Sunday, February 27, 2011

views, food shows, pappenheimers, roosters, guinea hens, longhorns, chocolate and tom jones .. oh .. and mcw (movie clip wednesday at the very bottom)

i was out and about the other day(s)...

enjoying a spectacular view
and eating my way through a food show

as you can see,
i shouldn't have  bothered waiting until
it was prepared ...

this piece of dead meat practically mooed at me.

and i'm talking about the piece of meat on TOP of the plate,
not under the plate .. ;-/   
Like they say in german: "Ich kenne meine Pappenheimer".

from wikipedia:
Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim (May 29, 1594 – November 17, 1632)


His name forms the key part of the Czech, Flemish, Dutch, Scandinavian, and German colloquialism;
"I know my fellow Pappenheims" ("ich kenne meine Pappenheimer"). 
It is used to imply tongue-in-cheek that someone has, is or will be acting in a way 
that is completely expected. The sentence originally held a positive connotation
and referred to the determination of Pappenheim's horsemen. Friedrich Schiller
  used the modified sentence "Daran erkenn' ich meine Pappenheimer" in his "Wallenstein" trilogy.

being out and about was a welcome break from my normal job.
 however, soon i found myself at home again
and working on a lesson based
on romare bearden.  i came across this work
which i'm thinking about including in a lesson.

Morning of the Rooster, Romare Bearden, from the Mecklenburg County series, 
collage on board, 18 x 13 3/4”, 1980, Private Collection.

i delved further into art with similar images
for comparison purposes and
 came upon this work of art
which is not by romare bearden at all 
but by marc chagall:

Marc Chagall, The Red Rooster, 1940, Cincinatti Art Museum

Pretty cool, aren't they!

and what with looking at all this chicken art,
I was, of course, reminded of our own much beloved
 i just recently
purchased a work of art from her.
and here it is:

guinea by chickory, acrylic on wood, private collection

isn't this just magnificent?
and to think it's all mine now .. :-)

of course, what with everybody dead or alive making
chicken art i also felt inspired.  so i looked around.
i found a piece of matt board, some crayons,
an old newspaper, a piece of butcher block paper,
scissors, glue and some colorful scraps of paper.

and here is my effort which is not finished:
collage in progress by foam
 anyway, working on this was fun and and it
gave me ideas on how to inspire my students.

after all this, i walked out to the mailbox
and i found a package inside addressed to me!
the blogger xl sent me these prizes.
if you want to know why, you'll
just have to go here.

wasn't that incredibly sweet of xl to send me all this?
look how tom jones matches the chocolates!
i instantly opened the cd and played it.  i think
my favorite is 'what's up, pussycat?'
as of right now there are not a whole lot
of chocolates left anymore.  and this
package just came yesterday .. :)

btw, the longhorn items are based on the
fact that the university of texas in austin is an alma mater of mine.
hook 'em horns .. :)

oh, and finally ..

i decided to participate in boxer's
movie clip wednesday again.
yes, i know .. it's sunday but i'm too tired on wednesday's to blog much.
the theme is political thriller and here is what i chose:

The Boys from Brazil. 
The Boys from Brazil is a 1978 British/American science fiction/thriller film produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It stars Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier, with James Mason, Walter Gotell, and cameos by Rosemary Harris, Anne Meara, Bruno Ganz, Michael Gough, Uta Hagen, and Steve Guttenberg.

"don't you understand english, you arse?"
It's been too long since i've seen this movie!


xl said...

The school of Chicken Art!

The amazing part of the contest to me was that the USPS delivered the prizes in only two days!

foam said...

wow! that is amazing..

The Phosgene Kid said...

The longer you cook the meat the more flavor cooks out. Nice floor art, I have some art from Hickory too,she is fantastic!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Liking the chicken art. But I have to say, I'd rather eat my meat, not drink it. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

dianne said...

Fabulous post dear Foamy, what an interesting time you have had.
Love the chickory art, your very own original, you are so lucky, I think she is far better than some of the Masters though I did like the Chagall and the Bearden collage. I liked your chicken art also, can't wait to see it finished.
If I eat steak I like it well cooked, I don't like it 'bloody' at all, I am actually more of a veggie person.
What a great view and a nice surprise from XL. That boy who opened the door in the video clip is positively obnoxious and a little creepy but a good movie to choose for MCW.
Have a good week!
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

chickory is fantastic! i used to prefer my meat well done. but i've learned lately that if you have a great quality piece of meat and somebody who really knows how to prepare it, having it medium rare to rare steak can be quite tasty.

i know what you mean .. lol. but, see my comment to phos above.
and, you know, should it actually squiggle away from me i won't eat it.

yes, it certainly was a nice break from the normal routine. and i'm real tickled to own another piece of chickory's art. i'm with you on red meat. i eat it at times .. lately even rare .. but am much more a chicken, fish, veggie kind of gal.
the boy is creepy, isn't he? he ought to be. he's supposed to be a hitler clone .. :)

moi said...

I'm digging the foot shots. I just bought a Chickory chick, too, surrounded by beautiful mums and other flowers. I have a thing for birds, although I couldn't draw one if you held a pair of Louboutins to my head. I'm okay with being an appreciator, though.

puerileuwaite said...

It's as if you read my mind! I just happened to be working on a "Tom Jones, a longhorn, a rooster and Romare Bearden walk into a bar ..." joke all weekend.

Boxer said...

What a great post..... a little bit of everything; food, art and more art, one fabulous view (that first picture, wow!) and then a great clip at the end. Plus, Chickory art. Weeeeeee.

SJ said...

I can't wait to hear peurilewaite's joke... nice collage BTW something to crow about you ought to be feeling cocky.

