Sunday, January 16, 2011

inspired by foggy windows, crescent moons and other stuff ...

 I wrote the following  haiku a week ago or so or more.
k9 was hosting a haiku competition and the theme was the word crescent:

Shining solitude
Street lights glare on dark wet street
Cold crescent moon smiles

here it is in an ancient tongue:

Iningshay olitudesay
Eetstray ightslay areglay onway arkday etway eetstray
Oldcay escentcray oonmay ilessmay

The following day I drove out of town.
 The streets were definitely dry.... then.
It was a frigidly cold, extremely blustery day.
The wind was howling and starting to blow in
 the snow which subsequently
caused many school cancellations just this past week.

However, despite the cold and the wind I drove to the next town over
and hung with some girlfriends.  We had a lot of fun and
I had my first classic martini on that occasion.


I'm mostly surrounded by testosterone, so
it's good to hang with the girls at time.

And this is something I wrote on the 10th of January and put in draft.  
I don't know why I didn't publish it just then.

Today I am wearing a wool jacket that I knit over 30 years ago.   I have not worn this jacket in probably 20 years or so.  My mother somehow inherited it.  During the last 20 years of her life she had been wearing this jacket at the onset of fall, through winter under a coat and into the spring.
The 1st anniversary of my mother's death is approaching.  This  jacket smells like wool, but it has also retained an odor that I've always associated with my mother: a subtle, slightly sweet smell.   I'm glad this jacket still smells like her.  I assume that as more years go by and I continue to wear this jacket that it will take on my particular odor.  Should it still be around when i pass on perhaps my sons will sniff it and think .. it smells like mom .... and wool .. :)

The 12th of January marked the one year anniversary of my mother's passing.   It's also coming up on the anniversary when I herniated my back in 2 spots .. :).   Needless to say, I have not been shoveling any snow this year or have been hauling in the wood.  Ya know,  it's really not worth the risk.


Boxer said...

First, you know I'm a fan of the martini and I love that you were out with your girls and celebrating life.... The first year of grief is the hardest.... but a year after my Mother passed away, I was hit with a profound sense that she really was gone. It's not easy to navigate these new waters and I only wish you peace.

Your haiku was lovely. Did you enter it? You should have.


xl said...

Those ancients and their wacky 7-14-9 haiku!

Intuitive Eggplant said...

Foamy, lovely photos, lovely haiku, lovely story. May special sweaters, and sweet memories and smells wrap themselves around you and keep you warm. Cheers to your girlfriends too!

Best, eggy

foam said...

i do enjoy vodka in mixed drinks, but for some reason martinis are fairly new to me. i think i might enjoy trying different varieties.
i did enter my haiku. and you deservedly won .. :)

i know! .. lol ..

foam said...

thank you! that's a very lovely and sweet wish and i wish you all the best too.

dianne said...

Foamy dear that is a lovely haiku, one that stirs the imagination.

I am so pleased that you caught up with your female friends for some girl time and talk, it is always good fun to catch up with friends and that martini looked very tempting.

Your knitted woollen jacket sounds like it will be a family heirloom.
The sense of smell is one of the most vivid for evoking memories, it is lovely that you can still wrap yourself up in this jacket and smell the sweet scent of your Mom when you wear it and must be most comforting for you and bring back warm memories of her.

Yes no more shovellimg snow or hauling wood for you, you must take care of your back and yourself Foamy.

xoxoxoxo ♡

foam said...

glad you enjoyed my haiku.
yes, girl time was fun. we all live in different towns so it's always special when we get together.
i actually have other hand knit jackets. i've knit another one that i still wear a lot, my mother has knit one and i have one that my moms sister knit. my mother's family besides being in the pub business was also in the yarn business ...

Little Lamb said...

Lambs are the provider of wool. If it were not for lambs you wouldn't have any wool.

Carol said...

The first version of your haiku invoked a feeling of introspection in me.

The version in the ancient tongue just gave me a big old smile.

Funny how language can affect us so, eh? ;-)

We estrogen types need to connect with other estrogen types quite often so I'm glad you did that!

Thinking of you as you enter the second year after your mom's passing. May mom-smelling wool jackets keep you close to her.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking I remember your mom,
and yes I do remember her thanks to you.


foam said...

