Saturday, March 12, 2011

Haiku Monday

As I mentioned in my previous post I am last weeks Haiku winner.  I have recently started to participate at times in this competition which was started by troll.  I had the choice of whether or not I wanted to host and judge this competition and have chosen to do so.  As a theme I have chosen 


I initially came across this word when I had to find a spelling word to use in a workshop.  I chose to find something unusual, a word I had never heard of.  I came across pulchritude and was surprised to find that it means beauty/physical beauty.  Based on how it sounds I initially thought it might mean something else, something not as positive as beauty.  My fellow workshop sufferers  must have thought the same because when I introduced the word and looked around and told them the room was full of pulchritude they were all taken aback and a bit insulted ... until I explained the meaning of it, that is .. :).  Anyway, here are my contributions ...

rustling leaves in wind
chirping of a distant bird
pulchritude in sound

worn hands rest on cane
wispy white hair blows in wind
beauty in old age 

The above two were inspired by my sitting beside my daddy's youngest sister who has come to visit me.  We were 
sitting outside today, the wind was blowing in her baby fine, white, curly hair and her hands were resting on her walking cane.  the leaves were rustling in the wind,  birds were chirping .... 

This one here is just for fun .. because I like the sound of ungulates .. and squished .. and pulchritude .. and verdant ...

verdant pulchritude
frisky undulates frolic
meadows blooms lay squished

I hope you all have fun with this word.  You can enter as many haiku as you want up till midnight Monday.
I do work on Tuesday, so I'll probably only be able to post a winner by Tuesday evening or night.  I'll try not to make it later then 10:00 pm though.  Oh, and of course follow the 5 - 7 - 5 syllable rule.   


X. Dell said...
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X. Dell said...

Pulchrae rei in tuos oculos sunt.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh--yep: beauty be in the eye of them beholders.

Foamy I like yore last one best fer technical reasons, but the sentiment in the first two is so dear.

Have fun!

dianne said...

I like them all Foamy dear, nice that you found some inspiration amongst the rustling leaves and Auntie's wispy white baby hair; verdant is one of my favourite words too.

A strange word it is
it sounds more like a disease
no beauty in that.

xoxoxo ♡

Bobby said...

It's weird where our attitudes toward beauty come from (or what is not beautiful)...the sound of a word and so on

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Enjoyed all 3, but #2 grabs my heartstrings. Thanks for your kind invite, although I have yet to convince myself up to the task of haiku-ing with this crowd :) I did have to go look up “pulchritude” and the online Merriam-Websters also offered a list of rhyming words, among which was “finger food.” At which point I guffawed loudly, imagining what Master Basho’s Ghost would think.

Happy Haiku Monday to all, and good luck with the judging, Foamy!

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

The ones that are for fun, can be the best. I hope you enjoy judging. I found the prospect of doing it quite intimidating. For your approval I submit the following:

How a word so ugly,
can possibly hope to describe.
The beauty that surrounds us.

She was a real beauty,
on the hood of a 67 Stang.
Now loving partner.

moi said...

From the editor:
No! I does not mean you're fat.
Rather, beautiful.

* * *

Good luck everyone and, Foam, enjoy your judging duties!

Boxer said...

this is my Haiku and a movie review:

Disney flick delivers
with facts and fiction scrambled
big Beautiful Red

Happy Haiku Monday! I don't envy you the job of judging.


czar said...

Fashion, makeup, shoes
Don’t help. No embellishment.
Pure, rich as sunset.

Alcohol. Dark room.
2 at 10 is 10 at 2.
Morning: Big mistake.

Boxer said...


Disney delivers
with facts and fiction scrambled
big Beautiful Red

fishy said...

It's encouraging to read there is beauty in aging. Maybe there is hope for some purchritude yet.

to Boxer's ode to Secretariat!
(Who was a very pulchritudinous steed)

to Karl's hood hottie !

I'm up with a visual:

Lithesome, winsome, Grace
Fair of body, fair of face
Monday's child defined

Buzz Kill said...

I like your 2nd one about old age the best. "wispy white hair blows in wind" is a good line.

I'm up at the Buzzkill with a not-so-serious visual on beauty.

Anonymous said...

Bloodied but unbowed,
She walks to Sendai to help.
Enduring Beauty.

Anonymous said...

Red-Eye Leg Chair

Pouty Princess purrs
most of the time but Bill knows:
Puss-N-Boots has claws!

Milk River Madman said...

A dictionary
So I could write this haiku
Of course, Diane Lane

foam said...

White wheat thunderhead.
Cloudy cascade of brilliance.
Farmhouse Summer Ale.

This haiku is by buzzkill

foam said...

oh my goodness .. lol ..
what am i in for already?

K9 said...

I liked them all, Foam. You are really good at haiku. I think Master Basho took a shine to you and whispers in your ear at night. I particularly loved the visual of squished blooms...a possible metaphor for so many beauties defiled.

of course I had to look the word up. thanks for looking onto the obscure word dictionary for this one. (NOT!)

Im up

my entry is here

K9 said...


He flashed brightly
his scarlet and jet splendor
courting muted She

*i have a visual at SK9 to support it. good luck all!

K9 said...

buzz is a SUCK UP> he knows foam loves foam

X. Dell said...

I'd get in on the action, but I'm not very good at poetry. I'll leave it in everyone else's capable hands.

More to the point, I'm having fun reading everyone else's.

Boxer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Intuitive Eggplant said...

Great haikus by all! Foamy, you've got your work cut out for you!


foam said...

hey guys! i've actually had the house full of company the past few days. so, i've not been online as much. these haiku look great! i will have my task cut out for me for sure!

Aunty Belle said...

Still like yore second one best--wispy hair. Wuz busy wif' our "wispy haired" one, so din't git to Haiku this time--but ya' have plenty of entries to make yore judgin' duties a challenge!

Thar' should be a "suck up" prize doan ya think?

I chuckled at MRM's entry. Heh.

Good luck all!

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