Friday, December 31, 2010

hey y'all! come in outta the cold, or the warmth.. sit a spell ... have a drink, use the loo and visit boxer's blog, read my lim'rick and see my garland (below)..

Auntie Belle has hosted a limerick competition.
She will donate money to a local charity
of the winner's choice.  
Anyway, I think I remember that right.
This is my submission:

Now way down in old hot Savannah
Anna gripped an aged banana .. :)
Quite limp and soft to her touch
She jerked it with mighty clutch
It stiffened and Bill yelled Hosanna!

If the weather outside is frightful
The fire will be more delightful
Cause the power went out long ago
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ..

It doesn't show signs of stopping
So, we keep our barhop hopping
With margaritas he keeps the flow
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ...

Mr Foan in action  ... sans head ....  Gotta protect the innocent, right?

Some words to the warm and cozy
who eventually do need to go see
the candle that enables you to seetopee

don't eat the yellow snow, the yellow snow, the yellow snow* ....

*err, hmmm ...

with apologies to whoever wrote this song in the 40s.
i believe it was written then ..


So, time aplenty to make a comment.

I will be there off and on ..

and I believe I'll wear this:



HappY New Year 
to ALLLL ..

and to all
a prosperous and healthy and
happy 2011..

a new year's garland
for chickory's charity:


foam said...

and let it be known ...
the piano has NOT been drinking ..

Boxer said...

bwahahaahah. What a great post and thanks for the shout out to our virtual NYE Party. Everyone is welcome! your name is ON the list.

Looking forward to spending more time at your blog in 2011, Foam.


Aunty Belle said...

Hohohoho! Luvin

Whee-hee Mr. Foam, goodferya!

chickory said...

david lynch weeps with envy. i freaking LOVE that gif of the wolfman pouring a sour. by light of camp lantern no less. mighty fine art there. and YAY drop by the party and post more of these movies. whatever you are wearing i cant see cause our ATT INTERNET BLOWS! I HATE ATT.

Anonymous said...

aha ha ha

innocent... right

but hey -- that's a darn cool ani to go with your... uh, snow... flow

so, you go, foamo

× × ×


foam said...

hey! looking forward to the partay!!
and looking forward to visiting your blog 2011 too!

aunty belle,
yeah, mr foam certainly did good by us! we called him "the enabler" .. :)

i can tell you that mr foam will like that you called him the wolfman .. :)
it's possible that the photo of what i'm wearing is not necessarily very good. it's a reflection of the bottom part of a pencil type skirt i wore with high heels .. something i usually never, ever, ever wear ..

thanks! you have a marvelous new year too!!

dianne said...

What a cool post Foamy dear, love the video with the fire burning and the gif of Mr Foam is really great, you are a clever girl ... love your shoes too.

Best wishes for the New year in 2011, I really hope it is wonderful.

xoxoxoxo ♡

chickory said...

the enabler. grrrrrrherhahahaha

boneman said... that spot was supposed to be there?

For just a moment, I thought he was being attacked by a bald tribble.



Ricardo said...

There was actually a pub crawl going on during the blizzard that I could not attend but this song would have fit perfectly.

X. Dell said...

What's up with the Tom Wait's thing? First Dale, and now you.

I'll definitely visit anonymous Boxer's blog, pay my respects.

A headless husband? Is there something we should interpret in that?

Anonymous said...

A happy new year!

Einen guten rutsch ins neue jahr!

Gott Nytt År!

And don't eat the yellow snow!

Anonymous said...

I can see that mr foam is a very busy man

I plan to sleep when you are partying, already stepped into the new year.

moi said...

For a second there, I thought: Wow! Foam's married to Jimmie "Dynomite" Walker!

Did you find yourself some coffee?

Carol said...

Wow! After this post, I now feel like I've done all of the partying I can handle for the New Year!

(Mr. Foam might need some serious physical therapy after all of that repetitive pouring action.)

Happy 2011, Foam!

foam said...

yes, aren't the shoes divine? .. lol ..
they are the only pair i own like this.
now if only i knew how to walk in them. i walk in them like tony curtis and jack lemmon in "some like it hot"...
:-). definitely not like marilyn monroe.

ya got that right .. grrrhahaha ..

who says he wasn't attacked by a bald tribble?

that could actually be fun if you could walk back home too after the bar crawl.,
i have a tom waits thing going on? kewwwl. i had no idea. i love tom waits.
oh, and interpret away .. :)

definitely no yellow snow!
at this point i'm not sure that i'll make it to midnight.
but i can have fun trying .. :)
and mr foam will be busy. he's working tonight.

sure did! and based on auntie belle's bad influence .. err .. good suggestion, i spiced it with something .. :)

i know! he'll want some serious backrubs!!
happy 2011 to you too!

SJ said...

I guess I wish you a Hap-pee new year then?

Karl said...

Happy New Year Foam,

Sounds like y'all have been breathing heliox? If

If you're still looking for coffee or something to spike it with stop on by.

Heff said...