Little Lamb,
I know! That's why I love little lambs ... and lamb chops too .. :)

I might just translate all my haikus in the ancient tongue. they sound so more .. err.. intillekshual that way .. ;)
i have a lot of things from my mother. but i have to admit that catching a whiff of her caught me by surprise. it was a good surprise.

foam said...

well then, rolf, i'm glad you remember my mother .. :)

chickory said...

what a wonderful post. What IS that first photograph. you set a lamp on fire!

your haiku is very noir - private eye novel haiku. loved it.

and the wool jacket! what a gift. I love reuniting with things i had forgotten. A fine way to connect with your mother on this anniversary. love to you foam.

puerileuwaite said...

Nothing like martinis with girls to fog up my windows. Especially if I get to glimpse the occasional crescent moon.

foam said...

actually it's the light from an outside lamp post. the white stuff in this photo is a photoshoppy deal, although i had plenty a morning where my car windows were fogged up recently.
a 'noir' haiku? i love that description. only could come up with a description like that .. :)

and it's not so much that i've forgotten about this jacket. it's just that this stuff is hers. i have a hard time taking ownership.

foam said...

aha ...
but can you handle waning
crescent moons?
and do you prefer your martini dirty or dry?

puerileuwaite said...

At least when I'm sober I prefer my moons to be waxed, otherwise I wane. And I prefer my martinis dirty to match my women.

X. Dell said...

(1) I can understand a need for shelter in a storm of testosterone. Then again, it's probably nice to have that around if a bad back keeps you from shoveling snow or hauling wood.

(2) I love that photo: the sharp focus of a small light illuminating an ill-defined gray background. Priceless.

(3) I'm not sure what you're going through on the anniversary of your mom's passing, especially since her living presence was felt so warmly and vibrantly on this blog once upon a time. All the same, I'm sending you a cyberhug in case you need it.

(4) Pig Latin's an anscient language?

foam said...

well, i can certainly understand that you would not want to be found waning ...
i'm actually into chocolate martinis myself.,
yeah, well .. the oldest testosterone in the house has a bad back too .. although he does not like to acknowledge it.
and i'm glad you like the photo. i liked it but i'm never sure if it works for other people.
cyberhugs are always good and appreciated. send them any ole time .. :)
pig latin's not an ancient language?
who knew?

HLiza said...

I love what you wrote about the jacket..I can virtually sniff the sweets smell too just by reading it..and we can imagine your mom smiles at those words..

chickory said...

LOL!! @ Pug

foam said...

the odor certainly brought back some good memories ..

laughing at or with the pug? .... ;)
he certainly is funny.

Boxer said...

I really love the picture of the kitty looking inside. baahahahahaha.

"Hey! it's cold out here!"

foam said...

yep, she's a funny little kitty .. :)

Ruela said...

this is good foam.
love it.

Boonie S said...

I never before realized that you’re fluid in so many linguals.
Sorry to read about your mum.

All the best, Boonie

SJ said...

Pigs speak Latin?

How do you say "awesome photo" in pig?

Anonymous said...

Those photos are fabulously creative!

Ricardo said...

More snow coming my way and maybe yours too!! Stay away from the shovels.

My condolences regarding your mother. Hope everything else is going well.

boneman said...

well, good news/bad news/same ol' news

The same ol' news...
Dang! Hook line and sinker. I took it hook line and sinker, girl! "Joking! Asked if you were JOKING!!!"

The bad news is, I thought you were serious; my dog asked if I needed some help in the matter, and I said yeah...she put out a twelve state howl to talk all the dogs in your doctor's area to go plant some yard mines there at his place...

The good news is...oh what the heck...doctors charge so much now-a-days...he needs a little "earth" smell to follow him around, eh?

Hook line and sinker...

foam said...

lol .. your comment made me laugh.
i actually like my doctor although i try to see him as little as possible. hook, line and sinker? :)

you all certainly have had way too much snow up there.
we've had our share, but not like you.
if we get anything it would be ice. so, i'm hoping it just stays away.

thanks! but may i say that you have some awesome photos at your site.

awesomeway otophay ... i think that's what it would be. i really still have to think about what i'm doing.

well, i'm still really just learning this ancient tongue .. :)

thanks, ruela .. :)

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