Saturday, December 4, 2010

for a change of scenery ........

a bit of undisneyess ..


Anonymous said...

ok then....

intersting for sure..

Anonymous said...

ok then....

intersting for sure..

foam said...

i thought it was funny as all get out. i found this youtube after having had a discussion with folks on ward kimball. i had no idea this 'old man of disney' had made anything like this ..

Anonymous said...

aha haha ha ha ha

films with old lyndon
(and hooters) are my faves!

aha ha ha haha ha ha

× × ×


HLiza said...

Funny and scary at the same time..

boneman said...

I'm with HLiza on that.
Funny AND Scary at the same time.

And (o)(o), too...

foam said...

yes, that did made for a good short movie .. i agree .. :)

yes, i also thought it was funny and scary.

well, yes, lbj and his johnson nose is indeed quite funny and scary..

SJ said...

Now we know the true story of Pinocchio's "nose" !

puerileuwaite said...

LBJ was a horrible president.

foam said...

i reckon we do!

out of the mouth of babes ..err.. pugs, that is ..

Anonymous said...

I didn't know this, interesting.

dianne said...

It looks as if old LBJ has fallen off of his trolley, it does have some comedic value in a Monty Python sort of way but some of those scenes from Vietnam are reminders of a terrible war...

xoxoxo ♡

Little Lamb said...

this is different, all right.

foam said...

yes, i agree :)

yes, dianne..
what you say is true. and this is why it is funny and scary and a protest of that war by a well-known disney animator.

little lamb,
very different .

Heff said...

After all that nudity, I need to go blow MY nose !

foam said...

have at it then!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Well, we have the last laugh, Johnson is dead and we're not.

X. Dell said...

SJ, you now have the real purpose of Pinocchio's nose.

Foam, this is indeed a strange bit of anti-war commentary by Kimball. He was very much a company man, loyal to Disney. In some respects, I see this in the vein of much of the cultural fare produced by the anti-war/counterculture movement of the 1960s. By the same token, I'm wondering if it is not also an attack on liberalism, or the military/industrial complex, or crass-commercialism.

K9 said...

i just looked him up. but i didnt see anything about him directing some of the old warner stuff which is how i thought i recognized his name. amazing freak out scenes with the american cultural revolution flipping by. id know aunt jemima anywhere. her pancakes are king.

interesting i could see that old device of a static figure LBJ's face and animating only the nose in a series of overlaid cels.

i worked for hanna barbera as an ink and painter in the early 80's/ and an independent film studio in ATL too. old skool. pre-computer.

it'd be fun to try something like this with imovie.

Stephaine said...

funny I guess.. hehe (^_^)

Mo said...

Could substitute a couple of English gents in that piece. Very clever.

Aunty Belle said...

whoa! How prescient--din't that feller die some time back? Reckon he had a bead on thangs even then.

Akshully, Foamy, I jes sink lower in mah chair when I think of all the years of warnin' we's had. Why ain't more folks tuned in, thas' the big mystery.

But I'se curious--what wuz yore friends yakkin' about when WK 's name rose from the mist?

foam said...

well, our time is acoming too ....
and we never know when.,
perhaps he was loyal to disney while disney was living. afterall, disney enabled him to make a good living i would suppose. i read somewhere (and i can't fine the links anymore) that this movie was made after disney had died and that he was actually kind of anti-establishment. apparently out of disney's "nine old men" he was the most different.
it certainly seems to be an attack on crass commerdialism, the war, of course .... these glossy images cover up what was and really is happening with our country.
i think this movie actually is kind of timeless. it's relevant to our time too. the ending is rather frightening..

i have to admit that i really didn't know much about him at all. hey, if you have some of your own work from your early animation days, i'd love to see it! and yes, it would be interesting to do something like this with current technology.

yes, it is ... and scary too ...

i'm sure we could go to several countries and find political figures that we could put there in place of lbj ...

auntie belle,
absolutely! i think it's very prescient and still relevant to our times. don't know when he died now but i do think it was a while back.
i could look that date up .. but, eh .. don't want to right now..
what wuz we yakkin' about?
it all started out with the chesire cat, the chesire cat as depicted in early lithographs of lewis carroll's alice in wonderland books.

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

what a riot! quite undisney, indeed.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Can't wait to see what they come out with for the latest gem we have in the Whitehouse.

Aunty Belle said...

really? Reckon I need ter take another look at Cheshire Cat.

Heff said...

If they made a "LAZIEST BLOGGER" award, I WOULD GIVE IT TO YOU, LOL !!!

Karl said...

Good morning Foam,

Most entertaining in a weird sort of way.

@Heff: Not everyone can crank them out like you do.

Ruela said...


Boxer said...

Hello! Delurking... I followed so many of my fav bloggers over here.... and now I know why.

Great video.

Pamela said...


Middle Ditch said...

Cool! Very funny!

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