Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i was beached ..

i love walking at the beach. this photo was taken at dusk.

i also love walking at low tide. luckily this pending storm never amounted to anything.

the beach we go to is not very crowded.

and i will walk quite a distance to get away from folks ..

i couldn't help myself here ..
i will take photos of random stud muffins
especially if i can take them to bed later on ..
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and just cause i want to and can ..

a musical video


dianne said...

Fabulous beach photos Foamy dear, what a great beach, the sky, the sand, the water, wish I was there.
I guess that 'random stud muffin' was Mr Foam, showing off his attributes to attract your attention or are you venturing further afield these days?. :-)
What a fun musical video, very catchy tune, now I'm singing 'steady as she goes', Copper Kid is kinda cute too. xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

copper kid is jack white and, yes, he's kinda cute for a young 'un .. :)

yes, that random stud muffin would be my better half ... :)

Anonymous said...

love it.... Its like the beginning of the world...

Heff said...

Sea Oats !!! Hey, will they still cart your ass to the hooscal if you pull up sea oats ??

Anonymous said...

ahaha ha ha

foamy, you slay me

but i love your photos here(!),
especially the first couple -- awesome! --
and great beauty

well, you look to be enjoying your summer --
have fun :)

× × ×


foam said...

sir thomas,
it is! especially since you can almost get away from sights of civilization.

i have no idea if they do that. how come you know that they at least did that at one time? huh?
anyway, there's a $500.00 fine to be in those dunes. they are protected.

thank you!
i was enjoying my summer fairly well. i've been back at work this week. yep, the rat race has started for me again.

Devin said...

cheers for the stud muffins foamy!!
what excellent photos you take --- looking at these really gives my heart a tug --of all the states in the union to wind up in -- I feel as if I live in a "no-water zone" and even being near/on a beach or lakefront is so good for my soul--I still have such beautiful memories of the beach on Kauai (north shore i think) where my family stayed for a week in April 2000---wasn't ready to come back here at all--
all the best to you my friend --and I hope your back hasn't given you any more problems!!

foam said...

thank you, devin.
and, yes, here's a cheer to all the stud muffins i blog with .. :)
and, i'm thinking, doesn't your state have some pretty magnificent lakes?
you are right though .. being by water is good for the soul.

HLiza said...

You're very good..those pics are amazing!

Heff said...

As a kid, I pulled up some Sea Oats, and my Dad nearly shit a brick. He told me they were "protected by law" and I had to go back and re-plant the damn things, lol.

Anonymous said...

lovely beach
I wanna be there

Ricardo said...

Wonderful pictures foam. And should I make that song my theme?

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Love that second photo, the day may have resulted in nothing but the picture is stunning!

foam said...

thank you!

heff .. lol.
it's a lesson you certainly didn't forget!

then come .. :)

thank you, ricardo.
and i would say no since finding yourself a wife is not anything you desire.

thank you, cosmo. i do have to say that i was glad the day was all bark and no bite. we had the bark later on in the week though.

Anonymous said...

One day I wil run barefoot on that beach - somewhere on the eastcoast :)

Ruela said...

Love it, have a great summer ;)

K9 said...

beautiful photographs and nice looking trip. #2 is spectacular.

foam said...

it's a huuuuuuge east coast too. you can run for miles!

i had an enjoyable summer. now it's back to the teaching eat race.

thank you, k9. storm clouds can be daunting but also very photogenic.

puerileuwaite said...

Why do I instantly associate your visit to the beach with the Jaws theme?

foam said...

maybe because you've been to Kure beach?

SJ said...

The sea is foaming

Little Lamb said...

You take stud muffins to bed with you?!?? How does your husband feel about that!?!!

foam said...

of course!

little lamb,
since he's the only stud muffin that ever catches my eye, he's fine with it.

dianne said...

Yes Foamy dear Copper Kid , or Jack White is cute I also realise he is also very young, he is just a kid so I wasn't thinking of anything apart from his 'cuteness'. :) xoxo ♡

Helene said...

loved that second photo! wow really cool! Also loved the stud muffin! hehehe

There is something good for the soul about being at the beach isnt there?!? Glad you had a good time!


X. Dell said...

For a while, there, I thought you were the guy in the moustache. Don't know how I coulda made that mistake.

X. Dell said...

The photos...the colors...the composition...breathtaking.

foam said...

thanks! and, yes, the stud muffin is likable too .. :)
the beach is soothing to the soul ..,
the moustached fellow in the video? that's a normal mistake. i think they modeled his moustache after mine .. :)

and thank you on the photos. the beach is a rather photogenic subject matter.