Happy New Year, foam !!

(even if you ARE all "head"...)

foam said...

sure, why not? :)

no, no heliox .. lol ..
just a sped up imovie track .. :)
enjoyed your coffee bar, btw.

well, thank you, heff ..
you ole light beer drinker .. :)

MJ said...

Happy New Year from one of Boxer's blogging buddies!

Jean said...

mmmmmmm...margaritas, no salt, on the of my all-time favorites!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Foams!

p.s. boneman has no idea why you bonked him. heh.

foam said...

and a Happy New Year to you too, mj.
thanks for visiting!

absolutely! and mr foam makes a killer margarita too.
so, boneman has no idea, eh? men are so clueless sometimes .. lol ..

moi said...

Your garland is the schizz!

chickory said...

so airy and colorful. of course i LOVE it. you are the best. another $10 in Heathers kitty!! and while planning to go out for the evening no less....not like us toads out here with only the internet to love

thanks foamy. youre the best! have fun tonight -join the west coast when you get home. i spect i might be out. we start early here as we is elderly

foam said...

Blogger foam said...

thanks, moi. i had fun making it too .. :)

i'm baaack! yes, i did go out for the evening. if i was going to spend any of it with my husband i had to.
so, i put on a pretty dress, my pretty shoes. my son wore a nice shirt and off we went to have dinner with husband and dad.
my husband is working tonight. can you believe i left him at the bar with a pretty blond? .. lol ..
oh wait, you are a pretty blond ...
never mind .. :)

Boxer said...

I love the garland in the trees. Sooo cool. Can't do that where I live (Pacific Northwest) it rains too much. My backyard is currently a swamp.

Happy New Year Foam.

One of the best things about my party?

Putting you on my blog roll.

foam said...

the garland only stayed up for the duration of the photo shoot. we did have snow just a few days ago and right now it's raining. actually, i was standing in snow as the took the photos although much of it has melted. it was fairly mild today.
hey, i put you on my bloglist too. that is the best thing about your party!

Boonie S said...

I've never been to Savannah. It sounds nice....
Thanks for this very entertaining post, and thanks too for amusing us with your blog throughout 2010.

I wish you a great 2011, Boonie

dianne said...

Your garland looks awesome dear Foamy, I was going to put mine in the garden too but it is 35º celsius outside and far too hot!

Happy New Year!!!

xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

I have now posted an enhanced version of my garland when you have time to take a look.

xoxoxox ♡

chickory said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOAMER!! still loving the photos of the garland. love that contrast dreary gray and super bright. yeah!

foam said...

savannah is nice. it has some very pretty areas in it.
hey, you're the one who has provided entertainment for me! so i need to thank you!

ick, that is hot. i like your garland. i like your enhanced garland too!

and a happy, happy to you too! and now i'm off to bed.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. I thought Mr. Foam had a Fro at first glance. Alcohol impairs vision.

foam said...

hey there troll. happy new year!
want some coffee? i just made a fresh pot.

puerileuwaite said...

As a footwear aficionado, the formal and casual Foam-wear shots made this a most enjoyable post, and my monitor has the chew marks to prove it.

Plus I was able to copy the wolfman .gif and superimpose my Pug head, so it was as if I were there, poring the liquid courage and inspiring even more resolutions. Happy New Year!

puerileuwaite said...


(was too excited to spell-check!)

Aunty Belle said...

hey hey--I'se headed to Eggy's fer brunch, wanna come along? ya din't eat yet did'ja? Good, grab yore virtual coat.

(Aunty looks around) Now, my gracious, looky at that! Ain't that a sight fer delight! Yore garlands is full of merriment an' mirth. they's lovely ridin' the breeze out theah.

DO wanna thany fer the shout out an yore tummy shakin' limerick. Sometime this afternoon or this evening I gotta pick a winner, an youse close!

ready? let's go--I gotta git back an tend mah black-eyed peas, ya know?

foam said...

a pughead on mr foam .... hmmmm ...

hey, i aim to please. i catered to the foot fetishists (not really). i had no idea you were into that though. next time i might cater to the elbow fetish market (not really). you into elbows too? :)

and a happy new year to you too, pug!

foam said...

okay, i'm ready for seconds anyway. i've already been there.

Little Lamb said...

Happy New Year Foamy!

foam said...

and you too, little lamb.

jin said...

OhMyGoodness FOAM! I <3 your limerick. You ROCK! ;-D

xl said...

"don't eat the yellow snow"

That was excellent advice from Frank Zappa.

foam said...

hey jin! it's so good to see you here! this here is my playground. it's fun at times to be a bit silly.. :)

so right you are! i had forgotten about that .. and i love zappa. so, shame on me ..:)

Roselle Quin said...

Best limerick I have read in my entire life! I feel so proud to know you!! heeheehee!! Luv' it!

foam said...

hehe ...
well, if all it took is a bawdy limerick to make you proud to know me, idda written several a looong time ago ..


Ruela said...

cool gif haha!

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