Tuesday, February 1, 2011

choosing a photo at random ... and a happy birthday to a fellow blogger ...

so, i decided to pick a random photo from my photo collection and post it.
this is what came up.  it's a photo i took with my mac laptop and it's built-in photo thingie.

  yes, yours truly is in the foreground.

why would take a photo like this? i really can't remember.  but it's more then likely
that i took a break from doing paperwork and this is how i wasted  my time.

the background contains a plethora of mugs, glasses and plates that have been
collected over the years and decades.  many of them are from germany. some
 items hail from mr foam's military time.  a few are cherished
hand me downs from grandparents and parents.
there's a madonna, a virgin mary, containing water from
lourdes that a relative brought back a few years ago.

oh, and sitting right there in the middle shelve is a little round
chickory 'dia de los muertos' ornament.  it's very much a treasured item.

it occurs to me that many of these objects have many, many
memories attached to them. 

for example,

the virgin mary always reminds me of my own trip to lourdes a few decades ago.
i went with a beau (not mr foam).  he was catholic, i was not.
he went through the baths, i did not.  
i did not go because the line for the women stretched to eternity.
   the line for the men .. well, there were only a few men in line. 
my beau did purchase a plastic madonna, i did not ... and have
always kind of regretted it.  so, i'm actually rather pleased to have one.
(i did purchase a small book explaining the history of the place.
i still have it  ..... somewhere).

btw, today is x.dell's birthday.  we've been blogging together for 5 years, i think.
i can't believe it's been that long.  he is also the only blogger i've ever met.

 below are a couple of video's from fellow aquarius february 1 birthday people.
they are rather dead though.  i hope it doesn't matter.

the late great jimmy carl black, the indian of the group ..

and what would a birthday be without a few
dancing girls (for those who are into girls, of course)?  

 rick james, r.i.p.  


X. Dell said...

(1) Your eyes are just so intense.

(2) Thanks, dear friend, for the shoutout/birthday wishes. Damn. And I didn't get you anything.

xl said...

Nice collection!

Happy Birthday X!

You lived in Germany? If so, how long? Where? Did you like it?

Carol said...

Memory shelves! Yours have glass from around the world; mine have rocks, bones and feathers from as far away as Utah. :-)

Today is also my honey's birthday. I'll have to send him the dancing girls - or dance for him myself!

Happy Birthday to X - glad to meet ya!

Boxer said...

Happy Birthday to X.Dell and first day of February!

I love the picture and it's fun to see a glimpse into Foam's world, especially nice to see a Chickory ornament adorning your house!

chickory said...

nothing says happy birthday like rick james! i love it. i have some special water from Fatima i think....i used it on my neck post surgery. damn if i didnt get better! i always love your weird self portraits. i figure if you put all the parts youve shown together we'll eventually get a whole foamy.

Happy Birthday to XDell!

foam said...


1. i was completely focused on the computer screen and on holding the computer fairly still since i was using it as a camera.

2. it's your birthday. you are not supposed to get me anything. however, should you want to in 9 1/2 months ...


i love germany. i basically grew up there. my mom was german, my dad american military. he passed away on active duty when i was a little girl and my mother moved us back to germany. ich bin fließend in deutsch
i grew up in rheinland pfalz, the rhineland palatinate. isch kann a pälzisch rede, btw.

foam said...

carol, happy birthday to mr carol!
i love the term memory shelves! usually i just call my shelves cluttered shelves btw, i think you should dance for mr carol.

boxer, i love my chickory ornaments!
:) and i was happy to provide a glimpse of shelves. btw, i have a mug that won't fit on the shelves.

i know! isn't rick james so wonderfully over the top?
and heavens forbid, but should i ever hurt my back again i just might open up the madonna and drink copious amounts of the absinthe that we have in the house. that would surely beat any of the narcotic pain pills that are prescribed. i hate those suckers.
the whole foamy? eh, that would not be so very exciting :)
been thinking of you and your mama!

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Oh, haha, that's your eye ... took me a while to figure that one out!

dianne said...

It was very nice to see your collection of memories on your shelves,it is lovely when they have an association with a loved one, a friend or a place.

I enjoyed the Super Freak video also, a long time since I have heard it!

Happy Birthday to X.Dell!

xoxoxo ♡

SJ said...

So the men didn't take baths? Lot of dirty men among the Catholics I guess.

Boonie S said...

The Lourdes thing is fascinating. Thanks for that – and all the rest of course.

All the best, Boonie

foam said...

you are so bad, but that's why i'm fond of you. :)

boonie s,

yes, "fascinating indeed" (said in my best mr spock imitation).

Karl said...

Good evening Foam,

Happy Birthday X. Dell.

Neat picture! I'd love to be the bubble wrap vendor if you ever decide to move. Looks like a lot of breakable memories.

