Tuesday, March 15, 2011

and the haiku winner is .....

 I knew judging would be difficult and it is!  But it has also been a lot of fun hosting this monday haiku event which was started by troll.  I've truly enjoyed
reading all the haiku that have been submitted.  Some brought a smile, some made
me laugh, some made me think.   Perhaps I should apologize for the word.
 But, my little ole body was sick last week and my brain had tons of time to think
and remember weird words that I had forgotten that I knew.  So, blame pulchritude on illness. 
I'm going to cut this really short because for some reason blogger has not saved the blog post that I was working on this past hour.  I clicked on save now several times and then when i went to preview it had the older draft form of my winning haiku post.  needless to say grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
but, perhaps it is a blessing.  it's has saved you from a lot of needless dribble.  let me just tell you all
that i truly enjoyed each and every haiku.  some made me laugh and giggle:  mrm  (sorry about the dictionary), moi who's editing who?,  karl's 67 stang beauty,  and karl's suckup haiku just made me guffaw. but, then, i've written a few beer haiku odes myself.. :)  and then boneman submitted several haiku in my first haiku meme.  not sure he meant to submit them .. but they were so typical of boneman they brought a huge grin to me face.
some made me think .. okay, i know that's hard to believe.  but occasionally i do challenge the noggin':
for example, dianne's and karl's haiku on the meaning that the sound of pulchritude seems to convey.
i got a kick out of boxer's haiku to big red and the apparent disneyfication of this beautiful horse.  (i haven't seen the movie).  and what a fitting haiku for the host of movie clip wednesday.
and then there's k9's very touching love haiku to a muted beauty.  i loved it because late last year, I came across a dead female cardinal under a window ... the dreaded death by window.  she was beautiful in her recent death, so lifeless and nobodies mate anymore.
fishy tapped into my inner child with her whimsical haiku and visual reminiscent of my favorite childhood poems and illustrations.  
i've been reading troll's haiku these past several weeks.  the man certainly knows how to write haiku.
i loved his sendai beauty haiku.  wow!!  
and then there are the very unsual haiku by czar.  i read both of them quite  a few times.  I like how they are worded.    
Fantasy    Fashion, makeup, shoes Don’t help. No embellishment.   Pure, rich as sunset.     Reality  Alcohol. Dark room.   2 at 10 is 10 at 2. Morning: Big mistake.    
I particularly like the 2nd one.  It almost reads like a script.  It catches a moment in time .. granted, an extended moment in time.   I think this haiku is gritty, urban, very human ....   the illusion of pulchritude gone sour ....   
I'm choosing czar as the haiku winner for this monday. 
and now i'm gonna post this blog post without editing.  don't want to loose this sucker again.
and lordy, should i have missed anybody i will crawl away in shame and cover my head in a sack ...
and walk around in welding goggles, etc .... i do have a prize, but i think it's kind of silly.  but i don't mind sending it out.  it's a bag of jelly bean rocks that look like rocks and on the bag it says nc rocks.  hey, what can i say.  i'm easily humored ... so, if czar doesn't want it .. the runner ups were k9 then troll.... actually they were neck in neck with czar .. it was a difficult choice.  


foam said...

hey, and i wanted to show my appreciation for the other commenters who came to visit but didn't submit haiku.
x.dell, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.
aunty, you and granny are in my thoughts and prayers. it's a hard time, i know.
eggie, you write so well about food, i know you could do a haiku. maybe we should do a food theme.
bobby, yes, it's strange how the sound of words can convey a false meaning.

czar said...


I'm honored, deeply humbled, and incredibly unworthy of this selection. Auntie wrote to me last week to participate and, aside from being too busy, I responded in a comment on my blog (I think) that the competition has grown way too tough. I'm not sure how anyone picks a winner among this group. As everyone gets more practice, every week all the entries get better and better. Again, I'm incredibly unworthy here.

But proud. And because I agree that NC rocks, I'll accept the prize. Let me know how I should get you my information. Also, let me ask you a personal question. Do you by chance have dark hair? If so, you should go by my blog to find out why I'm asking. And if you have dark hair, I'll be rather stunned.


Anyway, where to go from here?

