Friday, October 1, 2010

inspired by the clanking of beer bottles ...

I truly love listening to the laughter of my oldest son. Of course, I also love listening to the laughter of my younger son too. However, the laughter of my oldest boy, this lad of mine who has grown into an over 6 foot tall strapping young man, reminds me of the infectious delightful laughter of my brother. My brother has been gone now for a little over 15 years. It makes me happy to know that my brother's laughter lives on in my oldest son.

I love hearing my youngest son play the piano. He plays everything from Bach, Beethoven and Brahms etc. etc and on up the alphabet. I'm sometimes asked why my 13 year old son loves classical music so much. The radio station in my car HAS to be on the classical station when he's a passenger.
I'm not sure why he primarily listens to classical music. My musical tastes are fairly eclectic. His friends listen to different music. But, perhaps the fact that some of the classical sheet music he plays from is mine from way, way back in my teen days has something to do with it. Anyway, I'm glad that he marches to the rhythm of his own inner pianist.

If it's not too hot and humid, I love sleeping with my window open. I truly love the sounds of night. The rhythmic chirping of crickets, the cacophonous noise of cicadas, the odd 'quacking' of the tree frogs, the occasional chirp of a bird and lately the sound of rain will lull me right to sleep. I just wish I could sleep longer. My body jerks awake after 5 hours regardless of when I retire for the night.... as it did early this morning ... sigh ..

I also love the discordant but oddly harmonious clank that only empty beer bottles can
make when being placed haphazardly into a recycling container.. This lovely noise takes
me back to my childhood when I spent weekends with my auntie in her pub in Germany
between the tender ages of 9 and 12.

And who doesn't like to listen to positive things said about oneself? Recently, my husband told me that a very gracious and genteel lady acquaintance of ours, born during the Hoover administration, informed him that she had recently befriended me on fb. This acquaintance of ours continued by saying that she really enjoyed getting to know me a bit better through this venue. "That Foam" she said... "I really like her ... She's weird." Hearing That really made my day. Who doesn't like hearing that they are weird after all? .. in the good kind of weird kind of way?

PS: I really would like to let everybody know how much I appreciated and loved your very generous, witty, humorous and kind comments in the previous (non and was supposed to be in draft) post. The beginning of a school year is always a hectic time for me, plus a few annoying and pesky physical ailments slowed me down. But I think I should be back to normal and will continue to blog at my regular snails and or glacial pace.

And now on to my first cup of joe for the day .... before I begin to sweep the cobwebs from the front porch so I can sit and relax in peace with my corncob pipe, shine and banjo a bit later on. There is a creek out front in case anybody would like to paddle on by for a bit of a visit. I'm quite at my leisure today ..


Anonymous said...

that coffee sounds good.... so does the take it easy part...

dianne said...

Lovely, gentle post Foamy dear, I really enjoyed reading about the things you love. Our children's laughter is a great sound, from when they are little until they are grown, it's nice that your son's laughter reminds you of your brother.
I love classical music myself,the sounds of the night and falling rain.
Nice that you have a fan on FB, how could anyone not admire you, there are plenty of people here who love you.
Enjoy that coffee, I may just come paddling by in my canoe and join you. :-) xoxoxo ♡

boneman said...

Hey, look.
A picture of the last house I lived in.

OK, I guess it wasn't the last house I lived in.
I'm living in another one right now, aren't I?

But it sure looks like 2170.

My favorite of your favorites is your brother's laugh in your elder son's laugh.
That's really nice.
Pretty sure that's one of the reasons I don't mind that there are no mirrors my height here.
Because it's Ma's face there, looking back at me.

Another reason, and this is cool...
Not seeing the aging going on, I stay younger, longer.
The fence work, yesterday, really took its toll on my back. But, I just think about it being I hit it with a falling tree or something.
Another 27 candle cake next May.


Boonie S said...

I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing it.

All the best, Boonie

Anonymous said...

i used to love
the sound of classical
musicians and their instruments
falling off of a bandstand late at night
after too many beers -- i'd laugh and then fall asleep -- but recently i have given myself over to the weird side, hanging with good friends such as ruela & foamie

great post, foam -- very nice(!)

