Friday, March 11, 2011

haiku monday

I was the haiku winner!  see 1st haiku in previous post.   this was really exciting and unexpected.

then i got sick this week.  and then when i was better and wanted to blog, the power went out for several
hours last night. ... in just about our whole town.  it's rumored that it was a squirrel.  but today we'll find out for sure.

anywho,  i am hosting haiku monday and will explain more about it later.

the theme for this haiku monday is   PULCHRITUDE   

 Have fun with it.

Not sure about a prize yet.

i'll be back later.  for now i'm off to work.


moi said...

This is a totally awesome theme.

xl said...


boneman said...

Dang! Like a teacher,
you leave us with new word...
Dictionary Time!

Pull, pullback, pullet...
aren't Chickory's pullets fine,
beautiful hens., THAT'S grace!
the older you get, the more
you love seeing that.

(Something that helps to
lift heavy things off the ground,
with less grunting sounds)

Wait! Checked my spelling,
and I was too many "L"s
but now I have it...

"Pulchritude" ...and its
pulchritudinous display ...
"Beautiful, with Grace."

My my me oh my
found the word, but don't know why.
Beauty and Grace... sigh.

My observations
are that ev'ry bit and thing
are beautiful grace.

And it's up to us
to find that beautiful grace
and make it its face.


OK, then, YES!
I'll try to come up with a
haiku about that.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful word.
I didn't know

Haiku is not my thing

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Congratulations on your win! My apologies for being tardy in wishing you so.

You've picked a fine theme, the world needs more grace and beauty.

foam said...

thanks .. :)

you think i need them? lol ..

glad to know you'll be playing .. :)

nope, it's not everybody's thing ..

hogwash! you are not tardy. i'm just delighted to have folks show up at my silly blog. i hope you will play.

xl said...

Did I use the wrong word?


Carol said...


Too bad pulchritude doesn't sound like a word that would describe beauty. In fact, it sounds like quite the opposite.

I hope you're feeling better...

foam said...

no,no,no .. no worries, please. you used the right word. it's my error. don't know where my brain was.

foam said...

thank you, carol.
it's does sound quite the opposite, doesn't it.

Boxer said...

Really sorry you got sick and I love the word. And the back story behind it.

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