The video version of Super Freak sure does beat the version you see at weddings. (The only other place I've seen that song dance to)

foam said...

yes! it's me with my glaring eye .. :)

you know, i reckon that eventually many items in a house become associated with memories of situations, places and people .. especially the older one gets.
i didn't realize i failed to answer your comment and tinks. i was kinda distracted by a very sick
'un who is down with the stomach bug.

good evening karl,
i hope you are well.
but don't say that 4 letter word!! you know the one.
the last time i relocated i dealt with two houses.

xl said...

I think that is so cool to have grown up in two cultures like that!

Perhaps you know that many towns in Central TX were settled by German immigrants in the mid-1800s. Some of the locals speak a unique Texan-German dialect.

Last year I took a German class at the local Heritage Society.

dianne said...

I hope the sick person with the stomach bug is much better! :)

I have a collection of lovely treasures on my shelves too, the one's that mean the most to me are those which were made by my children and grandchildren, those which were given to me by family and dear friends ... so many memories.

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

yes, i remember new braunsfels and fredericksburg. i did not have the opportunity to visit either when i was down there. however i briefly met a man from new braunsfels at an airport years ago when he noticed my mother and i speaking german. he was 5th generation texan/german and delighted in speaking german with us. i think it's interesting that the german culture has lingered on for so long in places like that.
when i was at ut i remember an organization coming by and performing german folk dances on campus. maybe it was through the heritage society. but that was a long, long, long time ago. and i did check out that site.

he is much better but still sick. at least he is not throwing up anymore. and as of now he is not running a fever.

Anonymous said...

a very nice collection of things

X. Dell said...

Thanks, everyone for the birthday wishes.

Bobby said...

each piece with its own story

puerileuwaite said...

I have never regretted purchasing that plastic Jesus when I first started driving. He raises his arms to guide me to the closest parking spot. He's way better than the GPS that the heathens use.

BTW, I noticed that your eye not only follows me around the room - it is almost a perfect match for the one in a triangle on my dollar bill. My only chance to escape is to flee the room and spend it at the dollar store. Or at the strip club (I found out that I am into girls).

boneman said...

speaking of birthdays... are you still a Libra?
found a song...it sounds good, but I'm not sure of the content...

can I pay in paintings?



foam said...

hey there bobby! yes, each item has it's own history.

i don't have a plastic jesus. i don't have a gps thingie. and i have a lousy sense of direction. i reckon that would just make me hopelessly lost.
you are into girls? who knew? ;)
and that dollar bill eye? it's modeled after my eye. and my eye is all seeing ...
so beware.

last time i checked i was still a libra. and i see that you must have checked.
translated the song for you.
not sure if it's a good translation though. marteria is young, i'm oldish. i translated what i read, but perhaps some of these phrases have meanings that are beyond an oldish person.

Anonymous said...

frank now ageless
even as x-dell ages

btw, i like to buy all
of my gourds from lourdes

happy blogging, foam!

× × ×


foam said...

and may x.dell, and all of us as well, continue to age into a healthy old age.
your break seems to have done you good.
you've turned positively giddy with your rhyming .. :)

Aunty Belle said...

a Foam-eyed photo? luvin' this.

An the Virgin too--but then, ya knowed that.

Happy ( belated!) B'Day to X.Dell. I'se jealous of him, 'cause I would like to meet ya'. But I am booked fer tomorry, so it may have ter wait a spell : )

Collectin' is more charmin' when it doan make much sense to the outside observer --when it takes its own shape from yore life/ travels.

foam said...

mayhaps we shall meet one of these days. if you are in the neighborhood, i'm heading on over to our local Y for a workout in a little bit. you can catch me there .. :)

dianne said...

Love the new 'bra' avatar Foamy dear, it made me smile.
I haven't seen a bra like that for years and how practical they were, all cotton, no lace and no underwire, quite comfy too.
I love your 'quirky' photos! :)

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

thanks! it's a window display that i came across in memphis. i couldn't resist taking a photo. actually, i've never worn a bra like that. i wouldn't know if it was comfy or not.

Boxer said...

Hi Foaming - Just coming by to say, it would be super fun to have you play MCW next Wednesday.

foam said...

hey boxer, perhaps i will! i'm so unorganized with with posting about anything on a regular basis though.

dianne said...

They are quite a comfortable bra but not very feminine or pretty, it is very similar to the standard issue bra that was recommended to wear in high school along with the strict uniform code.
Thank goodness I have some lovely lacy things now but I still don't like underwire bras. :D

xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

lol .. if you say so dianne. seems like it would be like wearing armour. i don't like wearing any kind of bra, really. i didn't start wearing bras until i was pregnant .. which was in my 30s.

moi said...

" i did not go because the line for the women stretched to eternity. the line for the men .. well, there were only a few men in line."

Much like the lines for restrooms the world over.

What IS that about?

foam said...

well, in the west, at least, it has to do with urinals i think ..

xl said...

Foam, be my Valentine!

foam said...

yeah okay ..
but you gotta be mine too then .. :)

Mo said...

Happy B'day Aquarian. I'm a collectore too. Not sure if it because I love stuff or just can't bear to throw it away. still I love that ocollection

foam said...

in my case, it's not so much a collection but just stuff that is similar and therefore clumped together onto a shelve.

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