× × ×


Anonymous said...


what you've
done with the place


Carol said...

I loved reading about your loves!

I know that so many people enjoy classical music, but my ears and nervous system just don't get it. Still, I love that others love it.

Okay if I join you on the porch a bit later on? I could use a nice porch sittin' about now.

Heff said...


foam said...

sir thomas ..
coffee was good. always is in this house, in my opinion at least .. :)

thank you! don't know why i felt compelled to write all of a sudden, but occasionally it's fun. do come by in your canoe now, ya' hear?. it's a lovely day to just sit a spell and relax.

boonie s.,
and thanks for coming by!

ah, it would figure that canadian classical musicians would be more fun! the ones here don't fall drunken off the stage .. not even the ones in the old country. drats, i feel cheated now.
yes, i'm also enjoying the weird side here with you my friend .. and other assorted weirdos (meant in the best way, of course).

thank you. i love what i've done with the place too.
i'm very good at trashing ..

that's why it's so wonderful to have such a diversity of music. there's something out there to suit everybody.
and, yes, please do join me on the porch. you are welcome anytime.

...and beethoven ...

Butterfly Mage said...

That is awesome that your son has a taste for classical music. It's definitely the type of music that is good for stimulating creativity and intellectual prowess. There's also a mathematical perfection to classical music that is rarely found in other forms of music.

foam said...

oops, boneman ..
i had read your comment earlier but failed to comment.
sorry! i have to admit that this is not a picture of my recent house either. however it is a cabin by a river at a spot i camp at occasionally. i had posted a view from my tent in a previous post. i love the disrepair of this cabin. i don't know who i see in the mirror, sometimes my mother (aack!) sometimes my father, sometimes aunts from either side of the family. i think i'm a mishmash of all of them.
watch out for your back now. i herniated mine after i overdid it with the wood hauling and snow shoveling this past winter.

well, he certainly is creative and intelligent. and, of course, i'm very biased about that .. :) music is closely related to math. i do know that. musicians have to know how to count to four at least! ... :)

Anonymous said...

You are very weird in a very good way

"If it's not too hot and humid, I love sleeping with my window open"

I can't relate to that problem here, for some days now it has been ice on the car's wind screens in the morning

Some scientists says it shall be an extreme winter this year here caused of the oil in the Mexican Gulf. I hope not

foam said...

i so hope not with the extreme winter! we had one just this past winter (extreme for the south anyway) and we had an extreme summer. a week ago it was still 30C
although it has finally cooled off now.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for posting the picture of my house!!

foam said...

we must have had the same builder then!

ANNA-LYS said...

Jag stämmer in i hyllningskören,
älskar den här artikeln. Bara lite småsur för att du kommit längre med ved-huggningen, än vad jag gjort.

Albinoni and Grieg are my favos
depending on my mood :-))

<3 <3 <3

foam said...

oi!!! a swedish comment!! i wll proceed to translate since my swedish is so good. i think i know one word in swedish ... kram ... :) that ought to suffice, eh?

let's see ...
the hunt for the truth takes root in hellingskoren as mentioned in the article. Please stay seated and wait for your lite massage which will be ready in a medium length of time, and buckle your seatbelt.

yay!!! i'm so good. now off to google translate services to see if i was remotely correct.

..... oops, not even close .. oh well. it turns out that smasur is not a massage .. :: :)

ps: i love grieg. right now i'm drawing a blank on the name albinoni. i'll have to google him or her ..

ANNA-LYS said...

Good Luck with the Swedish lesson ;-)

You know Tomaso Albinoni!!!!
I have played it very often at my blog

(You can also find recordings of Albinoni's Adiago by The Doors, Lana Fabian, and I think it was used in the movie The Godfather ... etc)

(( kram ))

ANNA-LYS said...

"Lys" in Anna-Lys means light
this is from me 2 U

foam said...

of course i know albinoni! now that you've sent all those wonderful links i remember. but you know what, anna-lys? there are certain names that i have a hard time remembering. mention his name in 6 months and i will probably have forgetten who he is.
...... well, maybe not this time around.

