Wednesday, February 16, 2011

for a change of scenery: boxer's movie clip wednesday ...

I decided to participate in Boxer's Movie Clip Wednesday.   The topic is broadway plays made into movies. Here's my choice ...  bob fosse's  'all that jazz' ...

Okay,  I know,  it's not technically a Broadway into a movie flick... but Boxer changed the theme on me.  I had initially picked out "All that Jazz" due to it's ending.  Her intitial theme for this week had been great movie endings. But,  this is inspired by a Broadway musical and movie after all..

From Wikipedia:
All That Jazz is a 1979 American musical film directed by Bob Fosse. The screenplay by Robert Alan Aurthur and Fosse is a semi-autobiographical fantasy based on aspects of the dancer, choreographer, and director's life and career. The film was inspired by Fosse's manic effort to edit his film Lenny while simultaneously staging his 1975 Broadway musical Chicago. It borrows its title from a Kander and Ebb tune in that production.

it's a long clip. the protagonist joe gideon is dying. my favorite part is when they zip up the bag around him towards the very end ...
finito!  the end!!  and no 'all that jazz two' ...


moi said...

I'm allergic to most musicals, but All That Jazz is one of my favorite movies, period. Great pick. Happy Movie Clip Wednesday!

X. Dell said...

All that Jazz was an intense movie. I particularly liked the dialogue between Schneider and Lange. I also liked the ending. Unfortunately, they don't make endings like that anymore. And that's a shame.

Boxer said...

"It's Showtime Folks!"

One of my favorite movies of all time and I think it fits perfectly in with the theme. Bob Fosse was a huge part of Broadway and Film. An amazing choreographer and dancer. Sorry I switched the theme, but I'm glad you stayed with your pick because it's good one.

And, thanks for playing this week!

xl said...

Excellent! I don't like particularly like musicals, but I do love Cabaret and All That Jazz because of the way the numbers are integrated into the stories.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Beats the hell out of "American Idol" anyway...

foam said...

It depends on the musical. some i've enjoyed, some i can't stand. i did really love this movie when it came out. i really ought to watch it in it's entirety again.,
i agree. it was intense. it was an ideal movie for me. i love dance, i love music and i like intensity in the right amounts .. :)

hey, it's okay. switching the theme worked for me. i really need to see it again to see if it would still rank amongst my favorites. right now it does.

yeah, i know what you mean. perhaps it's because htese movies are not strictly musicals.

phosgene kid,
heck, yeah ..
don't see the allure of that show although i know a ton of people who watch it and enjoy it immensely.

Buzz Kill said...

I'm a big Roy Scheider fan and was amazed to see him sing when this first came out. And that is a good ending. It won 4 Oscars.

Happy MCW!

dianne said...

Sorry, I'm not a fan of musicals either Foamy but I know that many people enjoy them.

Happy MCW anyway.

xoxoxo ♡

chickory said...

this is a cool movie -very edgy. i mean that literally. i feel like a speed freak just watching it. loved the ending and the fact the real dancer girlfriend was in it. great choice and glad you played. (i didnt, but hopefully soon with a decent theme ;-))

foam said...

i do think roy scheider was perfect for this role. he's been great in his other roles too.

that's okay. i don't know that i can say i'm a fan of musicals. there are quite a few that i can't stand to watch. and then there are those that i'm particularly fond of because i loved them as a child. you know, mary poppins, the sound of music. and then there are those that are really great classics like boxer's pick of 'my fair lady'.

i remember feeling like that too. like x. said, it was intense.
it's been fun playing this week. i might play more often.

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Oh boy, another victim, I mean player. Welcome to the fun.

I do like musicals and this was a very good one. Bob Fosse was an excellent choreographer and Roy Schneider did a fine job of portraying him. Like more than one in the group "It's Showtime folks" is an often used quote.

So with a song in my heart and a tap in my step. I wish you a happy clip day.

foam said...

Hello Karl,
I can't say that I'm a fan, but I can't say that I dislike musicals either. There are many that i've enjoyed watching and many that i haven't. just recently, fiddler on the roof has been playing on hbo and i've truly enjoyed watching it again.
and with a smile on my face i also wish you a happy clip day.

Carol said...

Oh, it's been so long since I saw this movie - I really don't remember it well. I like dance, so I may have to watch the film again sometime. I love your reason for loving the ending.

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