Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my harvest ...

my complete crop from this year ...
two tommy toe tomatoes ...
harvested yesterday evening
as I was on my way to bed.

you have to understand
that we did not plant any kind
of vegetable this year.
this year will go down as the
ailing year.

early september i noticed with surprise
that one of my outside planters
filled with dirt and weeds
had a volunteer.

a tommy toe tomato from last year
had self-seeded. it was an itsy bitsy
plant when i noticed it.

i was delighted by this discovery, but also
felt sorry for the fledgling tomato plant.
this little bit of edible hope is not going to make it,
i thought.
it's too late in the season.

however, it continued to grow and grow
albeit a bit spindly.
the summer and early fall remained hot and eventually
i noticed a couple of very small green tomatoes
but continued to hold out little hope.

mid october i asked my son to bring
the house plants that had summered outside back inside.
along with those plants he also brought in the planter
with the tomato plant.

i set the plant by the window but held out
little hope. i noticed that the tomatoes were still green
but a bit larger.
and then i forgot about the plant.

yesterday, i took pity on the plant which had practically
drooped to the floor from lack of water and light.

and that's when i noticed these two red
tommy toes!

aren't they just delightfully perfect?

this evening my youngest son
had them for dessert.
he declared then the sweetest, juiciest tomatoes ever..


Anonymous said...

two fine specimens
appear to be the sweetest
juiciest tomatoes

× × ×


puerileuwaite said...

I was planning on praising your juicy tomatoes when I noticed them earlier, since I'm pretty certain Blogger does not have a Human Resources department.

SJ said...

Hehehe @ pug

HLiza said...

As long as they come from home, they should be the best..(now I am thinking of all the weeds in my pots..tsk..tsk..!)

Heff said...

Vine ripe, and ready to molest !

Carol said...

Oh, the sight of those two little guys is drool-inducing!

I love how life truly wants to BE!

foam said...

they were the most beautiful tomatoes ever because they were so unexpected.
....and apparently they tasted good too!

is this a guy thing? .... or just an itsy weenie pug thing.

ditto what i told the pug .. minus the pug thing.

yes, homegrown veggies are much more preferable then what is purchased in the big supermarkets..

well, i didn't really molest them. it was more like a gentle fondling..

absolutely. that's what i liked about this tomato plant. it wanted to be! ir had a purpose in life to fulfill.

Butterfly Mage said...

They look yummy :)

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Waw, really beautiful,, only two, better than nothing :)

dianne said...

They both look red and perfect, home grown always taste so good.

xoxoxo ♡

Helene said...

What a treat! =]

I hope that next spring will be a wonderful planting year... no ailing at all!=]

foam said...

they were really perfect, dianne.
such a treat ..

helene, i hope next year will be better concerning planting. i did manage to put 70 bulbs into the ground during october. we will see what happens come spring.

Pamela said...

poor little things. hee hee.

I bought what I thought were nice big tomato plants... and they all were little cherry tomatoes. so disappointed.

foam said...

that would be disappointing indeed!
well, at least you had more then just two tomatoes though ..

Mo said...

Perfect. I'd have locked them into a glass case for ever

Middle Ditch said...

A no hoper turned out to be a yummy snack

X. Dell said...

Actually, getting a harvest after you haven't planted anything is pretty impressive--for both you and the soon-to-be-eaten tomato.

Anonymous said...

Two tomatoes were walking on the road.

One of the tomatoes goes ahead.

The other tomato shouted:

Hey Wait for me to Ketch-Up

:) :) :) ROFL

K9 said...

life finds a way. and of course they were the best tasting ever -their scrappy determination manifest in flavor. a brilliant deeply philosophical post. loved it.

foam said...

that was tempting. but i opted for photos instead. less flies and mold!

sure did!

yes, i was certainly impressed with the tomato plant!


haaa hahaha! hehe ..
i'm almost rolling on the floor laughing .. :)

thank you, k9! i figured you would really appreciate it.

Ruela said...

I don't like tomatoes but I like lettuce and onion ;)

foam said...

sorry .. but i had no volunteer baby lettuces .. :)

benjibopper said...

incredibly perfect; kinda miraculous. we planted this year but got a very small, and not so pretty, crop. but it was tasty while it lasted.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...lovely tommy toes, and Foamy toes too!

Hope yore Thanksgivin' was splendid.

Anonymous said...


× × ×


foam said...

yes, it was kind of miraculous! .. :) and i have another couple of tomatoes ripening up .. if they make it.
and nothing beats homegrown veggies for flavor.

aunty belle,
thanksgiving was nice. and, yes, they were perfectly lovely tommy toes.

thanks, /t..
that's quite neighborly for you to drop in for a spell and wish us a happy thanksgiving ... :)

Ricardo said...

Excellent that they turned out so nicely. Maybe next year you'll get a few more from the plant.

foam said...

i hope so too!

Gledwood said...

That's 2 better than nothing! I can't see a growbag there, so I take it that's coming out of a pot..?

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