Pamela said...

I am also sitting and waiting for my first cup of Joe. I have to wait 1/2 hour after I take my med.

Am on my way to read you other post.

Loved hearing about the laughter and about the classical music lover

ANNA-LYS said...

I like Your new blog design
and when it comes to forgetting
I had forgot how to make embedded url's
EUREKA, now I got it, but 2 late :-(
Instead I can't remember how to make links to Your posts ... is it a age thing?
Maybe, coz I am 2 stressed this days.


foam said...

coffee! what would we do without it!

i didn't do much with the blog. perhaps just added more photos on the side. i've also forgotten how to add urls in the comment section. but since i also receive comments in my email, your url links showed up there ready to be clicked on ... :)

Aunty Belle said...


Foamy, youse a charmer. Corn cob pipe smokin' beer rattlin' proud mama on FB is , well, charmin'ly weird.

Lucky boys, lucky hubby.

Someday I is gonna paddle up stream fer a visit.

Ruela said...

beautiful post foam!

foam said...

no, no, no .. lol ...!!!
that add on with the corn pipe was just pure fun and fantasy.
i'm not that weird on fb. actually i was surprised to be considered weird.
and i quit smoking some 26 years ago including pipes, et al. when i was about knee high or so, of course. however, we do have a banjo, but i play the piano. i definitely will offer you a beer or 2 or 3 though should you mosey on up here.

thank you, ruela .. :)

chickory said...

now thats a picture i wanna see - you and your corncob pipe! i love hearing what you hear -and agree about the night serenade. when does it all stop after frost?

The Phosgene Kid said...

it's the love shack!

foam said...

it stops after frost. and now i feel compelled to purchase a corncob pipe. i wonder if i can blow bubbles through it ...

the love shack .. that's where's its at ...

Anonymous said...


ANNA-LYS said...

I am inspired by the years

Roselle Quin said...

•♥•´¯`•.¸¸.♥ •♥•

Ah, I luv' this post, so nostalgic! I share your love for clanking beer bottles...and sons who laugh and appreciate classical music.

Now. if only someone would call me weird ( in a nice way). That was so affectionate of your friend.

•♥•´¯`•.¸¸.♥ •♥•

ps: i think you're cool

benjibopper said...

I love reading about how much you love your sons. As much as I'm enjoying the toddlerhood, I'm pretty stoked to see his quirks develop into passions and eccentricities, and to see what kind of things he gets into.

Jean said...

My snail posting is catching up to your snail posting.
But, this was lovely and well worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry i didn't meant to give you my cold ..

foam said...

that's okay. i'll forgive you this time. i think i'm on the mend now. and it was probably more allergy related anyway. (kram) .. :)

thank you! i'm figuring snail blogging is the way to go for a while.

hey there! good to see you. i know you've been busy promoting your new book.
i feel the same way when i visit your family blog. it brings back memories of when my sons were little tikes .. :)


i think you are kind .. and romantic ..
and loving .. and giving .. and you love life ..
which makes you kind of weird in this here world.

and that is meant in the very best way.
xxx .. :)

what else are we supposed to do with all those years, eh? ... :) might as well be inspired by them.

ANNA-LYS said...

:-D :-D
:-D :-D :-D
:-D :-D :-D :-P (42)
:-D :-D :-D
:-D :-D

SJ said...

I started paddling then gave up after a cpl miles into the sea.

foam said...

anna-lys ...

foam said...

whew! saved by the waves it seems ....

ANNA-LYS said...

Are You hungry, dear ;-))

foam said...

yes! will you come for dinner? ;)

X. Dell said...

I prefer the smell of scotch over the clanking of beer bottles (especially over someone's head). But to each their own.

I was a classically trained musician, so I can definitely understand where your son is at. It's like baseball. If you never played the game, it might seem boring to watch. But if you have, it's thrilling. Same goes with classical music.

lilith said...

i'm not much into the smell of scotch at all! but that goes back to a college experience involving a ton of cheap scotch.
i can understand my son. i was classically trained myself at the conservatory but i still listened to a lot of different music. and i never considered myself a musician.

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