K9 said...

wow wow wow! I love your chicken piece. its more chagall than bearden. I love romare bearden. I met his family when i worked at the high museum and we had a jazz retrospective. they say rome-a-ree bearden. You know whats uber cool about his work besides the collage? the hands are way out of scale -much larger. Just like in african art, emphasizing what is important. we used to do bearden lesson plans with lots of hands and eyes and noses and stuff cut out and organized. (museum ed: have to complete everything in an hour. oy vey)

i saw a chagall show in Paris. It was so good -and the pieces were humongous .

you already in your flippy girly sandals? heck we got gale winds and floods here today. guess youll have that tonight.

yay on you longhorn chocolate. we will all rue the day you got in the haiku and guessing game biz: youll win all the booty. you always won xdells contests too.



glad you like that guinea. its the most quiet one youll ever meet. ;-)

Jean said...

Lovin' the art but your socks knocked me out!


Devin said...

LOL "my mother isn't receiving today" :-)
wonderful images and thoughts as always foamy !!
I am just stoppin by to say "hi" and that i hope you are doing fantastic !!
alla best as always!!

foam said...

i had to google louboutin. i perhaps envisioned a louboutin to be some kind of fancy ladylike dainty small shotgun weapon that can still shoot you dead with one shot.
but, wow!! what shoes! and those stilettos are weapons all on their own .. lol ..

well, ya know .. with a comment like THAT, your fans are now all anxiously waiting for the joke ..
do you think you can fit in a chocolate martini?

i know. it's a hodgepodge of everything! this post will probably be up for ages too .. :)

yep, we shall see if the pug will come back with a joke .. or not ..
and you couldn't resist the puns, huh? they are good ones though .. :)

foam said...

yeah it's more chagall perhaps then bearden, although i took the patterning from bearden. i love bearden's exagerated use of features and hands.

speaking of hands .. have you noticed how jacob lawrence uses hands? now that man can draw hands. i love them!

i know all about working with a tight schedule. i don't even have hour long classes. they are all 30 minute classes except at one school where they are 45 minutes.

the flippy flipflops? nah, i only wear them at home or at the beach.
i put these on because i took a shower after working out at the y. notice the pink sneakers above... part of my raggamuffin workout outfit.

it's been quite blustery here too, btw, with storms and torrential rain.

lol! these socks are my favorites too .. :)

well, there you is! i hope you are well? and, yes, that whole little segment is pretty great .. in my opinion at least. i'm glad you dropped by for a visit.

Anonymous said...

wow, foam...

you've been busy -- great post!

had no idea chickens played such a big role in art history -- am loving all of the chicken art here and feeling now like making something "chicken" -- (how i miss my bbq ;)

(the food show looks great, too)

× × ×


foam said...

now i'm in the mood for something chicken too! of the edible kind...
you made me hungry. let's bbq!

foam said...

oh ,btw chagall had this thing with roosters. they are very symbolic to him. well, his art is symbolic anyway. but i've read that roosters symbolize fertility to chagall.

Anonymous said...

Really a very spectacular view.

And a lot of good art

And the Boys from Brazil I remember, must be more than thirty years since I saw it. I still remember how it ended. It was a little surprise.

Anonymous said...

what a dark horse
was that mister chagall :)

bbq season is coming!
bbq season is coming!
bbq season is coming!

× × ×


foam said...

i think it was that long since i've seen it too..
can't remember the ending though.

yes, indeed, he apparently was :)

Ruela said...

thanks foam...

I go to hospital have a little right nose side is blocked...and I can't breath very well.

The music at my blog: Tuxedomoon - The Waltz

Anonymous said...

the ebony horse...

aha haha ha ha haha ha

× × ×

foam said...

thanks for the link. they are awesome.
sinus problems? ugh. hope the surgery goes well!

if i dig deep enough i might find some of his haha art too .. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

never let yer meat loaf.

HLiza said...

So good to get nice stuffs in the mail box! Never in my life before that I see myself as somebody who can appreciate art; but I started admiring many forms of them lately..and I love those chicken art by others and by you! They're so unique!

foam said...

and just why not?
i like meat loaf .. :)

yes, it was such a nice treat. normally the mail is all ads and bills .. ech. of course you appreciate art. it shows in your photography. your photography is art .. :)

Aunty Belle said...

I shure like yore shoes, Foamy. heh.

( an' does ya' have yoreself a new avatar? kool)

X. Dell said...

It never fails. You step away from the blogosphere for a week or so, and at least three of your cyberpals will have been posting at a furious clip.

The Boys from Brazil is one of the those X-Dell-type movies that you would assume that I've already seen. But, in fact, I haven't. Thanks for reminding me to put it at the top of my "To watch" list.

About this post, I love the whimsey of the Chicory. That looks like a good catch (with or without chocolate). After all, wir kennen unser hund.

xl said...

Ich mag Huhn Kunst!

foam said...

auntie belle,
ya like my shoes? lol..
i've been having fun with different avatars lately. just recently i was jack from the shining.,
well wouldn't ya know .. i try to do all my blogging when you are not around ;)

xl, ja, ich auch!

Carol said...

I like your collage-in-progress!

Nice touch to photograph the art on the floor with human feet and kitty(?) feet.

dianne said...

I love your new chicken avatar, it is so cute!
xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

i initially included the feet a few years ago to provide a sense of scale of the work i was photographing. now, i do it just because it's fun .. :)

thank you! choosing this miro chicken avatar was inspired by this rash of recent chicken sightings on the internet ..

Boonie S said...

I love this post, especially the photo and the art. Thanks.

Have a good week, Boonie

foam said...

thank you, boonie. i hope you have a good week too. thanks for visiting ..

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