look pretty cool. It's almost like it's shot on another planet with a different class of primary star. Maybe an "F" class instead of "G". Very kewl.

xl said...

Cool pix!

Boxer said...

That's a nicley doctored photo and I like your haiku. On the flip side of watching a little face taste sour is to see them taste sweet for the first time. Crack!

Anonymous said...

Life is a lemon
I want my money back

chickory said...

you know, i would be able to recognize your haikus cause you are the queen of sound effects- or words that are sound effects. i like it. and the photo too.

foam said...

Butterfly Mage,
I would have never thought of that. Cool idea though and i'm not surprised you thought it... :)


or anything cold! .. lol ..
expressions can be priceless.

that is about 50% of a perfect haiku. it's a 100% perfect statement. where do we go to get our money back though.

phfft .. you're just sayin' that .. ;) ... what i really meant to say ..
thanks! .. :)

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Great photo, lovely haiku! Happy Haiku Monday!

dianne said...

Very nice effect on the photograph and I love your haiku, I have seen that expression and subsequent 'thppt'on little faces when they taste something new.

xoxoxo ♡

moi said...

Nice. Your haiku is brilliant, as usual. I have judged, so come by when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

cool pic
cool haiku, tu

you are an inspiration(!)

× × ×


Mo said...

Great image and superb haiku

foam said...

thanks, eggy! :-)

yes, this haiku was actually inspired by a very similar event that i witnessed.

good choice!

thank you. but inspiring, eh, .. i don't know about that.
i think you are an inspiration though .. :)

thanks, mo!

puerileuwaite said...

People always say I am something else, so it wasn't me.

foam said...

you sure you weren't the pug on the leash that was being walked around the park by a young lady?
oh, wait .. that wasn't a pug ..

X. Dell said...

I had to look hard to find the wee one. If you hadn't made the distinction, I'd have thought you were talking about yourself. After all, you're kinda short.


foam said...

well, yes, i agree .. i'm perhaps a bit stature challenged.
but, aren't you sure you just don't have piss poor eyesight? i seem to recall that about you .. :-)

(runs away)

Anonymous said...

the picture is wonderful along with the words..

Anonymous said...

I don't know and I have lost my receipt and honestly speaking I don't know if I ever did pay

foam said...

sir thomas,
thank you...

well, maybe we should just use the lemon to make limoncello ..

Shrinky said...

Aw, what a precious gem of a post, I'm so glad I stopped by! I look forward to dropping in again..

foam said...

hey shrinky! glad you dropped by!

Pamela said...

just hearing the haiku makes my jaws twinge

foam said...

what a great word .. twinge ..
i'm sure to use it in a future haiku .. :)

Tor Hershman said...


foam said...

thanks tor. and thanks for the visit!

Little Lamb said...

Busy, busy, busy.

foam said...

yes x 3 .. :)

Boxer said...

Haiku Monday's theme is NATURE.

Will you be able to play?

benjibopper said...

no longer Monday
yes sun is finally here
winter's mondays melt

Cool photo, has a bit of a gothic-horror aesthetic.

Casual Practitioner said...

Ghostly image. Good, friendly, fun-lovin ghostly, I mean. If I was a ghost, I'd play on playgrounds too.

X. Dell said...

Just dropping by to say hello.

foam said...

hello back atcha, ..

casual practitioner,
good to see you here again with a new
bloggie identity .. :)

it certainly is no longer monday .. i agree 100%...

yup, played .. i was gonna play movie wednesday, but i had deadlines to meet this week. i can breath for a bit after tomorrow .. :) and until the next deadline.

chickory said...

hey foamer. how are you! i have missed you. thanks for your kind words. im coming around a bit now. alone at chickory helps. xoxox

foam said...

hey chickory!
good to see you out and about. dealing with the loss of a parent takes time .. a lottttt of time.
me? i've been busy with deadlines at work. and i've been afflicted with the spring cleaning bug .. drats! i hate that .... ;/
at least i have a week off .. easter break .. :)

laughingwolf said...

nice gams! :O lol

Anonymous said...

You have not blown away in that very windy weather I saw on tv, Thanks God

or whoever it is to thank

Happy Easter! Nice with a week off.

I will have a long weekend. 4 days.

Devin said...

Hiya foamy!!
hey I think that is also cool what Butterfly Mage thought of with the F class star!!
love the photo and the haiku!!
the 'pfft' especially:-)
I was interested in the last comment i saw of yours at Xspot -and i hope you are not being bothered by a cult or cultish type peeps!!
all the best to you my friend!!

ez said...

hey wolf! thanks .. :)

rolf, have a nice long weekend.
happy easter!

no, i'm not really being bothered by this cultish type of religious organization. i'm cult proof. i know somebody who has joined though which just makes me roll my eyes and shake my head.
all the best to you too .. :) xo

foam said...

oops, ez is foam. i'm on a different computer here .. :)

Ruela said...

Happy Easter!

Boonie S said...

Beautiful post. You look cool.

Have a good weekend, Boonie

xl said...

Frohe Ostern!

foam said...

Ja! Und an dich auch!!

foam said...

Thank you boonie. i hope you also had a good weekend.

and a happy easter to you too, ruela!

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