Thursday, February 17, 2011


Carol said...

Oh, man... I don't like to be first.

Anyway, I was wondering if this is your new promo ad.

I just LOVE how informally everyone dressed for that informal terrace party!

boneman said...

Funny her mentioning all that.
One night I got popped on some Colt 45s (three of them, I think, to begin with) and I chowed down on a buffet of Frog Legs, octopus, squid, lobster tails stuffed with some kind of crabmeat sauuce, and then I promptly went out behind the restuarant and blew chunks till it was ALLLLLLl gone.
And then I went back in for another beer and some more lobster tail.
You know...
To get rid of the taste of, well...before.

The last time I ever ate frog, squid, octopus, or, anything I couldn't recognize in a glance. (I've actually turned my nose up at some things I'VE made...
And the beer ...gone. nada.
no more.
A small glass of wine once in a while...

OK, I'm going to go get some mouth wash and go to bed, now.
before i think to hard about...


(feet running back to the john)

SJ said...

Amazing how people were black and white before the 60s!

xl said...

I had to Google to see who she was. Impressive Hollywood career. Over time she starred with a lot of the same leading men as Marlene Dietrich.

/t. said...

irene was
a foam kinda girl...

who knew?!?


a girl after my own heart :)

× × ×


moi said...

Did she say "Byoofay?" That's hilarious.

At any rate, just thought I'd let you know I'm hosting Haiku Monday at my blog this week. Theme is PERFUME. New rule is, you can write as many haiku(s) as you'd like, but I'll be judging only one, so when you post, let me know which one that will be. Hope you play!

foam said...

it could me my new promo add, couldn't it?
i know. i noticed the informal dress too. i wouldn't mind having irene's polka dot dress ..

olpppp? don't say olpppp !!
i have a sick spouse, a sick child and a cat that threw up on the floor and a dog that ate the cat's puke ..
ack ... olpppp .... make room at the john!

i know! and to think that i was black and whi ....
well, never mind. that just dates me.

yeah, she was really quite famous and considered the best actress of the time that never won an oscar. she was nominated 5 times. (i googled this just now).

yeah, who knew she'd turn out to be a foam kinda girl? :-)
she looks so prim and proper ..

yeah, she did say byoofay? lol ...
i might play .. if i can wrap my mind around the theme of perfume. ..
oops .. i just became inspired ...
let me go write.

dianne said...

That is priceless, Irene sure knew how to throw an informal 'Byoofay' party on her terrace, all very elegant including the guests attire, the food and beer.

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

elegant, yes. but have you noticed that she serves the beer in these ballooned wine glasses?
although there are stemmed beer glasses out there the stems are generally shorter and stouter.

dianne said...

Yes Foamy dear I did notice, those glasses look similar to brandy balloons.
I wish I was that organised and so confident that I could greet my guests wearing a lovely frock :), heels and a whimsical smile.
I always admired how neat and well groomed June Cleaver was in her twin sets and pearls, not a hair out of place, I cannot imagine her ever getting 'frazzled' ... lol.

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

i never didn't grow up with that show for some reason.
i've seen a few episodes in reruns. apparently billingsley who played june cleaver also wore a pearl necklace. i'm so the opposite of june cleaver .. lol .. and i'm quite happy about that .. :)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Foam,

I came by to see haiku and got sidetracked by beer. I thought that was going to be an ad and then no labels no product endorsement, how thoroughly refreshing. Although ales should not be served on ice, make them too cold and it ruins the flavor.

foam said...

i 100 percent agree. ale should not be served on ice. as a matter of fact, i let mine sit out for a while.
actually, i don't think that irene really knew a whole lot about beer.

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