Monday, December 27, 2010

Lost in TIme (December 23, 2010)


where mad men still hang out ...

(okay, and mad women too)


Anonymous said...

i don't know
about mad men & women,
but i do half expect to see a ghost
float by at any moment

interesting pic, foam, and many many more at d.v.s photostream(!)

× × ×


foam said...

well, there's at least one woman who hangs there at times .. me ..

and thanks! yes, flickr does do a photostream. not sure what i think of that since i use the account elsewhere too ..

foam said...

oh, and as far as ghosts ..
haunted sightings have been reported in this locale. some quite recently.
people will see what they will, eh?

dianne said...

This is a very interesting photograph Foamy dear, I like what you have done to the chandelier and the bright shining light in the doorway.
I have been admiring the beautiful Fall images at d.v's photostream, the colours are lovely. :)

I hope you are warm and safe from the snow which seems to be falling so heavily in your country at present.

I also hope you had a wonderful Christmas, mine was very nice but it is over now and all goes back to the 'same old, same old' routine, nothing ever changes.

Take care dear friend. xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

actually i haven't done anything to the photograph.
the bright shining light is the reflection from a flash that came from a camera, not mine though. actually this whole photo is a reflection. my husband happens to be walking down the steps and showed up as a reflection in the glass that the photo was behind.
this particular photo is an old photo taken in the foyer i was standing in. nothing had changed very much at all.

yes, we've been warm and safe. the power went out christmas night for about 6 hours, but we all (i had company) huddled around our warm fireplace and drank margaritas.

i did and am still having a wonderful christmas. i had some of my family come to visit. they came the 23rd and just left this morning. this afternoon some of my husband's family came in and we finally managed to visit and celebrate christmas with my in-laws. they will be staying for a few days (at the in-laws) so more visiting will be happening. and yes, eventually everything will go back to normal, to the same old, same old. things do change however. these christmases as i am spending them now will not last forever. but while they are i will enjoy them.

you take care too, dianne!

Carol said...

I love reflection photos. This one is very evocative.

Sounds like you have really had a nice, long Christmas celebration with lots of people.

Ours was a quiet, little drop. Everything ebbs and flows...

Boonie S said...

Interesting photo and lovely captions.

Happy holiday to you, Boonie

dianne said...

That is quite amazing, you could not plan a photo to turn out that way.

Pleased that you are safe and still enjoying the festivities.

xoxoxo ♡

Jean said...

Lovely photo! I thought the gentleman was a ghost...until I read your explanation.

Sounds like your christmas was very traditional and full. That's wonderful! Makes me smile.

Keep that fire blazing and hopefully the weather will simmer down soon.

boneman said... elusive bit of measure, that.
Like putting a yardstick on the floor and walking backwards on it...
going back in feet.

Still...there's possibilities, eh?
Maybe, if it has to have something to do with the speed of light, we could go back and forth in time via being in between a few mirrors and spinning one of those mirror balls in the middle...images from all over and (who knows?) all times reflecting somewhere else...sometime else?

Or, how about just Happy New Year! HA!

HLiza said...

There's a spooky feeling when I see this..but kind of romantic know it's like a female ghost peeping into her house..looking at the man she loves from above..hehe..guess I imagine too much.

SJ said...

Like a still from an old black and white TV. Cool.

foam said...

thanks! i kind of thought so too. the actual photo was black and white, but the photo i took is not. mr foam is not in black and white.

i love an active imagination. :)

it would be something to be lost between those mirrors of yours. i have a terrible sense of direction. i know that would happen to me. i'd truly be lost in time..
well, then, and a hoppy .. oops .. happy new year to you too!

i think i'd a been freaked out if i had really photographed a ghost. but, nope, that gent is rather alive and throwing a real shadow there. :)
yeah, and christmas is still not over. my nephews have spent the night and i just made breakfast for them.

foam said...

yep .. this was a lucky shot. it was lucky that i had my camera handy too. i actually don't always have it on me.

thank you! happy days to you too. (see, i'm clueless right now as to what holidays if any you are currently celebrating in thailand.)

there have been times when our christmas has been a quiet little drop too, but nice, nonetheless.. everything does ebb and flow. i like how you put that. you know how to use words .. :)

Anonymous said...

really strange and a little scary too

Aunty Belle said...

sweet tribute to yore fella==and a really stellar photo,

Happy to read yore CHristmas wuz Merry!

Stay warm, Foamy.

foam said...

it is, isn't it, rolf.

thank you, belle.
it was a good christmas.
it's finally winding down it seems after today.
the last guests left .. :)

now, how to deal with the new year.....

chickory said...

what a lovely photo. and great striped wallpaper too. Lucky madmen here...lots of them get solid white.

Ricardo said...

Very cool pic.

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