Carol said...

Beeeyutiful photos you got there, Ms. Foam! The scenery is stunning and your photos put me right on the warm beach. Thanks!

Mo said...

Especially love the first two pictures.

Anonymous said...

Run for miles is something for me to do. Is there a beach marathon there?

I know a woman who has started a super fit project. Her goal is to run a marathon in each state in a period of ten year. And after that she thinks she can run a marathon with me in Medoc (the wine-marathon).

jin said...

Gorgeous photos Foam!!!
Esp. <3 the random studuffin!
heehee ;-)

Boonie S said...

Awesome, and some more.

All the best from Boonie S

Maha said...

the second photo is just breath-taking!

The Phosgene Kid said...

nice beach photos! We have lots of beach here, just no water.

foam said...

it looks like i forgot to comment on your last comment! sorry! oh, i know you weren't thinking of anything but his cuteness ... :)... xxx

phos .. i reckon you could always put out the kiddie pool

maha and boonie,
thank you to the both of you. and thanks for visiting my humble blog!

thanks, jin!
maybe soon you will have beach photos with your own random stud muffinn to show?

there are some beach marathons in the usa. i do know there is a winter marathon in myrtle beach, sc which is just south of the beach i vacation at.
by looking for the site i also came across a mini marathon that they are nolding in october of this year.
ps: myrtle beach is a very crowded beach during the summer months, btw ... it has many high rises along the beach.

thank you. i think those were probably my more successful photos too.

you are very welcome. i'm glad you enjoyed them.

Middle Ditch said...

Stud muffins eh? Wonderful scene setting photo's. Beautiful beach too. I love it to be windy when I walk the beach. Haven't done it in years. And Mr Muffin looks pretty damn good too!

foam said...

yeah, stud muffins .. :)
vs the female kind which had gone missing in your last episode.

laughingwolf said...

steady does it, always! :)

i love to get away from folk, too...

X. Dell said...

Between you and Monique, I've suddenly developed a craving for English muffins (note plural).

foam said...,
i see ... i think ....

laughing wolf,
steady does it most of the time, although sometimes it's fun to rock that boat .. :)

Tommy said...

Cool post and nice blog!

If you'd like to check it out, here's a link to mine:

ANNA-LYS said...

Wonderful beach to stroll on
especially if You can take
other "stuff" than sand
with You home and into bed
as You describe it ;-)

benjibopper said...

Gorgeous. They're saying Hurricane Earl is headed our way, and the beaches are tremendous right now. Here's hoping it too amounts to nothing.

Jean said...

Foam, I'm hoping you are out of harm's way and prepared for the coming hurricane. Stay safe! ♥

Anonymous said...

there is
a rumor on the nets
that you're already back at work (?!?)

is nothing sacred...

× × ×


foam said...

yes, the nerve of that! 2nd week back with the students. 3rd week back at work when you include the work days.

thanks for your concern. i'm too far inland for this particular hurricane although hurricanes have come this far inland before. i'm am keeping track of it though and wish the best for the folks along the nc coast.

yes, earl is moving towards the nc coast line and seems to be heading your way! stay safe!

it is a wonderful and safe beach to walk along .. esp. since i seems to always pick up the same guy .. :)

thanks for visiting. and i will check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

I hope I one day will run a marathon over there!

ANNA-LYS said...

I hope that Earl won't hit You to hard, my friend.

foam said...

i hope you to too! and, hopefully, without a hurricane along the shoreline.

we are in the clear. it's our coast that will get pummeled though.

Heff said...


Wait, I've already commented on this, lol/

foam said...

yeah, you have! but you're always welcome to spill your sea oats here any ole time ..

ANNA-LYS said...

Glad You are still "on the air" :-)

Seth Wallin said...

wonderful photography. reminds me in a way of the duckduck collective. i feel that you will surely appreciate a similar kind of beauty.

foam said...

anna-lys -- sort of still on the air, i guess ..

nice photo collection.

ANNA-LYS said...

I was for a while, but I guess I have to go back to the doctor ... no no not the shrink, I use my blog for that stuff ;-)

Thanks for caring!!! <3

Heff said...

SEA OATS !!!!!

Wait - 3rd F'in time !!!!

Post sumpthin' !!!

At half-time Ms State is DOWWWWWN !!

foam said...

yes, sea oats!!!

don't know what to post. more sea oats perhaps?

i reckon they are down.

Butterfly Mage said...

I love beaches in autumn.

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