Moi will be amazed at this, but I would be honored to host and judge next week. Hosting should be interesting, because my blog is essentially a work website. I'm curious to see what happens with the few who check it out, and if they decide to throw in a haiku. Judging should be interesting, because I generally would have no time to put any thought into it . . . although I will make it a priority next Monday night/Tuesday morning. I look forward to it.

I will provide the prize: a book I've received from one of my publishers. I can't guarantee it'd be something you'd want to read, but you never know. Auntie, I've got plenty of theology for you. And Troll, plenty of social justice and third-world economics stuff that would keep you up at night grinding your jaws.

The topic for next Monday is SLEEP. If that's already been taken, please let me know and I'll consult the committee on a replacement.

Thanks again, Foam. For being speechless, I've managed to blow it.

foam said...

of course you are worthy. and since you are hosting and judging let me tell you. the hosting is fun .. the judging very hard since there are no bad haiku writers amongst this lot here. i've only been participating myself (off and on) for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months although i've been writing the occasional haiku for years now. sleep is a great topic. makes me want to crawl back into the bed right now.
err, yes, i do have dark hair, really just plain old brown, and i'll go to your blog here in a minute. and you can send me your mailing info at foamorama@gmail.com

moi said...

Congrats to Czar! It was one of my favorite haikus out of a most excellent lot. As long as I've known Czar, he's protested, "I'm an editah, not a writah," and I keep saying, no, dude, you're a writer, too. He refuses to believe me, which is fine, because I am always right.

Anonymous said...

A really good choice!!!

Boxer said...

You did a great job hosting Foam and I love your write up.. sorry you lost it. Blogger is being hard today. I lost my comment to everyone for MCW and I nearly lost my lunch when I saw it disappear. An entire post would probably finish the job.

Congrats to CZAR! His was well done and I'm glad he was back this week.

foam said...

of course you are right! :-)

thanks. i thought it a most excellent unusual haiku.

well, you know .. the other day i was on your blog and i tried to leave a comment 3 times before i gave up. the next day i could. it's frustrating at times.

fishy said...

Kudos to Czar!And Foamy!
Between this weeks word choice and Czar's haiku, thinking was required.
I think I have a new furrow.

dianne said...

Congratulations to czar, it was a good choice amongst some excellent entries.

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

fishy, .. i think i have a new furrow myself!

the thing is .. everybody's haiku would have been a good choice.

X. Dell said...

I hate it when blogger does something or reacts in a way that I have to start over with a post.

Congratulations, czar.

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Well-deserved congrats to Czar! Fascinating entries by all. Foamy, a toast to your fine judging amongst a fine lot.

And also a personal thanks for your kind words and welcome to me since I'm always haiku-less :)

I'm contemplating a multi-media meme. Possibly involving food. Will discuss further with my sidekick Cindie this weekend, who has been nagging me about other contests past. Whatever comes of that idea, it appears she and I will actually be able to do our road trip to Louisville this weekend. NC definitely rocks - but Louisville is closer :)

chickory said...

congratulations to Czar! its hard to choose I know but I agree with FOamy this was good haiku.

you finally saw the shining. what did you think?

Anonymous said...

i think
the idea of
a contest that has
no central judging authority
goes a long way to making contests suck less


× × × 2 foam


foam said...

i agree. i'm not sure why there even is a contest. everybody is so good at it.
i enter cause it's fun ..

i still haven't seen the shining .. for the most part .. my husband does watch it when it comes on the tube.
i just like ole jack. he's so over the top.

well, eggie ..
i just really appreciate you dropping by to visit. a multimedia meme with food sounds delectable!
enjoy your trip to louisville!

foam said...

yes, that does indeed suck a whole lot. in my very first blog post over 5 years ago, i vented a ton of frustrations on religion and politics .. clicked publish and nada, nada, nada .. it went kaplui. meaning it completely disappeared. i was so shocked that i started out writing real short, short one and two sentence posts.

Karl said...

Good morning Foam,

Congratulations Czar! It will be most interesting to have a professional editor judging the competition.

Foam, thank you for hosting.

foam said...

it was my pleasure to host. thanks for dropping by for a visit.

Boonie S said...

Interesting stuff.

All the best, Boonie

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