Sunday, February 20, 2011

haikus .. scented and otherwise ..

I've been entertaining myself by writing some haikus lately.  I think I brought that up in a previous post.  My inspiration has been the "Haiku Monday" that some of my fellow bloggers have participated in for a while.   Last week's winner was Moi and she picked out the theme 'perfume'.

And here is my entry for this week:

fragrant springtime air!
then car squishes hapless skunk.
odiferous stench...

you'll have to excuse me for not having my own dead skunk photos, or alive skunk photos for that matter.  but i did find
the skunk of all skunks, the ever in love pepe le pew .. on youtube, of course.  what a charming, 'perfumed' skunk he was!

many thanks to carol who introduced me to this song in her comment below.
it's the perfect addition to my dead skunk haiku.

and xl gave me the link to the same song with visuals that match the lyrics .. :)

A couple of weeks ago I submitted this haiku based on the theme of movement:

meandering stream
chill dark waters reflecting
crisping grass brisk walk

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and will continue to have a great week, or at least a doable week, or at least not the kind of week i had last week.  what a major ugh that was .. :)  but, we move on, gell?


Carol said...

I LOVE your haikus! Especially the one about springtime air and skunk.

Now I'm singin' "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road".

"And it's stinkin' to high heaven!"

foam said...

wow! i love the song. and i've never heard of it till you just now mentioned it. in 72 i was soandso years old and living in germany. i youtubed the song, of course. what a perfect addition to this post. thank you.

Aunty Belle said...

I love Pepe le Pew!

An' yore Haiky is splendid-- it changes directions an' brings a surprise. Nicely dine.

Carol said...

Glad you found the song and liked it.

I can't pass a dead skunk or breathe in skunk's pungent smell without instantly breaking out into that song...

xl said...

Dead skunk in the middle of the road...

SJ said...

Compare skunk with Civet.
"The civet produces a musk (also called civet) highly valued as a fragrance and stabilizing agent for perfume. Both male and female civets produce the strong-smelling secretion, which is produced by the civet's perineal glands. It is harvested by either killing the animal and removing the glands, or by scraping the secretions from the glands of a live animal. The latter is the preferred method today."

Skunks are the smarter animals.

dianne said...

Love your Haikus, the videos, the photo of the stream and the dry grass and that Pepe le Pew was a real charmer.
Thank you SJ for the information regarding the harvesting of musk from the perineum of the civet ... lol, who would want that job? :/

xoxoxo ♡

..................... said...

yeah, pepe is pretty cool .. :)
and i had fun with the skunk haiku.

i'll probably be singing that song too now whenever i smell a dead skunk.

and thank you for your addition too. your find has the visuals that match the lyrics .. :)

poor civet. although i did read that skunk musk at one time was used as a binding agent too .... once the smelly stuff was removed, of course.

K9 said...

wonderful haiku with that famous foamy spin on the back end. you didnt know dead skunk in the middle of the road? you, of blue grassey interest? do you know poor little critter in the road?

pepe le pew's fragrance is so strong you can see it coming off of his butt.

happy haiku monday. hope its a great week!!

moi said...

SJ's speaking my language :o)

My dad used to sing me "Dead Skunk" when I was a little girl. I got the biggest kick out of it.

Pepe le Pew on the other hand would likely be arrested for sexual harassment in today's cartoon world.

Boxer said...

bwahahahahah. Pepe Le Pew is a great way to illustrate your wonderful haiku. So glad you're participating and I hope you'll also be with us for MCW?

Have a great Monday.

foam said...

yes, sj is remarkably multilingual at times .. :)
and you are right about pepe. he certainly is not
politically correct at all. but fun, nonetheless...

nope, didn't know the dead skunk song. hey, i'm not perfect! i know, i know .. i seem quite perfect though :)
mr foam did know the song as well as who sang it .. whatever his name is.

i'm going on a business trip for a couple of days this week. so, no mcw for me. besides, i never pay attention to the oscars. i wouldn't know which movie was an overrated winner. actually i do ..
and i'll tell you right here. i would pick the titanic and i've never even seen the movie. and i'm trying to keep it that way ... however, i do have a movie already picked out for next week ... :)

moi said...

Drop by whenever you get a chance. I have declared a Haiku Winner.

foam said...

you did a great job hosting it and doing a write-up about it!

Ruela said...

Haiku Master ;)

thanx Foam...

puerileuwaite said...

I too love Haikus
we should all use them daily
in conversation

Pamela said...

I had to re enter your blog into my reader -- I've had several just drop off the past few weeks (and since I'm finally sort of reading blogs again -- I have noticed this)

As for the skunk song... unbelievable.

I love to write haiku. But my energy has not been directed to inspiration of late.

Anonymous said...

I like that river photo. It is very much springtime. Over here we are waiting for signs of spring. Waiting and waiting...

jack said...


you are oh so right,
we should converse more like this.
but puleeze, let's not. :)

eh, i'm not always inspired myself.
sometimes it's fun though, sometimes the haiku muse evades me.
so, you haven't heard of the skunk song either? yay! i'm not alone in the world.

well, actually, it's a fall photo.
but, the river did still look much like this just a few weeks ago ...
except with bits of lingering snow still in the shadows. it's been remarkably mild here the past couple of weeks which has made some
bulbs poke their heads on out.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Good luck getting the smell out of your car if you are the one that hit it.

Anonymous said...

No bulbs poke their heads out here.
Not what I have seen.

But it must happen soon now, very soon. Gell?

jack said...

nope, i've never hit a skunk before .. knock on wood ...

ja, wir koennen hoffen, gell? :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha haiku
is completely bent dement
in true foam fashion

× × ×


Anonymous said...

Yes, hoffen.

jack said...

bent dement?
sounds like the name of a band .. :)

it will come .. :)

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